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The Political Phenomenon That Is Trump Worship: Asinine and Imbecilic

‘It is even harder for the average ape to believe that he has descended from man.’ — H. L. Mencken

19 July 2021

GARY D. BARNETT — Here we are in the midst of hell on earth; all brought about by the ruling class and their corrupt and criminal pawns in this government, and all the pathetic masses can muster as a solution is to choose one master or another to pray to as their political god. In the case of the last criminal president, something to the tune of 80 million people are still lamenting that their guy Trump is not the master of the universe. The blind insanity necessary to purposely lower one’s self to this level of stupidity belies all aspects of intelligent thought and common sense.

Is this too harsh a reality for the common man to grasp and accept, or has the total lack of understanding of life’s possibilities consumed the minds of the masses, and left any escape from tyranny unimaginable? The real problem is that the very people themselves, those that expect to avoid slavery by doing nothing, claim to have a right to be free, and beg to deserve freedom without any risk, hold their fate in their own hands, but are not even aware of it. They have no idea of the strength they could possess if only a modicum of effort and courage were present.

As the great Mencken stated many decades ago, “On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” How prescient a statement, but one that was eternally obvious. And now we have Biden, an imbecilic moron if ever one existed, but was the last any better? Not really; just as dishonest, but less open about his true intent, and more devious in his approach. In reality, all presidents are of course evil and controlled, but some attempt to gain popularity by very dubious means, and take to a new level the art of pathological lying. Trump fits this category well. […]

8 Comments on The Political Phenomenon That Is Trump Worship: Asinine and Imbecilic

  1. AGREE on it all. tRUMP was just another actwhore for his paymasters and one of the tribe. “Warp Speed” was even talked about in a document called SPARS so the orange turd is just another script reader useful idiot. It amazes me weirdos like Mike Lindell care more about tRUMPS loss then he does? All politicians are sanctioned by the cabal PERIOD. All those false flags under tRUMP I believe he was involved …including Los Vegas the fake Steve Scalice shooting (first and last republinazi soft ball game🤔) and the attacks on little annRand Paul..all theater for the ((Q)) tards. “tRUMP is a genius” and nothing is ever his fault “he didn’t know” “it’s those people around him” “it’s Kushner” “he listened to the wrong people” so basically he is an idiot script reader cabal slave GOT IT, same old, same old! All the whining about Clinton and Epstein but not recognizing tRUMP was good friends with BOTH!! Ugh the list is endless of tRUMPS failings and proof of him being compromised and just another useful idiot. This article needs to find its way to James Fetzer who’s work I love on false flags but ever since he teamed up with RDS something has been a miss. Seriously tRUMP used his loyal gullible followers on Jan 6 as FBI psyop fodder then turned his back on them and resumed his “it’s all about me” city wide tours. OMG sorry I could go on forever ……

    • What an utterly ridiculous article. Especially in light of the criminality and tyrannical behavior and we must include the complete lack of any ethics at all displayed by the current leadership in the White House, Senate and Congress. Whether or not you like Trump, America was thriving with President Trump in the White House.
      If you compare Trump to Obama who systematically filled every agency in America with racist America hating morally bankrupt criminals and Bush who used war and engineered terrorist events to save his pedestrian and juvenile presidency and Clinton who used his political power to enrich himself and get his rocks off as many times as possible Trump is the patron Saint of US presidents. His main flaw was surrounding himself with weak cowards that were unable to run with any ball however small they were given. Your insane Trump hatred has blinded you to the real evil that is hell bent on destroying America.

      • I am willing to call Trump a rank amateur in way over his head and leave it at that although have other suspicions. For me a sad state of affairs and little respect more so than actual hate. I don’t practice whataboutism either.

  2. I don’t find RDS believable. Seems very snake like to me. JIm Fetzer does some good work, even though he is wrong from time to time.

  3. This has been perfectly orchestrated, hasn’t it? Trump is now the beleaguered King Over The Water, and all those fine folk who took him at his word now have so much cognitive and emotional capital invested in him that the loss of orientation should they abandon him would be utterly devastating.

    I don’t believe most of them fell into the lazy, opulent, stupefied category of armchair-popcorn citizens that Mr Barnett so rightly excoriates. It was their very strengths that were used against them, very cleverly and with malice aforethought.

    It’s a tragedy – they need an off-ramp to allow them to descend safely from their idolisation of Trump. They also need an on-ramp that will give them a way to express the same values and willingness to act, without leading them – again – into the cul de sac of subtle authoritarianism.

    Even independent-minded folk, many of them self-sufficient in thought (though plagued by characteristic religious pitfalls), need leadership as a focus for their own efforts, and the embodiment of purpose. Where on earth are they to find such, in a nation riddled with corruption and tainted with justified distrust, much of it purposely created?

    Here in the UK, I am an outsider of course, but our own situation is very similar in terms of trust and leger-de-main despotism played out across our political spectrum, as is most of the West, and we are dependent on what happens in the US as never before. So we have a dog in this fight, too.

    Democracy is, at best, the flowering of civilisation, not its cause – before we can aspire to rectifying the structures and operations of governance so that it is organically connected to en enlightened will of the people, we first have to recreate that enlightenment (small ‘e’) and find ways to permit its true expression in ways which cannot be blocked by the corruption of the law, which would now literally make slaves of us all, or the death-grip exerted on our politics by all the usual suspects, ‘domestic and foreign’.

    To be brutal, it may be that simply not enough hardship has yet been experienced by enough people to give them the motivation to create its answer through intelligence, courage, but above all imagination. The forensic problem of dealing with the monsters is so far beyond any previous level of conspiracy or oligarchy that it requires radically new methodology to be up to the task.

    Simultaneously, the other task, of imagining a realistic alternative future for nations and for the world, at least the world of the Western cultural and historical heritage, without succumbing to either utopian falsehoods or eschatological dreams, is going to require a level of transformation of our sheer cognitive field which is beyond me at this time. However, necessity must be the mother of invention, in the end it cannot be beyond us collectively – the alternative is some kind of perpetual cybernetic hell-hole, the logical endpoint of the current direction of the world.

    Excuse me, I am thinking aloud and trying to reach for the shape of what must be undertaken – I can see the roots of the answer, but not the routes it must take. I think it’s the biggest challenge of survival humanity has ever faced, so the solutions will not quite fit onto the back of an envelope, will they?


  4. Trump is a huckster just like Bill Clinton. People are so lazy that they liked Trumps bravado and brandishing of Executive Orders to get things moving in a better direction from Obama. However he was controlled opposition from the start. 1 significant contribution that he brought to the table was exposing the professional political class for the worthless world class criminals that they are as he plowed right through them.

    The global collusion is virtually insurmountable at this time since Americans that have access to 300,000,000 privately owned guns are more interested in MLB stats than protecting the future of the Republic for their kids and grandkids.

    Like CS Lewis, I believe that the offer of salvation through Christ is the best deal on the table. So what ever happens going forward I am ready and do not fear death.

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