Rittenhouse Trial: Is Vigilantism and Self-Defense Justified?

Mob closing in

The Biden administration weighed in on Kyle Rittenhouse’s pre-verdict by proclaiming that there is no justification for “vigilantism.” Vigilantism sounds like one of those loaded words, like “white supremacists,” so I looked it up. First and foremost, numerous attempts have been made to define vigilantism formally, but the lack of congruence among these definitions reflects the biases of the different disciplines trying to define it.

The legal definition is quite reasonable for our purposes. It’s defined as attempting to effect justice according to one’s own understanding of right and wrong; action taken by a voluntary association of persons (or individuals) who organize themselves for the purpose of protecting a common interest, such as liberty, property, or personal security.

In a perfect world, just as much as rioting and looting, vigilantism is a violation of healthy social order. If the Biden administration and the 5th Columnists in power throughout the land were at all introspective rather than operating from malice, they would firmly address the aspect of “healthy social order” first and foremost. It is not even minimal social order to surrender whole areas of a town or city to lawlessness, looters, arsonists and rioters.

In an ideal country, vigilantism is a last resort. The fact that the so-called vigilante was a 17 year old is not ideal but is largely irrelevant. Seventeen year olds have fought and died in all of America’s numerous wars. If Kyle Rittenhouse made poor choices that night, it was in direct response to the complete lack of leadership and security of the government. This is an serious indictment of the sistema. If you defund the police and the government is not there to protect the citizens, citizens have to protect themselves. And not all citizens are professional vigilantes. 

Anybody offering an opinion on the Kenosha version of a national breakdown of social order should be required to view this trial and the videos of the incident. Per usual, YouTube has deep sixed the majority of the videos needed to assess this case. That in itself is once again criminal malice. The closing arguments are a minimum and can be viewed below — but the presentations lack visual evidence.

The arguments of the defense and prosecutor give context to how and why Kyle and the arsonists and rioters ended up there.

This author finds the whole presentation of the evidence to the public to be third-worldly and a big part of the problem in the United States. The mainstream media cherry picks and is always hiding things, and citizen journalists are piecemeal censored. This adds to the break down of social order.

At the moment, there is a well-done shorter clip called “Kenosha Riot Shooting: All Angles Synced Together” with Timeline. The share button is removed and there is a warning for the delicate flowers before viewing.

This next video can be embedded. If YouTube tampers with the loading, you can locate it here. You can watch all of it, but the best angle of the Joseph Rosenbaum attack and death can be seen here, and I start at that point (02:45).

Darwin Awards were being passed out that night. All parties, including Rittenhouse, are out doing stupid things at stupid times in stupid places with stupid people. But Rosenbaum takes the cake.

He charges Kyle at a full run and ends up at the end of an automatic rifle barrel. You can hear a single shot just as Rosenbaum is charging, That was from arsonist Ziminsky who never testified at trial as he is facing arson charges and has 5th Amendment protection. The defense pointed out that Rosenbaum, a pedophile, was bipolar and off of his medications. He was acting out all night, which the prosecutor dismissed as “small-man syndrome.”

What is apparent is that Kyle goes to the ground and is facing serious bodily harm. The real issue was that he is being assaulted or facing assault by a wave of goons overrunning his position — not just one. If it was just drop kick man alone, then firing his weapon could be called excessive.

But right after the first attacker retreated after being fired upon, along came Huber using a skateboard as a club to the head, and then Gaige Grosskrantz with a pistol. These men were dispatched in quick succession and the other pursuers retreated and were allowed to do so by Kyle.

The jury instruction deals with self-defense after all remedies are exhausted. If I were deliberating without bias, I would offer that all these shootings occurred within seconds and involved what I would characterize as rabid people. I don’t believe they were moving in on Kyle for an ice cream social. He could be forgiven, if he thought they had serious injury or death in mind.

The aspect that does bother me is that Kyle shot Rosenbaum four times at point blank with the AR-15. Shot one was sufficient and crippled Rosenbaum. Shot four was the fatal shot. However, this went down in 3/4 of a second. One would have to be very familiar with the weapon to realize how lethal they are on the trigger squeeze. And there is the adrenalin factor.

I see this as justifiable self-defense, but a jury might also consider it reckless endangerment given the presence of other people in the line of fire. Reckless endangerment in the Rosenbaum shooting may be the verdict and innocent on the other counts involving the mob charge.

In the second sequence shooting, Kyle, in my view, used the weapon more deliberately and in self-defense against an assortment of attackers. The attorneys never went into the use of the weapon, but it seemed to me that Kyle switched to single-shot mode, maybe after realizing just how lethal the weapon was in the Rosenbaum shooting. Just speculating. There were no shots taken from the first incident to where he tripped and fell at the second location.

America’s justice system is also something you’d see in third-world countries.

“If Kenosha don’t get it, shut it down,” chants people outside the courthouse.

The prosecution’s closing arguments were reasonable to the case. But to me, there was a malicious and unethical element. The defense and sometimes the judge displayed anger toward the sleazy prosecution as a consequence. This prompted charges that the judge is “racist” and biased. A mistrial with prejudice may in order.

Meanwhile, more screw ups and malice may be in wait. A lot can go down before the National Guard arrives. The Babylon Bee’s tome is not so much a satire.


24 Comments on Rittenhouse Trial: Is Vigilantism and Self-Defense Justified?

  1. I argue (as a WI resident with a Kenosha cop in my family) that this trial is about far more than a matter of the parsing of the legal definition of self defense. It is posing an “existential question”. How far will law-abiding citizens continue to step back and permit mobs to loot, beat and burn before someone raises the counter price for their lawlessness with the potential of death? I believe those who chased Rittenhouse down, were outraged that someone dare to threaten their right to violence with counter violence. They felt totally entitled to riot, but felt those who owned businesses or were in their path of destruction must themselves follow the rule of law and exercise utmost restraint.

    Rittenhouse (whether he knows it or not) has upped the ante for engaging in mob chaos and introduced the counter risk of death or severe injury, previously not in the mob’s risk assessment analysis. I say it’s about GD time. it’s a clear signal law-abiding citizens have had enough of their chaos because the police have been hamstrung by virtual signaling politicians and MSM trashing. We, the lawful, aren’t.

  2. The second video posted above is “age-restricted” presumably for violence. And yet infinitely more gory videos abound on YouTube with no such restriction. Many people use YouTube without an account or logging in, and will forgo signing in or creating an account just to see one video This is one of YT’s usual dirty tricks to limit viewership.

    • Just go to their trending page on any given day. The Jewish overlord of the Rap industry, Lyor Cohen, runs that part of Youtube. Plenty on there making open threats about shooting people, fucking their friends wives and partners, and even one or two I’ve seen recently, about killing trolls in the comment sections. And not an ‘age-restricted’ anything there, no warning, nothing. Just fine for the children of America to these Goons of Dindooism. And that is actually incentivizing, promoting it, making a cartoon out of it. At least in cases like this, it’s just showing an actual event- like in a war- and allowing the viewer to evaluate it themselves without a strong subjective bias one way or another. According to Youtubes policies though- which are always bitching and whining about ‘hate,’ it’s good to encourage the kind of activity that happened in the Rittenhouse shooting, but not to look at it logically, realistically. More important that people rely on Entertainment for their ethics than anything with a foundation in reason or equal protections. The warning ought to say, ‘Youtube wants you and your friends, family to be an irrational retard, always charged up, stuck in a backwards tribal way of thinking with a cartoonish, nihilistic apathy toward violent events. Viewing real violent events is actually, naturally disturbing and may cause one to evaluate it using logic- which Youtube does not approve of.’

      • Just to add to that. This site just put out a great timeline of all the murders in hip-hop/rap over the years. So as much as I’ve enjoyed some of the music, they can’t just chalk all the talk up to ‘artistic expression,’ either. There’s definitely been a shit ton of follow through, which just happens to be hitting peak level right now. And again- not encouraging censorship, but there’s a difference between a video being used for a trial evaluation, someone pretending they are a cartoon for artistic purposes, then threatening murder in your ‘art’ which is often followed through with- i.e. ‘a call to action.’ You’d think that’d prompt Youtubes little warnings on Lyor Cohens trending music, with all the shooting talk and ass cheeks clapping to it. But nope. Rittenhouse is what these guys are concerned about. Leave the shooting-talk and ass-cheek clapping to little boys and girls whose parents don’t give them the time of day, if they are even around at all.

        • “Rap” and “hip hop” are NOT music, in any way. They have no beginning, no end. No melody, no harmonies. Nothing. Tribal, primitive babbling gibberish BS.
          Just an assault and battery every day on American Whites.

          I cannot tolerate any Caucasian who ‘listens’ to that.

          Take it away and our nation loses nothing.

  3. It’s not justified in the America we now live in–the America we once knew is gone.
    Free speech–fair elections–personal freedoms we at one time took for granted (think everything related to Covid)–all gone. Americans who held to beliefs and a system that helped this country become great are aging and dying off.
    For those who doubt this take a look at the percentage of citizens who actually think socialism is a good idea. The decadence of our culture and society is astounding. It is so pervasive that one can become accustomed to it. Think the frog in the slowly warming to boil pot of water analogy.
    All great nations run their course and eventually crash and burn. We are witnessing this happening here.

    • Copy that. And given, those of US left breathing are clearly abandoned like Afghanistan to survive on our own; its JustUS now.

      It all just blows me away that our FBI and other Agencies are standing-down to what is going on at the unclean hands of the Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse, now in position. Their apparent intentional inactions make them clearly complicit in the inherent Fall of our Nation. Kyle Rittenhouse did more to respect our Constitution and our Reasonable Expectation of Justice than all the Federal Agencies (combined) Leadership – Sworn to Serve and Protect US.

      Kyle Rittenhouse, like a modern day Benjamin Martin or John O’Neill, stood to defend himself against the real Domestic Terrorists Leadership, King Joe Biden and Company.

  4. I honestly didn’t follow this case. I figured another standard Unkle Sugar theatre production like numerous others. And bodies or no in these productions,
    Uncle Sugar loves his high priests bathed in blood.

    I appreciate your take on it. However with the enshrinement of Talmudic Law in AmeriKa I think Any semblance of sanity is well out the door for any sane humans desiring our country back. They will finish their destruction of U.S.

    America is not complete, and will not be complete, cannot be complete, until Mexico is again part of America as she was in the long ago, and when Mexico is once again a part of the United States, then will the cap-stone have been set on the Pyramid and the reverse side of the United States seal will be cut.

    May it not be long until the Holy Pyramid shall be completed and may it be completed without the shedding of blood. “

  5. A small note of respectful correction to the article, Mr. Winter…
    “The attorneys never went into the use of the weapon but it seemed to me that Kyle switched to single shot mode – maybe after realizing just how lethal the weapon was in the Rosenbaum shooting?”
    There is no selective fire switch on the weapon in question. It is described as a gas powered semi automatic meaning one shot per trigger pull.


    If there was a select fire switch on the rifle I reckon this trial would’ve been easier for the prosecution, as my understanding is that at 17 the defendant is too young to possess such a weapon because he’d need to be 21 to obtain the FFL (federal firearms license) that would allow him to carry it. The msm certainly would’ve had a field day reporting that he had a “machine gun” if that were the case.

    • That suggests that Kyle used a rapid and unnecessary overkill trigger pull to get four shots off in 3/4 second. I would consider that if on the jury.

      Demo of this weapon firing at 2:55 here:

  6. When a civil society is broken, all laws revert back to an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth…Everyone understands this within their nature.

    If the goal is to create self cleaning ovens in major cities, we seem to be off to a good start.

  7. White Genocide.
    In Europe today and elsewhere, the dissolution of the Caucasian race has finally made it to the top of the power-elite’s prioritized task list. The most frightening aspect is that most people are not willing to accept that the premeditated destruction of Caucasians has been the plan for quite a long time. This nefarious plan has existed for well over half a century and got incorporated into the power-elite’s agenda in the 1950s. It is called The Kalergi Plan.
    The detailed Kalergi Plan can be found in the writings of Richard Kalergi, the genocidal eugenicist who, in his book “Practical Idealism”, stated that he “wanted to completely destroy the face of Europe” and that “Europeans are to become Asiatic-Negroid mongrels.”
    Although Soviet Europe’s public never consented to any cross-breeding plan, in the 1950s, Kalergi’s plan was adopted as Soviet Europe’s ethno-forming policy, intentionally designed to destroy the ethnicity of Europeans. The very same plan was reaffirmed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy when he told the conservative Brussels Journal in 2009:
    “… if the French do not interbreed of their own free will, it will be necessary for the French regime to resort to even more forcible measures.”
    Kalergi stated that future Europeans “would resemble ancient Egyptians,” but he was adamantly opposed to asking Europeans for their consent to cultural suicide, which is precisely what his plan entailed all along, and WHY IT HAS remained a secret to most people.

  8. Speaking of self-defence, and kill or be killed –

    Am quite struck at how much talk there is, even amongst Europeans, from those who view the covid vaccines as a kill shot – of being resolved not only to refuse the injection, but to actually FIGHT and take someone down with them if it comes down to forced vaccination in months ahead

    People are taking to heart the famous warning of Sozhenitsyn quoted in this meme here … about how the biggest regret in the gulag camps, was not doing exactly that, doing one’s best to take down one of the goons who comes for you


    • That thought occurred to me just today- wondering if KR was trained by the usual antIChrists for this moment to air as another episode of the 75 year old tv show (with no end in sight) ‘Days of Our Demise’. KR’s mother appears grammatically uneducated when interviewed. Whatever the verdict, we’ll be treated to more televised haranguing controversy brought to us by every entity that pays to advertise on this program.

  9. NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS — Yay! Thank you, Jesus 🙂 Important case in terms of self-defense against rioting mobs. It sends an important message to the “burn this shit down” crowd: You can’t attack/brutalize people without consequence.

    I thought the judge was excellent. BTW, he never made a racist comment. He merely asked when the Asian food was arriving for lunch. He pushed back against degenerate prosecutor and media mob. As a result, his family has been receiving death threats and now must have 24-hour security.

    I’d like to see the attorney who represented the Capitol kid take up a civil case on Kyle’s behalf and sue every rotten politician and news media millionaire who called him a white supremacist.

  10. KR, the only man in the country, the last man standing.

    With zombies coming at you, pull the trigger.
    Don’t need a timer and counter.

    Assuming the jurors were Kenoshans, deliberation
    should have been zero seconds. They lived through
    outside marauders, insane zomboids terrorizing.

    Have Soros and sons lost a fingernail?

    The guilty: governor, mayor, police, local citizens, media.

    Vague memory of Mayor Daly(Chi ’68) Kenosha would not have begun.

  11. Hey, Russ.

    Like Scorpio, I’m in the opinion that the whole event was a well orchestrated sleight of hand hocus pocus psyop, a strategic drama script. I gathered some links for ya. Please check them out if you get a chance. Thanks. And thanks too for all the work you do.

    The shooting aftermath:

    1) Where’s the damn hole?!? 2:56 –

    2) Dude! Move! I need a better angle! 2:13-4:20

    3) Blood? Who needs blood? And what a Drag. 00:01-00:39; 2:13-6:56

    Kyle may look like Clark Kent but he’s really Superman or I Sucker punched that Bitch! Antifa! You next!!!

    Man! They needs learn to tear up! Dry-Eyed Crying sucks. Got the breathing part down pat though 3:59. Notice at 4:22 a noble soul leaves a box of tissue. Yeah right. Why bother?

    Maybe he learned from the best

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