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TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Discuss McFadden’s Legacy and Masks as Occult Weapons Against Humanity

As usual, the duo offers quick and hard hitting half hour survey of recent Winter Watch pieces. They also discussed the trial of Derek Chauvin, who is charged with the murder of George Floyd. Chauvin’s excellent defense attorney is kicking the ass of the Minnesota’s state prosecution. For more on these topics, see the following Winter Watch articles:


11 Comments on TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Discuss McFadden’s Legacy and Masks as Occult Weapons Against Humanity

  1. Very interesting. I agree completed that the masks have a more nefarious purpose than preventing viral transmission (which they don’t do). Also, at the end of the podcast, Eric mentions a prophecy from the 4th of 5th century but I didn’t catch who it was. Perhaps someone else can help me out.

  2. The George Floyd event was a staged event, he’s still alive and the trial is a mock trial. Doesn’t even look like a real court room. Not many have noticed. I’m sure the officers will be acquitted and there will be another BLM protest in rezoning districts around the country.

    • >Doesn’t even look like a real court room.

      That’s COVID related (link) — Despite the COVID precautions being taken in the windowless 18th-floor courtroom of the Hennepin County Government Center in Minneapolis, Dr. John Brownstein, an epidemiologist and chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s Hospital, said the virus can still creep in and wreak havoc. — nothing like turning a courtroom into a fucking freak show of COVID paranoia and then having some Jew academic fan the fear flames anyway.

  3. RW – You may want to let people know about the They Live – Rowdy Roddy Piper reference for anyone who may not be familiar to the reference, including some of the younger folks who are now supporting WW.

    As a result of WW, I also bought Congressman McFadden’s speeches, which I do recommend and can be found on Amazon in a unified book form, or potentially for free around the web.

    Hey guys, Mr. Henry Ford also used the term “internationalist banker” in some of his writings and I also believe Thomas Alva Edison also used the terms.

    The Honorable Dr. Ron Paul is similar and I might suggest that perhaps the Honorable Dennis Kucinich also had traits of the Honorable Mr. McFadden; I am unaware of the Rosecrucian aspect of Dr. Paul, but hey anything is possible in D.C..

    Good point on the possible market decline and gamma. I would recommend anyone interested look at the Asian open online Sunday night and check the open interest on Monday morning (check the financial futures over at the CME).

    My friend Mr. Gajewski, I would (very humbly suggest) our faith in the Lord God and Jesus Christ should keep us from worry of any kind, about anything. Sometimes I become concerned that is I am worrying, then I am turning away from the Lord God, so I try not to worry (I am by no menas perfect at this as Mr. Winter knows well about me).

    The point on babies and even animals (such as dogs and cats) not seeing our faces is a very good and valid point. In fact in the latter case, I do think the masks can be dangerous as an animal may think you a threat when your mouth is covered. Yet the baby perspective is very, very important as well.

    Trump is making a come back to the home of the Whopper this summer, and not much else. He is trying to sell his Caribbean home, which I think he barely spent time at, but it is priced too far out of the market.

    Wow, imagine going from Ms. Elle MacPherson in the 1980s and 1990s to a “gender fluid” humanoid; pitiful.

    Good show gentlemen; MANY THANKS.

    Oh yeah and on the border, consider the the reports of these children coming into the USA and then disappearing; feeling a bit Franklin Scandal, without the press on Johnny.

  4. Oh yeah, as I have stated on other threads here:

    When it comes to Mr. Chauvin and Mr. Floyd, SHOW ME THE MONEY! Where are the alleged counterfeit bills, because they are no longer in evidence. Yet, the bar that these two men worked together at and its network of affiliated bar / clubs / restaurants that serve the Hispanic community certainly seem a little bit odd when it comes to funny money, and these two men were at the heart of a very questionable organization (yet of course they never met when one was bouncing outside and the other was bouncing inside on the same nights).

    Very strange indeed.

    • I read or heard somewhere that the ‘club’ at which Chauvin and Floyd both worked was torched last summer during the BLM/Antifa riots.

      • Actually, I think you are right…will need to look around since it seems information is rapidly disappearing, but I do think you added a very valuable point.

        Many thanks!

        P.S. They were also affiliated to a network (I think there was a VIP program or some such reciprocity arrangement) of other Latino / Latina clubs in the lower part of the 48 when I looked at them last year.


  5. I think George Floyd died while being arrested from a drug overdose. The cabal saw an opportunity and approached his dim wit family with a proposal $$$$$$explaining the GO FUND ME millions (the payoff) and one of his idiot family stating we need to defund the police and have the UN take over!! HELLO!!! That’s why they had that GFloyd CPR dummy ready to go. Why does Lindell care more about the election then tRUMP?? Funny how all these church going people are masking, masking their children and taking the shots DUMB and ROCKs ..I mean is there any spark of God in any of these twits where wearing or seeing masks seems evil and triggers “something is wrong with this?”

  6. I have a different take on the masks. Hear me out for a second; As I have alluded to in the past, We are being spun a narrative, given a story. I stated that we are in ACT I and awaiting ACT II .

    In story structure it usually is that case with good structure to break timelines into each ACT. 25% to ACT I 50% ACT II 25% ACT III.

    i.e. 2019 to 2030 or 12 full years 3+6+3

    The SPARS 2025-2028 exercise reads like ACT I only. No resolution, just the setting of the challenges the protagonist faces. ACT II would commence with conflict and death, ACT III with the protagonist victorious, in this case the Crime Syndicate is the protagonist of the story, we are the parasitic Antagonists

    Did you know Leprosy is NOT contagious? Nor are Viruses except through blood or intravenously. Now, that is not to say that you cannot contract a pathogen, or become ill from toxins you snort, inhale or touch, its just not a “Virus” it is a Poison.

    The binary “2pot” jabs are the poison, but now as gamed out in the SPARS Exercise, we’ve reached its inflection point for adoption’ perhaps 30-40% uptake at a minimum. Still short of the target 90% genocide likely planned for the US

    Enter “Catch-and-Bus” where 30,000 illegals primarily young children, of the 170,000 entering per month are being transported from California and Texas to all over the US but mostly Texas and Florida for relocation to “caretakers/familia”… and after “Biometrics, as they quote are taken. Biometrics for this purpose would logically be DNA extractions as well since tests are administered under the guise of family relocation for these children. These children are being then converted into robust bioweapons much like those being vaxed currently, perhaps with an even more aggressive strain, but that is not a requirement for the sake of this scenario

    About the masks now…..Texas and Florida’s Governors are the political QANONS to soon become discredited with their open society positions.

    Back to Viruses….I predict that once summer hits and mosquito season erupts, a “NEW AND NOVEL” Killer Virus, will infect many many people to include the “non-mask’ wearing AND non vaxed types.

    Talk about a plot twist, from this point onward,(6 YEARS) you now have an angry, confused and compliant population welcoming all drastic measures known to man to include Civil War, World War, and wait for it……Famine..You see, once death is ramped up, I suspect all livestock will be deemed toxic and the government, with the help of the angry, scared citizenry, will not only comply, but turn in every friend, family , and neighbor who attempts to navigate around starvation through “grow your own” actions.The guns will be turned on each other for food.

    ACT III is the Zombie Parade and New Normal for all those left standing.

    Hope I’m wrong and that this is all just a bad dream…..

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