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Michelle Obama’s Influence over Netflix Led to Release of Pro-Pedo Movie ‘Cuties’

IMAGE: Daily Mail

Netflix is under fire for distributing the pro-pedo flick ‘Cuties’ over its streaming video service. The movie “Cuties” is about an 11-year-old girl who discovers her sexuality while twerking.

By Shane Trejo | 16 September 2020

HUMANS ARE FREE — “Cuties” has been described by its apologists as a triumph of diversity and womanhood. It should come as no surprise that this content is getting distributed as former first lady Michelle Obama is an influential producer with Netflix.

Big League Politics reported three years ago on how the Obamas were using Netflix to distribute their political propaganda and promote their social agenda after leaving the White House:

Former President Barack Obama is currently in advance negotiations with Netflix to produce a series of shows through them.

This will give the former President easy access into the living rooms of virtually every American in order to spread whatever propaganda he wants.

The deal would pay both the former President, and his wife Michelle to provide exclusive content to the over 118 million Netflix subscribers around the world. […]

2 Comments on Michelle Obama’s Influence over Netflix Led to Release of Pro-Pedo Movie ‘Cuties’

  1. Really now, what would people want with that couple. I thought they were going back to Chicago where Barry was a community organizer. After all of his work and influence it is a war zone. Alas they have landed in a $15 million dollar estate on Martha’s vineyard. Maybe they will make infomercials about how to get rich.

  2. ‘Third world values’ as promoted by Mike & ‘Bama is exactly right. Even most 4 legged animals care for their young way more than these 2 legged animals do.

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