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US Officials Say Israel Was Behind Recent Cyberattack in Iran

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The attribution came ahead of renewed nuclear deal negotiations

By Dave DeCamp | 29 November 2021

ANTI-WAR — Citing unnamed US military officials, The New York Times reported Saturday that Israel was responsible for a recent cyberattack against civilian infrastructure in Iran that targeted gas stations.

The report said Israel was behind an October 26th hack of Iran’s fuel distribution system that caused gas pumps to stop working across the country. Gas pumps displayed a digital message telling customers to blame the problem on Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Iran provides a certain amount of subsidized fuel to each citizen for a discounted price, and the report said it took the Oil Ministry two weeks to get the system back up and running. The idea was to get Iranians angry at the government and to create unrest, but it never materialized.

It’s unclear if the cyberattack was as disruptive as the Times report said, as Israel is known for using leaks to the media to exaggerate the power it has inside Iran. The report also cited unnamed Israeli officials who claimed Iranians hacked an Israeli dating site and a medical facility in response. The officials said the hackers posted the personal details of millions of Israelis to social media. […]

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  1. How about a new ad campaign to replace the old one its got “intel inside” with a picture of Shlomo the happy merchant rubbing his greedy hands together and saying its got “IsRAhell inside” because apparently they have backdoors in all things tech.

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