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The Newest Demon in the Left’s Sights: Woke White Women

By J. Peder Zane | 4 August 2020

REAL CLEAR POLITICS — Torch-carrying neo-Nazis in Charlottesville were the face of white supremacy in 2017.

Today it’s “Nice White Parents.” That’s the title of a new podcast distributed by the New York Times which argues that many black and brown children are not excelling in our public schools because of “what is arguably the most powerful force in our schools: White parents.”

Specifically, liberal white parents who espouse enlightened views on race but then refuse to send their children to truly integrated schools – e.g. minority-majority without separate “gifted and talented” tracks — for fear they will be shortchanging their kids. Apart from the complex educational issues at play — including the inflammatory suggestion that minorities need to be around whites to succeed – the podcast reflects the left’s broader effort to demonize an unlikely group as it seeks to reduce every issue in American life to questions of race: liberal white women. […]

4 Comments on The Newest Demon in the Left’s Sights: Woke White Women

    • Same (as what is on T-shirt) applies to Israel and Saudi Arabia….Israel is our “friend” (who murdered 34 USS Liberty sailors in 1967) while Saudi Arabia is our “enemy” even though Israel and Saudi Arabia are “friends” (after all, the ruling Saud family are Frankist Donmeh! Bogus Muslims…Wahabbism is from the Sabbateans) and even though Saudi Arabia is NOT an enemy of the US (as proven by Saudi murders of an actual “enemy”….innocent Yemenis…and Saudi Arabia and Iran (proven “enemy” of the US) are actual enemies, and not just Sunni vs. Shia, which also means Saudi Arabia is our “friend”. Double Bwahahahahahahahahah!

    • Charlie Manson had a good idea: allow the nonwhites to takeover the country & ruin it, then have a prepared army of noncoloreds overcome them.

  1. How’se about white HOME SCHOOLING PARENTS??? Christian and non-Christian, Unschooling, etc. And thanks to “Covid” (Bwahahahahahahahahahah), there are now MORE OF US! –From a home schooling mother and former public secondary math teacher (HS/JH).

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