Torchy’s Idiocracy: Oregon Rednecks Rally in Portland and Taunt Antifa Bunboys, Black Looter Marxists (BLM)

Supporters of President Donald Trump take part in the rally and car parade from Clackamas to Portland that ended in clashes with Black Lives Matter activists. PHOTO: The Sydney Morning Herald/AP

What a lot of folks don’t seem to understand or appreciate about the Left Coast is that the majority of the land across the three coastal states of Washington, Oregon and California is undeveloped, rural or semi-rural, and conservative. If you look at a political heat map of California, for example, it’s almost entirely red (Republican). But it’s the highly populated, highly liberal urban centers and the grotesquely wealthy coastal communities that dominate politics and influence media.

There are a few regional exceptions but, for the most part, people who live West of the continent’s westernmost valley are viewed as urban hipster snowflakes, bunboys and queers; and people who live to East are viewed as toothless, backward, cousin-kissin’ rednecks and militia. Most of the time, they avoid crossing each other’s path. Of course, once in awhile, rednecks like go to the beach or to a downtown event, and snowflakes seasonally journey into rural areas for camping, hiking, skiing and to commune with nature through gentle yoga. But I digress.

On Saturday evening, Oregon’s rednecks rallied in downtown Portland. They formed a caravan of flag-flying pickup trucks to display support for the United States, Trump, police and libertarianism. But they weren’t there just to show support. They’re also taunted the nihilists that have been terrorizing and destroying the city of Portland not just for months but for years.

From what I’m seeing Saturday night on Twitter, it’s priceless “Idiocracy” street theater. Good ol’ boys are giving self-aggrandizing Antifa bunboys and self-centered Black Looter Marxists (BLM) a mild taste of a redneck rodeo. The push back is well deserved, I think. No doubt, it will be billed as a white supremacist protest by the media.

The Trump Cruise Rally met at 4 p.m. at the Clackamas Town Center parking lot. Event organizers encouraged attendees to bring firearms with them, as long as they followed concealed carry laws, Portland Mercury News reports.

Six hundred vehicles then drove to downtown Portland, according to the Associated Press, where they were met by BLM protesters.

Of course, this totally trigger Antifa and BLM activists. There were confrontations before they even got out of the parking lot.

Portland police dressed in riot gear “stood by as caravan members drove through groups of people in the street,” according to the Mercury. “Other drivers jumped out of their cars to confront counter-protesters on the street, some getting into fistfights.”

Snipers were spotted on a rooftop.

Ahem, Cory: No, they were not “counter-protesters” in the street blocking the caravan, because the caravan was not a protest. It was a rally. A rally is when you show support for something. The people attempting to block the rally caravan by standing in the street were the protesters, not “counter-protesters.” And, yes, a redneck will run over you if you stand in the road. Ask any bunny, deer or squirrel. For them, roadkill is a sport. That’s why the police yelled at the row of bunboys and Black Looter moms to get out of the street.

Here they come through downtown, as well as protesters. The party has begun.

Many of these good ol’ boys were smart enough to tape over their license plate so data-mining Antifa couldn’t look up their name, where they work and home address in order to cancel them. Appearance of the Boomer technicals.

In the second video below — “More paintballs” — note that there’s a guy in the back of the red pickup truck who, like a hidden sniper, opens fire with a paintball gun on the mob of Antifa/BLM. But my favorite part of this scene is the man at the end with the yellow vest, holding up a sign that reads “LET’S ALL GO TO BILL GATES HOUSE INSTEAD.” Brilliant.

Second video below reminds me of the U.K. outside London after the bars close.

Unfortunately, it appears that someone associated with Patriot Prayer was shot and killed in the street around 8:45 p.m. Some guy who just happened to be walking by caught the shooting on video, which you can see here on Facebook, at minute 00:17:45.

Associated Press: … An Associated Press freelance photographer heard three gunshots and then observed police medics working on the body of the victim, who appeared to be a white man. The freelancer said the man was wearing a hat bearing the insignia of Patriot Prayer, a right-wing group whose members have frequently clashed with protesters in Portland in the past. …

Patriot Prayer is a local, Christian, pro-Constitution, free speech, limited-government, conservative group, many of whom are veterans of all ages. They meet periodically for breakfast downtown. They’ve been labeled by the local left-wing media as a “far right group,” and they’re often confronted with violence by Portland Antifa.

Note Blue Lives Matter patch of saddle pack. PHOTO: AP/Paula Bronstein

Andy Ngo wrote on Twitter: “After the man’s death was known, antifa celebrated & danced.”

Here’s the next big Marxist/socialist/Democrat event scheduled for downtown Portland: #ComradesAssemble, #ComradeCollar, Trump Resign, BLM, Universal Basic Income, Wealth Tax, Save Social Security, Green New Deal, Universal Health Care, Defund Police/ICE, Save USPS (Postal Service), Stop Evictions, Stop Fascism.


5 Comments on Torchy’s Idiocracy: Oregon Rednecks Rally in Portland and Taunt Antifa Bunboys, Black Looter Marxists (BLM)

    • @oregongreenenergy- Tired of your pie in the sky, repetitive comment. No more usury. No more pedophilia. No more lies. No more income taxes. No more drugs. No more monopolies. No more bailouts.

      Get rid of the above issues and you’ll be a lot closer to having no more war.

      You don’t get rid of something unless you fight against it. Shouting “no more robbery” while getting mugged won’t end the experience.

  1. Torchy’s right: best thing I saw here was that guy in the reflective vest with the sign, “Lets All Go To Bill Gates’ House Instead!”

  2. Come experience the madness of crowds lollapalooza for yourself! No cover charge to see if your favorite 3nd rate post industrial city will rise to the challenge or burn. It’s the 2020 Battle of the $h!T Shows!! Portland Oregon is playing the center stage, Minneapolis could still challenge, and don’t count out wild card Kenosha. There’s no way to bet on the outcome as everyone involved is sure to lose.

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