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Archbishop Viganò: ‘Heresy, sodomy, and corruption’ are trademark of ‘deep church’

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, D.C. PHOTO: via News Beezer

‘These three elements – heresy, sodomy, and corruption – are so recurrent that they are almost a trademark of the deep state and of the deep church’

25 July 2020

LIFE SITE NEWS — Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has pointed out three elements that have become what he calls the trademark of the deep Church: “heresy, sodomy, and corruption.”

In a new wide-ranging interview with Vatican expert Marco Tosatti (read full interview below), the Vatican whistleblower speaks about the deeper significance of the case of former Cardinal McCarrick in relation to the “doctrinal crisis” the Church is facing.

“There is a very strict relationship between the doctrinal crisis of the Church and the immorality of the clergy, that scandalously reaches up to the highest levels of the hierarchy. But it is also apparent that this crisis is being used by the ultra-progressive wing not only to impose a false morality together with a false doctrine, but also to irremediably discredit the Holy Church and the Papacy before the faithful and the world, through the action of its own leaders,” stated the Archbishop. […]

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  1. I believe Archbishop Vigano made a very great error in propping up Trump in his pro-life agenda letter to Trump. Archbishop Vigano appears to believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In this world, enemies of the Church come in many flavors and Trump is one of them.

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