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‘Elite’ Californians Are Making Major Hospital ‘Donations’ to Jump the Line for COVID Vaccinations

By Tyler Durden | 20 December 2020

ZERO HEDGE — Given that Pfizer’s vaccine is in short supply and stringent temperature requirements for shipment and storage have limited vaccinations only to frontline hospital workers and long term elderly patients – there’s a growing movement among wealthy Americans offering five-figure donations to hospitals to cut in line and receive an early dose of the vaccine.

Wealthy Californians are calling their doctors, offering tens of thousands of dollars in donations for the chance to receive the COVID-19 vaccine early, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“We get hundreds of calls every single day,” said Ehsan Ali, who runs Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor. 

Ali, whose clients include Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, pay thousands of dollars per year for personalized care. “This is the first time where I have not been able to get something for my patients,” he said. […]

5 Comments on ‘Elite’ Californians Are Making Major Hospital ‘Donations’ to Jump the Line for COVID Vaccinations

  1. What a load of crap from ZioHedge…old Tyler Turden was the first on board with the fear mongering agenda when the scamdemic started. Is he trying to appeal to the celebrity worshipping braindead zombies out here? Looking at the comments it appears it ain’t working!! I will donate my dose to any elitis pig who wants it

  2. Welcome to California; where Crime is now legal, bad behavior is now a socially acceptable practice, and 4 felonies is an automatic Masters Degree. Until September 2018, I was on contract for 14 years with City of LA – for LAPD and LAFD. In September 2018, Garcetti and his goons sent me a mandatory 4-Question Disclosure Document to complete and the Unit Supervisor I Reported to in 2014 told me my continued contract was contingent on completing that document. Question 1) Do you own slaves? 2) Have you ever owned slaves? 3) Have any of your clients and/or employees ever owned slaves? 4) Are you actively involved in providing services for “The Wall” between California and Mexico? Not one California Attorney I phoned would take my Civil Rights Case Claim.

    Like I said, Welcome to California, where the White male working in cooperation with law and order is now the new illegal alien.

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