Cher Accused of Having ‘White Savior Complex’ for Saying, ‘Maybe … I Could’ve Helped’ George Floyd

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By David Ng | 3 April 2021

BREITBART — Hollywood superstar Cher is facing a social media pummeling after making an ill-advised comment about the death of George Floyd, saying maybe she “could’ve helped” if only she had been there.

Cher is now facing accusations that she suffers from “white savior complex” — white people’s belief that they can solve problems for minorities. The 74-year-old pop star and actress tweeted her comment late Friday, recounting that she told her mother, ” I Kept Thinking …..Maybe If I’d Been There,…I Could’ve Helped”:

Her comment quickly provoked mockery and accusations of white savior complex, some telling her to delete her tweet. […]

6 Comments on Cher Accused of Having ‘White Savior Complex’ for Saying, ‘Maybe … I Could’ve Helped’ George Floyd

  1. Cher, yet another mega star out of touch with reality. “White savior Complex” – the cancel culture has come up with another insulting dig at white people, it never ends.

  2. I couldn’t resist but to peek at that vampires tweets..worse then the George Floyd psyop is where she advocates for talmudic livestock vaccine passports WTF..and all the idiots who don’t understand what’s wrong with those who don’t want to show zee papers!! These braindead “star” worshipping nit wits said they will gladly be vaccinated and have a passport as long as they can go to a Cher concert cause how will these poor “artists” support themselves. Now I must go and vomit.

  3. In little more than a month the woman will be 75 y/o.

    One could look at this as yet another example of the co-opting and redirection of white female empathy, albeit with Cher you’re dealing with both a celebrity whose social media posts are heavily scrutinized (and therefore a kind of performance art), as well as a really stupid woman (apparently), as a quick look at her Twitter timeline shows:

    Twitter/CherI Said I Would Never get Vaccine as long a trump was in White House. Moment Joe Gets Vaccinated I will Get in line & Get my vaccination.This has Nothing to Do With my Respect,& Love For Joe.I Know Him..HE WOULD NEVER PUT US OR OUR COUNTRY IN DANGER.

    >another insulting dig at white people, it never ends

    It won’t end until white men put a stop to it — obviously.

  4. Wow! My birthday is exactly the same as Cher’s and my Mother passed away quite a few years ago. Her mother must be ancient by now…how old is she? Cher’s opinions on most issues are void of intellectual curiosity. She’s spent too much time in the limelight and has totally lost touch with deplorables like me. Let’s hope they both get the jab.

  5. I watched a video at this morning. I appreciated how it traced the beginning of social distancing to a CIA protocol, showed how abusive the practice is for children in school. My only quibble is near the end (this is how it relates to the Cher story and her “white savior complex”) when the speaker advocates ESPECIALLY for the 75% of non-white children in California public schools who are more damaged by school changes (reduction in hours in school) dictated by social distancing. This is something I’ve noticed in years past–that White women feel that they have to advocate for ALL of the children, especially for “disadvantaged” ones, and not just their own, so as not be show preference. Actually, that was me thirty years ago. But, if we are all equal, the expectations of each parent should be equal–that they are all just as capable in advocating for their own children as the women who take the trouble to speak out. But all the sympathy goes toward the silent parents and many excuses are made for them. White advocates feel they must bear all the responsibility for the no-show parents. Now they are accused as having “white savior” complexes, which I guess I had. Either way, you lose. (As a Californian, it is depressing to hear White students are down to 25%.)

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