Operation Vaxx-All Deplorables: Codename; ‘Satan’s Poker’

‘Which way I fly is hell; myself am hell; And in the lowest deep a lower deep, Still threat’ning to devour me, opens wide, To which the hell I suffer seems a heaven.’ — (IV, 75–79) Paradise Lost, John Milton

By Mike Whitney | 10 March 2021

THE UNZ REVIEW — What’s going on in Israel? Has anyone figured it out yet?

Isn’t Israel the most vaccinated country in the world?

It is.

Haven’t half of all Israelis already been vaccinated?

Yes, they have.

Haven’t 90% of all Israelis over 60 (the age-group most likely to die from Covid) already been vaccinated?


Then how did “Israel manage to double the number of deaths it accumulated in the prior ten months of the pandemic”…”within two months of intensive inoculation with the Pfizer vaccine“?

And, why did “Israel’s Covid-19 cases… spike sharply during the first month of the … mass vaccination campaign.“?

And, why “after just 2 months of … mass vaccination” are “76% of new Covid-19 cases.. under 39. Only 5.5% are over 60. 40% of critical patients are under 60.”[…]

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  1. Ultimately each individual will have to make his/her own (hopefully informed) decision to take the vaccine or not; indirect pressure to take it, e.g. employment, travel, shopping/dining and other restrictions, will almost certainly come and then ramp-up, and it’s not clear how court challenges to any/all of that will unfold — I always felt individual mass non-compliance was the way to deal with COVID mandates like wearing masks and closing businesses, since organizing on such a scale didn’t really seem feasible; but so far not enough people had the guts to not comply — it’s more or less the same for the vaccine, albeit the clear medical risk there really ought to make a difference: where this is risk there must be choice, and not just a choice where one alternative is promoted via massive propaganda and also has clear advantages over the other vis-à-vis living a normal life.

    I will not take it under any circumstances.

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