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Students Accused of ‘Hatred’ for Defending Traditional Marriage

  • Leaders of the Georgetown University “Pride” student group are demanding that student government cut all funding and benefits for Love Saxa, a pro-traditional marriage group.

  • Love Saxa’s opponents claim that the group’s is ineligible because its mission fosters “hatred and intolerance” by insisting that marriage should be “a monogamous and permanent union between a man and a woman.”

By Kyle Perisic | 24 October 2017

CAMPUS REFORM — LGBT students are attempting to defund Love Saxa, a Georgetown University student group that supports traditional marriage.

Love Saxa’s mission statement says the group “exists to promote healthy relationships on campus through cultivating a proper understanding of sex, gender, marriage, and family among Georgetown students.”

“They deny certain individuals who are queer access to this ideal standard of a relationship.”

The group also aims to “increase awareness of the benefits of sexual integrity, healthy dating relationships, and the primacy of marriage (understood as a monogamous and permanent union between a man and a woman) as a central pillar of society.”

Jasmin Ouseph submitted a formal notice to the university on September 25, on the grounds that Love Saxa’s definition of marriage fosters hatred and intolerance which would violate Georgetown’s Student Organization Standards. […]

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