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Taliban Paints Over George Floyd Mural in Kabul

Replaces it with victory message.

By Paul Joseph Watson | 8 September 2021

SUMMIT NEWS — After successfully completing its takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban has been painting over murals in Kabul and replacing them with proclamations of victory, including one that featured Black Lives Matter icon George Floyd.

“The Taliban have started painting over murals left behind from the American occupation,” highlighted one Twitter users. “Here they paint over one mural depicting St George Floyd and replace it with proclamations of victory.”

Some respondents expressed shock that there was actually a George Floyd mural in Afghanistan, but it’s confirmed in a Guardian report.

“The murals addressed everything from the killing of George Floyd in the US and the drowning of Afghan refugees in Iran, to the signing of the US-Taliban agreement towards peace and murder of a Japanese aid worker,” states the article. […]

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  1. Amazing how a low life criminal POS American false flag psyop of the brain dead tools made its way to Afghanistan. So is this what “protecting our freedoms” 😂looks like? Meanwhile back at home these military cabal lapdogs can’t wait to jab everyone with the toxic kosher witches brew…thank you for your your ((masters)) 😝 Time to stand up and get on the rightside of this 💩or fulfill the kosher machinations of old demon turd Kissinger when he called you all dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy…..

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