Black Gunshot Victims Up 89% During Racial Reckoning

By Steve Sailer | 19 September 2021

THE UNZ REVIEW — So, the second half of 2019 was shootier than the second half of 2018, which was likely the least homicidal year nationally since BLM emerged at Ferguson. The first two months of the pandemic, March and April 2020, were pretty ho-hum at around 30 medical care-requiring shooting incidents per million, but then went up to c. 35 in May and c. 45 in June and shootings stayed very high until the weather cooled off after the election. But in 2021, June was even worse than June 2020.

It would be interesting to see data by week for May 2020 to see whether blacks didn’t get so much more shooty until the last week of the month after the death of George Floyd, or whether the trend took off earlier in the month, perhaps due to all the media agitation over Ahmaud Arbery?

From Epic Health Research Network:

2020 Firearm Injuries Up More Than 70%–Worse in Black and Hispanic Young Men

Abstract: Healthcare visits for firearm injuries increased significantly for all patients in 2020, particularly for non-White populations.

15 Sep 2021

Dual Team Study
Team A: Ryan Bohochik | Lindsay Lin, PhD | Eric Lindgren, JD
Team B: Johnston Thayer, RN | Adrianna Teriakidis, PhD

These data come from Cosmos, a HIPAA-Limited Data Set of more than 118 million patients from 136 Epic organizations including 705 hospitals and 12,172 clinics, serving patients in all 50 states.

That’s not a bad sample size. Epic is the giant software firm that provides a larger percentage of the software used by doctors these days. […]

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