These 6 cities and this state will pay you to move to them

Programs offer cash to attract new residents

By James Leggate | 28 November 2020

FOX NEWS — The coronavirus pandemic has seen many Americans relocating out of crowded cities into more open places.

Even as a vaccine grows nearer, it’s possible that many businesses will opt to allow some employees to continue working remotely in order to save money on expensive office space, so more Americans may find they have new freedom in where they choose to live after the pandemic is finally over.

But how to choose where to live? Some cities that are looking to grow are now willing to incentivize outsiders to move.

Some of these programs have proven so popular that they’ve had to stop taking applications. Vermont’s New Worker Relocation Grant Program said in October that it was “fully subscribed” and waiting to see if state lawmakers would add more funding in January.

Still, there are other cities and states willing to pay you. Here’s a look at them and what they’ve got to offer. […]

2 Comments on These 6 cities and this state will pay you to move to them

  1. These places will attract the foreign tech workers who are being flooded into the country to take jobs from Whites. These invaders will be fast tracked thru immigration and citizenship requirements. And/or these locales will be (((sued))) for discriminating against non-Whites.

    Watch youtube promotional videos posted by the Chambers of Commerce of small cities and towns all across America. They are all singing from the (((diversity))) hymn sheet and pushing globohomo.

    Bottom line: this “pay to move” scheme will become just another part of White replacement.

  2. Paying people to move to a place they would otherwise NEVER move to. None of the cities have much to offer as a place to life out your one and only life. What does that say about how little people value their life choices?

    It wasn’t always this way. The always over reaching US supreme court ruled that All levels of government could use Tax Dollars as a subsidy for anything they wished. Before that time, governments could only rebate/reduce tax rates.
    Another terrible decision, in a L-O-N-G line of terrible decisions by the failed politicians that wear black robes.
    (Citizens United comes to mind as well)

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