CIA Experimented on Hundreds of Orphans, Torturing Them to Reveal Psychopathic Traits: Report

By Matt Agorist | 29 December 2021

FREE THOUGHT PROJECT — According to a new documentary out of Denmark, which interviewed former victims, the Central Intelligence Agency secretly carried out experiments on 311 orphaned children. The experiments were meant to reveal psychopathic traits and map out the link between schizophrenia and heredity. According to the report, the children were tortured in clear violation of the Nuremberg Code of 1947 that introduced ethical restrictions for experiments on humans.

Hundreds of Danish orphans were unknowingly used in experiments backed by the CIA, according to Danish Radio, reporting on a new documentary called “The Search for Myself.”

According to the report, the experiments began in the early 1960s and spanned the course of two decades. They were conducted to investigate the link between heredity and environment in the development of schizophrenia. However, the children were not told what research they were involved in. Not even after the experiments ended. It was also funded in part by a CIA front associated with the MK-Ultra program. […]

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  1. Although “psychopathy-training” is not viable effort upon the following targets [ at least the 1st listed ],- the very sinister “Behavior-Modification” programming has been used on inmates of child, & adolescent, & young-adult, so-called psychiatric detention units ;
    The targets of special interest would be “patients” suffering from the body-dysmorphia conditions of :

    Indeed,- the target who suffers from anorexia-nervosa would hold the most interesting challenge for the programmers ;
    Because,- the patient / prisoner has a most resolute commitment not agreeable to being bribed or being beaten-out-of.
    They are akin to a crack-prisoner / super-prisoner from the enemy side.
    This is the ultimate challenge for the programmers ;
    How to break, & then totally control such a prisoner ?

    By the way,- the programmers, & their teams, are self-knowingly evil.

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