Do Global Elites Commit Crimes Against Children?

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By Deborah Franklin | 24 July 2020

AMERICAN THINKER — The issue of how some of the most privileged people in the world treat children is getting more traction. After the arrests of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, millions of ordinary people are critically examining the actions of Hollywood celebrities, titans of business, powerful politicians, media corporations, and other elite groups. Scenarios that previously seemed unthinkable are becoming more thinkable by the day.

Chrissy Teigen is a popular model and actress who’s married to singer John Legend. She enjoys a lucrative career appearing in commercials and TV shows and hawking a product line at Target. She’s also a prolific writer of tweets that feature her disturbing fantasies about children. Here are some Chrissy tweets:

“I just saw a baby that looked like a porn star. Like a trashy do-anything porn star. Is this wrong to think?” and “seeing little girls do splits half naked is just…. I want to put myself in jail. #toddlersandtiaras”

Recently, alert readers unearthed thousands of Teigen’s child-centered tweets and started swarming Twitter with questions. Some of those questions probed into whether Teigen ever had a relationship with the deceased child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Teigen responded by blocking one million people, deleting 60,000 tweets, and claiming she was the victim of heartless internet trolls. Conveniently for her, the media sided with Teigen. This article in USA Today, for instance, painted a sympathetic portrait of Teigen as an innocent woman under vicious attack, while scrupulously avoiding quoting any of Teigen’s actual tweets. […]

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  1. I have no idea about Teigen (her behavior, “blocking one million people, deleting 60,000 tweets”, is odd for someone with nothing to hide; the media taking her side is no surprise) — but re abuse of kids by elites, most people have heard the expression “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” — and there is definitely a lot of smoke.

    • Twitter/LeGoatMetaphor

      Just a reminder Chrissy Teigen has LOTS of tweets referencing children in a sexual manner, deleted 30k-60k tweets, is on the flight log for Epstein’s island, put her account on private, and nobody’s talking about it really. How is this not weird?

      Her Twitter account: These Tweets are protected — Only approved followers can see @chrissyteigen’s Tweets

      I imagine deleted tweets are available on some Twitter server and could be subpoenaed — ?

      Also it is important to note this:


      General reminder that Chrissy Teigen got Twitter to silence thousands of people because of her own disgusting tweets. She deleted 60,000 tweets and yet people still support her???

      I don’t have a Twitter account, so maybe Russ Winter (who does), or someone else, can comment: is it possible to delete tweets en masse? — e.g. by entering a time period? — is it possible to selectively delete tweets en masse, e.g. via a filter/keywords? — is it possible to block individual users en masse? — I mean other than by setting the account to private, which blocks everyone except “approved followers”; re this, you’d think she would also be concerned about “approved followers” — I understood that you could delete individual tweets and block individual users (but not anyone who isn’t logged-in to Twitter), but deleting and blocking large numbers of tweets/users manually would take a LONG time — ?

      Obviously I’m interested in how likely it is that Twitter helped Teigen sanitize her account, which has 13.1m followers (a further sign of American tabloid culture).

  2. If life immitates art, it’s not high art.
    More of a never ending professional wrestling match. The hero’s & villains are scripted.
    The public likes it that way, because people can only handle so much reality.
    Chrissy Teigen transgression are apparently forgiven & forgotten by the TPTB!

    “Bite the big apple. Don’t mind the maggots”- Mick Jagger.

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