White Supremacist Shooting at Black Pool Party is a Hoax and an Arch-Fake

PHOTO: via Nodisinfo.com

1 May 2017

NO DISINFO — In what is a most inane hoax the arch-phony so-called shooting up of a black people gathering at a pool party, San Diego, is easy proven to be a fake to the extreme. There is all manner of fabrication, here. Nothing about it is real. It’s merely a Mayday ritualistic shooting hoax, a fake of the most immensely sophomoric degree conceivable: not even worthy of a thorough analysis.

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There is nothing here to see of significance. It’s not even worth the review of the taking up of Internet space. Even so, because it is presented as true, because it is mere additional lying and cheating, it will be reviewed.

For instance, there are the fake wounded, although images of these are relatively limited in this scam:

That’s fake blood. It’s merely dressed along the edge of that skirt. There are no wounds visible, and there are certainly no obvious bullet wounds.

Why are these people so happy about some 8 black people shot up by a white man? Whenever such story lines are claimed, it is certain to be an arch-scam and terminally corrupt hoax.

The key draw for the hoax is the Queen (or king or whatever), the man with the crown, and his suspect associates, including the man with the right-sided earring. They do a duo hugging routine, followed by a trio, where the man in black swings around to add to the hugging huddle. […]

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