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The Proper Third Position, It’s Natural Allies and a Special Note About Iran

The ten point declaration of the Third Position is laid out here. The Third Position on the Brexit, or any European exit, is to support it and ally without apology with leftists who also push exits and non-aligned, anti-neocon policies. Third position new nationalists need to be more high profile in the peace movement.

The natural position of European countries should be non-NATO/non-aligned, independent and nationalist. However, European nations need to also form natural self-interest blocs and alliances: Germanic, Mediterranean or Slavic, such as the Visegrad Four (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary).

The anti-Muslim movement is a Zionist fraud built around decades of agit-prop lies and hoaxes, especially since the 9/11 false flag. The “migrant crisis” is deliberate race-war weaponization carried out by the usual suspects. There is nothing “organic” about it at all. Human smuggling and it’s twin human trafficking are run by organized crime organizations. The Third Position strives to stop this and remove any politician behind BOTH the divide and conquer Muslim agit-prop which leads to warmongering AND the criminal open border exploitation of migrants in both hemispheres.

But this is not just a Muslim issue. In fact, this divide-and-conquer issue has allowed Zionists to co-opt, compromise, and capture the Kosher Right in Europe (see Haaretz’s “Europe Far Right Courts Israel in anti-Muslim Drive.” Much of the Right, including Trump is a false dialectic.

The Third Position needs to keep an eye on the real ball and the real foe: extreme Jewish supremacists, Likudnik kleptocrats and their Anglo shabbo goy lackies, who caused the crisis and promote the perfidious race-war migrations. Third Position is completely indifferent to the abused, one trick pony “anti-semite” label.

Apocalyptic dispensationalists Christian Zionists (see), especially in the United States, are a real problem and threat to humanity. The Trump adminstration is infested with this group. This not about some imaginary and fake persecution (Hate Crime Hoaxes Reach Fevered Pitch), it is about countering powerful interests with harmful policies and practices.

The Third Position should seek alliances with anti-Zio forces in the Middle East, especially Iran and certainly Palestinians. There is too much mindless hate at worst and indifference at best toward Iran. It is caused by Jewish media agit-prop Muslim demonization brainwashing. TNN suggests that much of the anti-Russian hysteria is 4D chess to drive a wedge and put them on the defensive in terms of the Sino-Russian-Iranian alliances.

This brainwashing is hard to overcome and prevents natural Third Position alliances. We need help where we can get it. Yes, Persians have a different heritage, but so what. This is not about allowing millions of Iranians into Europe. It is about keeping them safe and prosperous and out of Zio-harm’s way in their historic homeland of Iran. If Iran is taken into a war by neurotic Zionists, it will make the current migration mess and Middle East instability look like a cake walk. The so-called Alt Right is completely clueless about this, but it is one of the paramount issues for the Third Position.

A Note on Iran:

Many Persians have the same deep genetic R1a bloodlines as Europeans. Persian bloodlines have much more in common with Europe than with the Arab and Turkic middle east. Note especially the R1a-L62 genetic pool in Europe and particularly Germany, Poland, and in Persia.

Think I am crazy? Well the Persians are aware of it, too. Here they are honoring with the Roman salute during the German national anthem at a Germany-Iran football game. Note the Aryan features of the Persians in this clip.

Last but not least, Third Position rejects materialism and the Cultural Marxist, endless anti-white messaging of entertainment, media and the current over-rated degenerate cultural elite.

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