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CNN Medical Propagandist: Kids In Schools Need Industrial Grade Masks, Weekly Tests

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But when you point out cloth masks don’t work, it’s ‘anti-science’

By Steve Watson | 11 August 2021

SUMMIT NEWS — CNN’s resident fear monger medical “expert” Dr. Leana Wen declared Tuesday that children returning to school need to be forced to wear industrial grade face masks and should be subjected to weekly COVID tests until they are fully vaccinated.

“This is now one of the most dangerous times in the pandemic when it comes to children because we have the more contagious Delta variant, we have surges, and we have so adults many letting down their guard, not wearing masks, not getting vaccinated. That’s contributing to this really dangerous environment for children,” Wen declared.

“That said, we do know what it takes to get our children back in school safely,” she continued, referring to forcing kids into face masks.

“We also know that it requires layers. So when we remove a layer, for example, we remove the layer of distancing because we can’t get kids back in school in-person full time if we still keep six feet instancing, but if we remove that layer, then indoor masking becomes even more important universal making,” Wen further proclaimed. […]

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