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Students Accused of ‘Hatred’ for Defending Traditional Marriage

  • Leaders of the Georgetown University “Pride” student group are demanding that student government cut all funding and benefits for Love Saxa, a pro-traditional marriage group.

  • Love Saxa’s opponents claim that the group’s is ineligible because its mission fosters “hatred and intolerance” by insisting that marriage should be “a monogamous and permanent union between a man and a woman.”

By Kyle Perisic | 24 October 2017

CAMPUS REFORM — LGBT students are attempting to defund Love Saxa, a Georgetown University student group that supports traditional marriage.

Love Saxa’s mission statement says the group “exists to promote healthy relationships on campus through cultivating a proper understanding of sex, gender, marriage, and family among Georgetown students.”

“They deny certain individuals who are queer access to this ideal standard of a relationship.”

The group also aims to “increase awareness of the benefits of sexual integrity, healthy dating relationships, and the primacy of marriage (understood as a monogamous and permanent union between a man and a woman) as a central pillar of society.”

Jasmin Ouseph submitted a formal notice to the university on September 25, on the grounds that Love Saxa’s definition of marriage fosters hatred and intolerance which would violate Georgetown’s Student Organization Standards. […]

2 Comments on Students Accused of ‘Hatred’ for Defending Traditional Marriage

  1. Yet another example of the in place insanity existing in universities. Universities throughout North America have gone completely cultural Marxist bonkers. But in the insane times we live in, we’ve come to expect this. But where the Hell is our politicians and civic leaders who should be all over this nonsense with utter condemnation!?

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