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Creepy Andrew Weissmann Slips Up and Inadvertently Shares that the Feds are Spying on Whoever They Want and Sharing Results within the DOJ

IMAGE: Entrepreneur Magazine

By Jim Hoft | 10 July 2021

GATEWAY PUNDIT — Crooked Andrew Weissmann was on far-left MSNBC to discuss the NSA’s spying of Tucker Carlson.

Weissmann oversaw and ran the sham Mueller investigation that harrassed President Trump for his entire term. It’s likely he’s involved in the recent BS indictments of the Trump Organization and its CFO.

Weissmann participated in numerous illegal actions while attempting to put a crime together on President Trump. Weissmann was in on the Trump – Russia BS sham in mid-2016. He obviously knew it was made up from the start. He knew this the entire time he attacked the President using the taxpayers’ money and he didn’t give a damn what the people in American thought about the sham. He was after Trump.

The sham was created by Hillary in response to the emails that her campaign knew were coming out in 2016. Hillary had been involved in the sale of 25% of the US’s uranium to Russia. In return, the Clinton Foundation received millions. […]

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