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Panhandle prepares for ‘The People’s Convoy,’ supporters to pass through I-40, heading to D.C.

GRAPHIC: via Daily Voice

By Chris Chilton | 24 February 2022

KFDA — Thousands of truckers and citizens calling themselves ‘The People’s Convoy’ are making their way to Washington D.C. and will be travelling right through Amarillo.

A group of American truckers began a cross-country drive in California that will work its way East to the Nation’s capitol, to protest COVID-19 restrictions and other freedoms, inspired by the recent protests seen in Canada.

Several groups in Amarillo have plans to welcome the truckers as they pass through.

“We just want to give them the biggest support that we can, as many people to show them they are supported it’s kind of a historic event and it’s kind of neat its coming right through town,” said Crystal Venters, Amarillo resident.

Tyler Lee from North Carolina who is running for U.S. Congress decided to stand with the truckers and join the convoy.

“Every overpass since we’ve started I’ve driven nearly 900 miles, every overpass has hundreds of people waving flags, have banners and signs, we go to restaurants and people come and hug us and cry it just incredible to see the support and the hope we’re giving people in these darker times and this convoy is for them,” said Lee. […]

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