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San Francisco Police Department Seeks Help To Solve Crime But Blurs Face Of Suspect


4 June 2021

JONATHAN TURLEY — This could make for an interesting line up.

The San Francisco police posted a videotape of a man lighting the hair of a woman on fire on a bus. They were seeking the help of witnesses but bizarrely blurred out the face of the suspect. When confronted on the curious effort, the police insisted that it was just trying to get people to recognize the victim. Huh?

The young man is shown in the videotape casually moving over to sit behind the woman and then puts a lighter to the back of her head. She was helped by other passengers as the suspect and two friends ran off of the bus. She obviously could have been severely burned or even killed in such an attack if the fire spread.

This is what the police posted:

Police spokesperson Adam Lobsinger later explained that they were trying to find the victim because “without the victim, when we catch the suspects, it’s harder to do anything,. We are still looking for the suspects.” […]

2 Comments on San Francisco Police Department Seeks Help To Solve Crime But Blurs Face Of Suspect

  1. Certain people live in certain neighborhoods and ride the same bus routes getting to and from. The transit operators already know who this clown is. Also, many people in the hood wear loud clothing, sometimes the same outfits for weeks at a time. He’s easily spotted. This guy with the lighter is known by many people.

    • That’s an interesting angle I hadn’t considered, but I’m such a suburbanite I tend to overlook certain things. I saw this story on the news last week & wondered why no mug shot. I just assumed it’s because the perp is black and they continue to go out of their way to try and hide what is well known fact to the majority at large – that most violent assaults are committed by blacks. With their upgraded status and replacing whites in most high level positions, it doesn’t bode well for business.

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