Russ Winter Joins Giuseppe Vafanculo and David Scorpio to Discuss the Faux Election on ‘The Perfect Triangle’

Russ joined Giuseppe Vafanculo and David Scorpio of for a solid round of anti-cartoon world dissection. Topics were wide ranging but focused on the quasi-election shitstorm. These gentlemen are definitely over the target, as well as sharp. Russ plans to return to the show regularly.

If YouTube censors the following video, a back up of it is available here.

23 Comments on Russ Winter Joins Giuseppe Vafanculo and David Scorpio to Discuss the Faux Election on ‘The Perfect Triangle’

    • Funny you emntioned it too, every blind person can see Biden is way to unfit for potus.

      But they could not sell Harris to the voters, so Biden had to win; my guess would be too, early 2021 we see some event/accident(maybe some covid for him, would support the fearmonger narrative) and Harris will be potus; thats perfect for TPTB she destroys whats left, she divides the US even more, pretty sad…

  1. As I have stated here before, this ain’t over. In fact we are not even at the intermission yet. There will be an installed President, but his name will be Pence or as I like to call him Mumbles.

    The powers that be are not done with playing citizen’s emotions like a violin. Back and forth moves the bow against the strings.

    So take a moment and breathe.

    Now think about permitting President Harris to direct military engagements, or a new draft that should be on its way in the future (including women in forward combat positions). Sure, she will be fine to implement the nationally mandated service corp. that Barry planted a seed for, but it is not what most people think it is (hint: it is a means to give fascism / communism / socialism neat uniforms like they have in Venezuela and Cuba). Yet, do you think they will allow Senator Harris to play with the big toys?

    Mind you, I do not care that she is a woman, a Canadian, a socialist, a whatever; I just do not think that the powers in control feel like giving Mr. Brown’s former paramour the keys to the castle.

    The pageant will continue for the holiday season and into 2021, then the turnover will occur and the streets will be ablaze or maybe not (think about how hard it is to keep a trained military motivated after you have declared victory and then you have to tell them to get back into the fight; these children will be enraged, but will they have the fight left in them?). There will be talk of uniting, Conjob-19 control, yada, yada, yada; then comes a legal upset.

    Nation is then in chaos, and President Trump resigns for the “good of the nation”, while “winning” (yes, like Charlie Sheen was once “winning” while being the first major spokesperson for Twitter). He replaces Mr. Murdoch (you can see that side of the psyop unfolding at a rapid rate since last week, the set-up is for OANN, but I think it will be biger than just this component). In comes President Mumbles, and the SWAMP WILL REJOICE.

    As for Ms. Harris, she still has a job and maybe, just maybe, will become the Senate majority leader in the future (time is a ticking on the Senate). That is where her piece of the puzzle may fit in the future, and there is a slim chance for SCOTUS down the road.

    More than likely President Mumbles will be a one term President; however, he could (technically) stay for up to 11.? years, depending on the resignation timing.

    What I am unclear on is when the Nikki / Tulsi ticket is offered up to the masses. The uni-party ticket is coming to a theater near all of us, but I am not sure on the timing.

    One last thing for Mr. Winter. The administration of Bush the younger, used this item for crowd control against any war protests in D.C.:

    President Trump did not use them and it was obvious / purposeful. My simple point, is that the nation hasn’t needed water cannons for decades.

    Oh yeah, if I ever make it to Prague I would be happy to buy you a beer and perhaps we can have a real CIA moment by listening to the Police’s Born in the 50s. Although I am not born in the same decade, we could have a laugh about those silly Copeland brothers and that “Sting” guy. Jeez!


    • Interesting observations @Simple Citizen. At this point I say anything is possible. The last four years of my life has shown me that. Whichever way this thing goes, it will change very little for us simple citizens, as the Corporatocracy will be declared the clear winner and we the losers. It has been that way from the get-go in this country, has it not?

      Still, I long to jump into that Trump time machine I’ve heard so much about and go back, back, back….


      • First, good morning my friend; I hope it is a good day for you.

        Second, yes I would agree the Corporatocracy wins either way. There may be a little sector shift on profits, but in the end they all get pie.

        Lastly, I think only Mr. Baron Trump can use or is in fact the time machine.


      • Third reply:

        Finally going through the RFIM links (sorry it took me a while to circle back). From the New American:

        “When Bill Clinton became eligible for the draft while attending the University of Arkansas in 1969, he did everything fair or foul to avoid serving. In a December 1969 letter to Colonel Eugene Holmes, the university’s ROTC commander at the time, the future President expressed his “loathing for the military.”

        That letter, along with a 1992 affidavit submitted by Holmes and additional evidence unearthed during the 1992 campaign, show that Mr. Clinton: a) used dishonorable means on several occasions to evade the draft; b) likely committed a felony in the process; and c) repeatedly lied about what he had done. But because he later became a committed CFR member, his disgraceful conduct was swept aside after it had been discovered, and he became the President of our nation.”

        Humbly, I would suggest Bubba was already CIA by or about 1969 and Russia / the trip to Moscow was the focus. He would have viewed the military as being beneath him and his CIA handlers more than likely felt much the same. Allowing our military to be at the disposal of the United Nations more than likely made sense to Bubba et. al.

        We know that both Meyer (in particular), Dulles, Angelton and Shackley were all big time globalists. Further, none of them really wanted to be military officers, they just wanted to be in Donovan’s clubhouse and play spy. Heck they trained at the Congressional Country Club; not exactly Paris Island.

        On the Human Events story, I found this interesting:

        “Pick up the story with newly-sworn-in President Bill Clinton’s first budget, submitted on March 27, 1993. He asked for $263.4 billion—$10 billion less than the final budget under the first President Bush. The budget scrapped most funds for President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, called “Star Wars” by the media.”

        Yeah, the $ 263.4 is what Raytheon now finds in the lobby sofa. PDJT made sure to rain money on the military, so they should be fine for a while; however, I do wonder if the Dems will scrap Space Force if they get a shot at the title. The Air Force has been pushing for that division (and technically already operating it) since Eisenhower, but no other President was a full supporter (not even the Gipper) of a new branch. Interesting that PDJT decided to officially “green light” the project.

        Either way, I agree on your main point that the use of the United States as global enforcer to the inept UN is a disaster. Further, the overall military is being weakened (no matter how much money we throw at them) by cultural changes and (heck) even the GMOs. Bases are now country clubs, with food courts. It is sad.

        As for the RFIM itself, I will need a little more time to read the report; however, I am very thankful that you linked it for me.


        • You are an amazing individual and your comments are first rate and so very well researched. You are a welcome addition to the Winter Watch family.

          But, just when you thought it was over, we have a new addition to the globalist plot. I would love to hear your thoughts on the Toronto Protocols.

          “The document running under the name “Toronto Protocols” was published by a French-Canadian journalist, Serge Monast in May, 1995. There is little accessible information about Monast –who was born in 1945–, but what we do know about him was amassed in a post by “Konteó blog” in 2012. Monast started off as a poet and writer, but from the second half of the ‘80s he became interested in investigative journalism. At the beginning, he worked for a journal called L’Enquête (Investigation), but since mainstream media outlets refused to publish his writings, he established his own news agency, l’Agence Internationale de Presse Libre (International Agency of Free Press), where he published his findings and the results of his investigations. He and his work gained fame in May, 1995 when he got his chance to present his views in a Canadian television program.”

          Cheers my friend, the rabbit hole never ends, it just gets deeper.

          • JWR,

            This is new news to me. Certainly, I will look into your excellent information here; honestly, I have never even heard of the Toronto Protocols, but I am intrigued!

            So give me either to the end of today or tomorrow to get back to you on this one.Thanks for all of your kindness, I remain extremely humbled and appreciative.

            To be very honest, this is only my second time ever being social online, even though I have been around computers since the late 1970s. The first time I tried to be social was at the suggestion of my wife while we were under house arrest this past spring due to Conjob-19. I thought I had stumbled upon a mostly conservative, pro-Christian and open minded blog for lots of great discussions. Boy did I get that one really, really wrong.

            Instead, I had fallen into a pro-Trump propagandist blog that was run by a former supermarket employee, who is backed and coached by DC insiders that were related to the Lewinsky scandal and Mr. Drudge, who I have very little respect for.

            To say that these are all deep swampers (with the exception of the former supermarket employee), would be the understatement of the year. They all left the District, but they are running a very odd little psyop from the Texas, Mississippi, Florida area, and specifically seek to entrap conservative thinkers, while spinning the “greatness” of President Trump.

            Also to be totally honest, I have met citizen Trump (in person) once before

            (I had been told he was a germ-a-phobe and did not shake hands with people, but to my shock, he shook my hand in 1997 at the side door of Trump Tower — had quite a grip as I recall and a bodyguard with no neck; I had been working and was on a break outdoors, when my friend called over to Mr. Trump; honestly, I had not even seen the man when he exited the building — he came over, said hello and shook hands with our group of 4)

            and met the daughter, as well as the first wife, on a separate occasion (also while working on that day).

            I have grown up with the Trump in my life for decades and even have a photograph of the snowflake they used to wire over 5th Avenue and 57th street (which attached to Trump Tower and other buildings in the area) from 1987. Also I had a relative who was gainfully employed by Bonwitt Teller, before citizen Trump began the demolition. Literally, I have known about this man, his changing political views and his family for many, many years.

            Again, to be totally honest, I know the good (the Wollman Rink restoration and the cameo in the Bobby Brown Ghostbusters 2 video = ), the bad (fights with Mayor Koch, Marla Maples skiing or sleeping with the body guard) and the really / really ugly (Javits Center bid, the casinos / odd financial reporting, the bankruptcies, etc.) about Mr. Trump; however, I tried to see the positive side, and communicate on the site; I found Mr. Winter while doing some research on Mr. Barr for a post to one of their threads.

            Unfortunately, that blog would reward any nice thing said about President Trump or his family with multiple “likes” from folks you recognized; however, if you said or suggested anything that was either neutral or not pro-Trump, you could quite literally be massively attacked by straw people that you could never find anywhere else on the blog. Then they (the straw people) would receive “likes” from other straw people who were also no where to be found anywhere else on the site. It was simply a mess and not worth my time.

            Basically, I had given up on anything social online, but had also sent an email to Mr. Winter about a text I found very interesting. He got back to me and was a total gentleman, so I thought I would give Winter Watch a try. Glad I did!

            Personally, I know that there is a lot missing in my own knowledge base, which I am happy to update at any time. Further, I also know that I may have some differing views to folks on this site at certain times; however, I am more than happy to listen, process and consider all information. All I simply want is to not be attacked in a dialogue. There is enough of that nonsense in daily life, that I do not wish to spend my free time also dealing with such anger.

            Additionally, I do not wish to hear from “Christians” that my family and I should be “wiped out” for living in D.C. (evidently some folks believe that the total population, no matter who they are or what they believe, should be exterminated) and simply working in a business that we began many, many years ago.

            We are in a minority that never voted for the local government, likes to live quietly, does not bother a sole and is attempting to finally move out of the region (voting with our feet, since our actual votes never mattered). Yet, when one builds a business that certain people depend on, it is often kind of hard to just pick-up and leave. Things need to be wound down with care and the consideration of others (the clients).

            Sorry if this one rambled on and on; I am really just trying to say “THANK YOU”, and I am glad to have found Winter Watch.

            All my best,

            • “They all left the District, but they are running a very odd little psyop from the Texas, Mississippi, Florida area, and specifically seek to entrap conservative thinkers, while spinning the “greatness” of President Trump.”


              Thought I should add this part to be very clear.


          • JWR,

            The sound you and everyone here just heard was my jaw hitting the ground regarding the Toronto Protocol. First, I felt comfortable, I said to myself, “of course I have heard about Project Blue Beam, heck I know that it was even being considered during the Reagan administration for use against the USSR…nothing new here.” Then I read on and felt like someone had knocked all the wind out of me.

            “…just as making child protection laws and institutions that enable the state to take the supervision over children from the parents if it is considered justified.

            “Thereby transferring the “Parental Role” to the State, it will become much easier for us to monopolize, one by one, all the responsibilities that had been, to this day, the exclusive responsibility of parents.”

            Today in the United States Capitol, known as Washington District of Columbia, a new bill was offered to the DC Council by a member named Phil Mendelson. In this bill, a child aged 11 years old or older may request to receive any type of vaccination they wish, without the consent of their parents. The child would need to be seen by a District provided physician, but if all checks out, then a vaccine could be administered. That child could not vote, purchase a pack of cigarettes, purchase a firearm or serve in the military, but they could put a life ending vaccine in their arm if they so choose. Evidently, Mr. Mendelson has offered this bill due to the rise in measels cases amongst “anit-vaxxers”.

            “The statements of the document show a great deal of foresight from the authors, even if they had been written by Monast in 1995 (the largest social network, Facebook, only started at 2004 and became a global platform in 2010 when it reached 1 billion users).”

            Okay time to offer a little bit of background again:

            A. I (SC) am the child of a former Bell Labs employee. The first time I saw a terminal, dial into a mainframe, was in 1979.

            B. My first programs were written on a TRS-80 in 1980. I worked on projects using an Apple Lisa in 1984 and a Apple IIe around the same time.

            C. Some of my friends growing up were hackers. The first time we (my friends and I) ever played a game online was with students from a college in 1988. We were using a Commodore Amiga.

            D. My whole family had various connections to technology. As a result, my first “search” on a network was on Prodigy in 1990.


            So few people in the world knew anything about computers and certainly not about networks in the early to mid 1990s. Therefore, it would have been really hard for Mr. Monast to have written about the level of detail in a connected world during this time; I concur wholeheartedly with the article.

            “These modifications will essentially aim to open the doors of the western countries to a more and more massive immigration inside their borders (immigrations that we will provoke by taking care of touching off, here and there, new local conflicts). By well orchestrated press campaigns in the public opinion of nation states targeted, we shall provoke among them a significant refugee influx, which will destabilize their internal economy and increase the racial tensions inside their territory.”

            And here we have the fall of Sweden, and the attempted destruction of all Western identity.

            Now I am left thinking: should I have read this article as it has depressed me, or is it important to know the truth? Although it has depressed me, I will side with the latter sentiment. Either way, JWR, I am very appreciative that you brought it to my attention. Thank you.

            Simple Citizen

            • Thank you for your reply Simple Citizen, it is always great to hear from you. Your computer knowledge is miles above mine, as I am merely a simple citizen who carved out a living and raised a family as a blue collar worker.

              I only became interested in “truth” shortly after 9/11 when a distant cousin I met for the first time handed me a copy of “Zeitgeist” and said “you gotta’ see this”. Needles to say it opened my eyes and I began a ravenous search for all things truth.

              Over the years I have learned to be careful with whom I share my new found knowledge, as I suffered the last few years of my career being known as the crazy, tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist by my fellow workers. I wore it as a badge of honor, but as the author James Perloff states, “Truth Is A Lonely Warrior”.

              People either want the truth or the comfort of the lies they have come to accept. We live under the system we do because people foolishly believe voting for the red or the blue is all that is needed to maintain the Republic. They will drive hundreds of miles for a political rally but never bother to attend a city council or school board(where they even exist anymore)meeting. The old saying “you get back what you give” could not be more appropriate.

              Cheers Simple Citizen, I always look forward to your post. God bless sir.

              • Good morning my friend, wherever you are (did you say Texas, or did I get that wrong — if I did, very sorry). The District is sunny and at about 70 degrees this morning; pretty pleasant, but we also did have a lot of chemtrails over the last weekend (believe it or not, under President Trump there had been a whole lot less of this activity). Moving on…

                Yeah, I actually wanted to follow in the footsteps of my great-grandfather and be a plumber (still pretty good at these types of repairs), but my own folks were not helpful in this pursuit.

                They pushed for all the stupid “white collar” ideas and I wound up in debt as a result of college (which would have never happened if I began as an apprentice). Eventually I started one business, which I lost as a result of 9/11 (was in Manhattan at the time), went back to school and began another business that we (my wife and I) still have today.

                We are in the process of winding it down so we can move out of the area, and we have an idea for a new venture that is micro, but should still pay the bills and does not require us to deal with the public at large (not that we have a problem with this, we generally like all people, but with Conjob-19, it would seem a wise move not to be dependent on meetings).

                Oh yeah, I really detest computers at this point in my life. My electronic footprint is basically tiny, and I actually carry a 3G phone, which I would have kept a 2G model, but T-Mobile is shutting down that network. Sitting here typing to you is fine. Doing a little work is fine too. Yet overall I try to keep my interactions as small as I can. If there is a choice between a supermarket clerk and a self checkout, I go to the clerk, even if it means I have to wait.

                As for your thoughts on the “cola” choice political system we now find ourselves in, I could not agree more. Many folks will not even go to a city / town council budget meeting. Most people pay their property taxes, but have no idea what it is being used for until they find out that the grammar school received a grant that permitted them to get some guy in drag to read books to their 5 year olds. Pathetic.

                Part of why I do not enjoy computers anymore is that I have witnessed (as you might have too) networks replace communities. People and children are not even looking at what is around them, as they stare into tiny little screens. This would have been and may become a bad idea in NYC (or any city) that has high crime rates. Although NYC was rough when I was growing up, I did learn situational awareness, which I am eternally greatful for as a lesson.

                As for the awakening, yes I was just like you. In the 1990s and in early 2000, I was just a happy-go-lucky guy without a care in the world. Sure I liked history a bit, and knew some basics about economics, as well as politics; however, all of it was surface and none of it phased me.

                On the morning of September 11, 2001, I watched what I thought was a Leer Jet out of Teterboro Airport smash into one of the towers of the World Trade Center. I said a prayer for the pilot and the people on the two floors that seemed to have a small fire. I pointed out the fire to my taxi driver and I believe he prayed as well. Then I went about my business and went to work.

                By the end of the day, I was walking home from the Upper West Side, back to my apartment in the East Village. My cell phone did not work. I found a pay phone and called my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) to tell her to meet me at my apartment, since no trains were running and she could not return to her own home.

                As I finally got close to my neighborhood, I saw my girlfriend waiting by a military check point at 14th Street and 4th Ave. The nice soldiers would not let her into my neighborhood, since her ID did not indicate that she lived there. I showed my ID, had a good conversation with a Sergent from the nearby Reserve Unit, and they just let us go home.

                My life changed at that moment. In 2002, I began doing some light research. Then we moved to the District to be close to my in-laws. When I got here, I could see how artificial the whole political process was and my research deepened.

                As this happened, I reestablished my relationship with the LORD, and his guidance lead me to actually meet many of the folks who were up to no good, but constantly told our nation “nothing to look at here, move along”. This made it clear to me that GOD was showing me the truth and guiding me to avoid, yet remain keenly aware of, what is really out there. So many people do not have a clue as to what is being done in their names, or to them and the people they love.

                As you are very intelligent and aware, I do not know if I would have too much new information to provide you with; however, I can categorically state we (none of us here) are not crazy. Much of what e have read, done research on, viewed in documentaries and have discussed is quite real. Now, do I occasionally see a detail that I might have a different perspective on? Sure. Yet in the end, it is a small detail and nothing that would change the bottom-line.

                Well this post went long…sorry about that. GOD bless you and yours.


                If you ever wish to speak outside of the threads (so we are not tying up conversations), I can be reached at:

      • Hang on Sloopy…fun! Hadn’t heard the song in years. Used to think it was Hang on Snoopy when I was young; I mean heck they converted a song about the Red Barron into Snoopy and the Red Barron, so it was not totally implausible. = )

        Thanks. Just finally going through the links you provided me with now and did not want to skip any.


  2. Sorry, once Mary start reading from Scientific American and began to lose her cool (although I do understand), I had to move on.

    Thanks for the re-post and the interesting show.


  3. I agree that local pushback is required, Russ. I know this much about my recent experience poll watching in Arizona- felt tipped pens were being given to voters *exclusively* while I watched. Not sharpies per se, but the classic “flair” style black felt pens. The day after the election, the county attempted damage control, and tweeted that this type of pen’s ink was readable by vote tabulation machines, while out of the other side of their mouth, in the same tweet no less, admitted that the use of felt tipped pens were discouraged because of their tendency to bleed through the paper. They certainly weren’t discouraged where I watched. I reckon placing them in each voting booth is akin to encouraging their use, my sentiments…

    As a side note, the AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who’s running interference on this issue, is a democrat that benefited from $3.3 million dollars in dark money to win her 2018 election. Please enjoy the excerpt from her wiki page describing her 2018 election victory and judge for yourself if anything sounds familiar:
    “In the 2018 elections, she ran against local businessman Steve Gaynor in the contest. On November 6, 2018, the Associated Press prematurely called the race on election night for Gaynor,[5] despite 600,000 ballots left to count statewide.[6] With the race as close as it was, neither Hobbs nor Gaynor initially claimed victory.[7][8] In the days to come, Gaynor’s lead narrowed as more and more ballots were counted. On November 16, 2018, Hobbs was officially declared as the winner by a margin of 20,000 votes.[9][10] She is the first Democrat to hold the post since 1995.”
    Same playbook, different year.
    Don’t cry over spilled milk trump fans, I also held out hopes for him at times, but he had plenty of obvious scales as Russ explained in the interview. The ones that irked me that Russ didn’t mention were that he: 1. Spent like a drunken sailor and proved he wasn’t interested in shrinking the huge government 2. Practiced nepotism bringing his daughter and kushner into his cabinet 3. Behaved like a buffoon, inserted foot into mouth, and tweeted way too much 4. Went along with the Covid-1984 scam and locked the country down 5. Bent over for Israel in every way they desired.
    For the record I think Biden/Harris is worse but I also have experienced presidents totally betraying their voters in their second terms.

    What we should understand is that the hidden hand prefers divided governments, just as they prefer divided populations.

    • Black Throated Sparrow,

      Good to see you here again my friend.

      Respectfully (and humbly), I would say that we should all remember that Trump does not actually have to win for the full achievement of goals.

      If he is able to force attrition in a Republican win of the Executive Branch (based on the actual vote counts, legal challenges, administrative declarations in the contested states per the Constitution, etc.), but then offers to leave (giving the majority of Democratic voters all they ever really wanted in the first place — they did not vote for Joe, they voted for getting Trump out), then he wins on all fronts.

      President Trump gets to leave this all behind at an apex in his popularity. He is then free to chase all that money, referenced in the first debate, that he and his family are losing by being public servants (per his comments in that debate, not mine). The swamp gets a one term President Mumbles and a chance to regroup over 3+ to 4 years (depending on the handover).

      Then the democrats retool the entire party and most likely get to run an unknown in the mold of Trilateral Carter again from one of the states, while the old guard retires (Nancy, Chuck, Bernie) and the new guard of “radicals” is reshaped a bit. Which ever Governor they pick, it will be a semi-radical in moderate clothing, but all CFR in the end.

      So there neither needs to be a loss or a win exactly, but instead there is a negotiation to be had, and we should not forget that this President was trained by Cohen and prides himself on the Art of the Deal.

      Also we might all wish to recall that although the financial reports were skewed and many bondholders were left on the line, there were no actual financial losses in Atlantic City for Mr. Trump (personally). Heck, the XFL and the airline still put cash money in his pocket, even if they were fiscally untenable (FIFO applies right after the initial warrants are offered or private investment rounds are completed and the Don gets his cut first).

      There is no real loss per se, just a deal to be made.

      Hope all is well on your end and you / yours are very happy / healthy.

      Simple Citizen

    • Or Fox?

      They are setting up the President to have every justification for his future media career, all of it is falling into place like clockwork (we are all right that this should come into sight in 2021).

      What I am now hazy on is if Pence will get the title; I still think its possible, but I am little surprised at all the announcements on the Biden side this early on. My thought was Biden would declare victory around the Thanksgiving holiday for maximum, psyop, impact and then the Don would hit back around Christmas. The timeline is off, which makes me wonder if things have changed.

      As I said to our friend BTS, President Trump does not need to actually win in order to win through the achievement of certain goals. He could look like he is winning in a reversal and new counts, but then negotiate that the Republicans win the election, but he steps down. That puts Pence in power and would not make “liberals” as happy, but should accomplish their main goal, which was to get President Trump out of office.

      They will still hate Pence and worry about Roe v. Wade, but their masters will more than likely keep them in “check” for the time being.

      BTS makes a good point on the score card. If SCOTUS is “conservative” and the Congress is split, then the powers that be may in fact want Pepsi in the White House instead of Coke. Perhaps I misread the situation this whole time, I do not know at this point. My feeling had been that Pence was kissing up to the CIA, then the party was trying to make Pence look a little more life like during the convention, and he seemed to do just fine in the debate. Therefore, I assumed they would pick him over “heels up”. There were other data points that led me down this assertion, but maybe I was on a fools errand in this research. Apologies to all if I missed this one by a mile or more.

      I guess we will see soon enough. Either way, it is good to have such excellent company as we all journey through this process. Also, I remain humble in my desire to still learn from good folks.


  4. Okay now I am madder than hell, and I don’t want to take it anymore!

    Very rarely do I look at anything mainstream; it is just not in my interest. Data points are kept tight and succinct. Research (when I do any these days) is focused. Yet, I made the mistake of sticking my head out of the rabbit hole, and man was I sorry!

    It seems SMOKIN JOE FRAZIER voted in this election cycle!!! This is a man I admire and rooted for, even as a child (especially watching the Thrilla in Manilla as a wee lad). To dishonor his legacy is one thing with this b/s about him voting; however, then the salt in the wound came.

    It turns out they are claiming SMOKIN JOE FRAZIER voted DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!!

    Now I am not sure what dimwit in Philly thought this sh*t was funny, but if I come across them in this lifetime or the next, I am going to give them the what-for! Lest we all forget that Ali called Joe Frazier an “Uncle Tom” for supporting President Nixon. Now I am no fan of Prescott Bush’s “boy”, but Smokin Joe was not a Democrat!

    In fact, if we do a little research, we learn the Tricky Dick was the guy who lost the strong, conservative, African American vote to Kennedy when the exhausted Nixon (seems olde Prescott used to work his “boy” hard) failed to visit Dr. Martin Luther King in prison. The Kennedy brothers (Jack and Bobby) both went down south and gave their support, and this is the moment when history changed dramatically.

    This one just really got me going. Pick dead people who actually liked corrupt Democrat machines in the past and have them vote, but leave this champion alone to rest in peace.

  5. Prophetic poetic interpretation of our times by Richard Farina (1965):

    Now is the time for your loving, dear
    And the time for your company
    Now when the light of reason fails
    And fires burn on the sea;
    Now in this age of confusion
    I have need for your company

    For I am a wild and a lonely child
    And the son of an angry man;
    And now with the high wars raging
    I would offer you my hand;
    For we are the children of darkness
    And the prey of a proud, proud land

    It’s once I was free to go roaming in
    The wind of a springtime mind;
    And once the clouds I sailed upon
    Were sweet as lilac wine;
    So why are the breezes of summer, dear
    Enlaced with a grim design?

    And where was the will of my father when
    He raised his sword on high?
    And where was my mother’s wailing when
    Our flags were justified?
    And where will we take our pleasure when
    Our bodies have been denied?

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