Teen Hormones Being Altered by Gender-Bending Chemicals

By Neil Syson | 5 February 2018

NEW YORK POST — Four out of every five British teens have their hormones upset by gender-bending chemicals found in plastics, new research suggests.

The chemical, called bisphenol A (BPA), is used to make plastics, including materials that come into contact with food.

But it can mimic the female sex hormone, estrogen, and cause a lower sperm count in men.

The chemical is also thought to be linked to several different types of cancer, including breast and prostate.

Researchers at Exeter University studied the blood and urine of 94 teenagers aged 17-19 and found 80 percent had the hormone-disrupting chemicals in their bodies. […]

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  1. I reckon that the plastic plumbing tubing that they’ve been using for a while now, called PEX, has BPAs and other endocrine disrupters in it

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