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Lawmakers fume over U.S. pandemic relief funds pilfered by crime gangs in China, Russia


By Joseph Clark and Kerry Picket | 30 November 2021

THE  WASHINGTON TIMES — Lawmakers on Capitol Hill demanded hearings into fraud in the government’s coronavirus unemployment benefit program after hearing that crime syndicates in China, Russia and other adversary nations pocketed tens of billions of dollars.

Both Republicans and Democrats demanded accountability for mismanagement of funds, which The Washington Times reported this week. Of more than $700 billion in pandemic unemployment assistance Congress approved, as much as $175 billion fell into the hands of foreign fraudsters, and most of that went to syndicates that have the backing of other governments.

Rep. James Comer, the ranking Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, called the numbers “deeply troubling” and said it deserves his panel’s “immediate attention.”

“For nearly a year, I’ve sounded the alarm about massive fraud in pandemic unemployment benefits but Oversight Committee Democrats have refused to hold a single hearing on this gross mismanagement of taxpayer dollars,” the Kentucky Republican said Tuesday. […]

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