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Brits Could Be Fined £200 for Leaving the House Without ‘Reasonable Excuse’

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Police can fine people in England £200 for leaving their house without a “reasonable excuse” after the country went into a second lockdown on Thursday.

By Victoria Friedman | 7 November 2020

BREITBART — Under the lockdown, non-essential businesses have been forced to close, and people told to go out only for essential items, such as for groceries or medicine, medical appointments, exercise, or work or school.

This means that a person cannot legally leave their home without a “reasonable excuse”, as outlined by a College of Policing document reported by The Sun.

“The list of reasonable excuses is not exhaustive, and it is key that officers exercise judgment in a case where they encounter a person with an excuse that is not included in the list of exceptions,” the document says.

Fines start at £200 but are reduced to £100 if paid within 14 days. Subsequent violations will see fines double to a maximum £6,400, with a possible conviction if unpaid. […]

7 Comments on Brits Could Be Fined £200 for Leaving the House Without ‘Reasonable Excuse’

  1. I am totally against the lockdown in the UK and know that Covid is BS. But this article is equally BS. In England at least we are allowed outside as often as we like to exercise. Streets and parks are bustling and cafes are serving food and drinks at sidewalk tables. People are walking arm in arm and chatting on benches without masks. Schools are open and travel for work is allowed.

    I regularly see people board buses and tubes without a mask and they are not challenged by the drivers or staff. In fact, if challenged, all you have to say is, “I’m exempt” and not even police may ask you why or demand to see any documentary proof. (You can find these facts on the NHS webpage.) I’ve been maskless for weeks and only once had to put a nosey cat-lady in her place.

    The “track and trace” phone app has been a total bust. The British public collectively decided, “Yeah.. we’re not doing that.” If they push the lockdown beyond Dec 2 and try to cancel Christmas, there will be similar mass (though discrete and very English) disobedience.

  2. These 1984 style government put-down rules serve another purpose. Just like ridiculously slow driving speeds here in Ontario, the fines offer revenue to governments devoid of trust and out of genuine ideas to create wealth in any legitimate form.

    • The fines are mainly a threat. I travel on several forms of public transportation every day and go on long walks. I have yet to see a cop (They are as rare as rocking horse shit at best of times) even speaking with someone on masked or not. There is a £6000 maximum fine for not wearing a mask on the tube. I’ll bet few have even been fined £6.

      Don’t get me wrong. I have been opposed to the covid-hoax from day one. But England is not in 1984 territory… yet.

      • Mr. Antonio,

        First, greetings and salutations. You and your fellow citizens are in my prayers.

        Now, I would (very humbly and respectfully) suggest that England has been a testing area for 1984, before Mr. Orwell documented the idea. Both Chatham House and the Tavistock Group were creating the ideas of 1984, quite sometime before the text. Mr. Russell was more than likely an inspiration for the modern New World Order, and certianly the City is an odd anomaly.

        Yet, my purpose here is not to attack your comments, but to suggest that the history of your nation does show a pattern that could be considered for change by the current citizenry.

        As I type this, even a disarmed citizenry such as Britain could launch a very reasonable challenge to the psyop that is the house arrest. The MOD has been in disarray for at least two decades, and Scotland Yard might fold if the opposition has reasonable numbers. All other municipal police will fold accordingly.

        Honestly, the IRA’s last operation was against the City, on a Sunday, when no one was hurt. It sent a message, and negotiations occurred rapidly following the event. Now history can be a funny thing, and the City is still the City, but what do I know? I am a simple American who knows very little of world issues.

        Please be well.

        Simple Citizen

        • I’m an American ex-pat and prior to Covid was spending considerable time in the US so I see things from both sides. I agree that some form of massive civil disobedience (It would never be total) would get attention. There was at least one general strike in the UK in the 20th century.

          More pro-actively, students at Manchester University tore down the fences that were imprisoning them in their dorms. That’s a start. Better yet, they should all leave.

          There have been very large anti-mask rallies which get little attention unless the (((media))) can show a protester misbehaving.

          You may know that Orwell based much of 1984 on his unhappy time at the BBC in the 1940s. The title was a play on 1948. Orwell hated Broadcasting House a famously “sick” building and the BBC totalitarian regime.

          Ironically, there is a smiling statue of Orwell in front of Broadcasting House while inside it is wall to wall 1984. (I work there often.) The staff is so unhappy that there are signs everywhere encouraging them to “talk to someone” and “look out for people wearing the purple badges. They are trained sensitivity agents here to help you.”

          Plus, there are “safe spaces” everywhere and Muslim foot washing fountains in every rest room.

          There is a large and growing opposition to lockdown in the Conservative Party and Labour mayors of Northern cities are totally against it. If these factions can meld into a critical mass we will have a chance.

          Stay well!

  3. Wait for it…wait for it…and now:

    So you cannot travel abroad for the holidays if you live in Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland and / or Wales ( I refuse to call it a “united kingdom”); however, if and only if you have an assisted suicide scheduled, you are free to board the plane. No issues.


    Gosh I wonder if they wish they had not given up their guns and the IRA was still active (at least someone would be attacking that corrupt government — oh well)? Gosh, this is what happens when the special relationship includes an American born Prime Minister with great hair.

    • The rules are incoherent. I was offered a job in Portugal for next week. If I accept, I’ll be given an exemption and will not have to isolate or quarantine at either end of the trip. Dentists and opticians are ope for business but not barbers. Welcome to Clown World UK.

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