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‘It’s Been Bad Since Christmas’ — Subway Service Slows Dramatically as Worker Shortages Cause Mass Delays

By Tyler Durden | 6 January 2022

ZERO HEDGE –One day after New York’s Gov. Kathy Hochul delivered her state of the state address — her first major address since taking over from her former boss Gov. Andrew Cuomo this past summer — the NYT and the rest of the media gallery praised her performance. But despite her alluring promises about ending “unproductive” rivalries between the elected leaders of NYC and the Empire State.

Unfortunately, she still has one major, economy-wrecking problem to solve, and it’s this: on any day this week, some 1,300 people out of a work force of 6.3K (roughly 1/5th) have been absent from work from the MTA due the ongoing crush of omicron case.

The soaring jump in absenteeism, which the transportation authority attributes to the virus, has meant a lack of workers to keep up with the regular train schedules, leading officials to suspend service this week on three of the system’s 22 subway lines and reduce schedules on many others, leading to longer wait times. […]

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