Twitter Locks Trump Jr Account For Posting Press Conference By Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Doctors

By Tyler Durden | 28 July 2020

ZERO HEDGE — Twitter locked the account of Donald Trump Jr. for approximately 12 hours, after the president’s son posted a viral video of doctors touting Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.

The press conference, which received over 14 million views before it was blacklisted and scrubbed by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, featured members of America’s Frontline Doctors – a recently formed advocacy group which claims that American life has fallen casualty to a massive disinformation campaign” against Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) – a decades-old malaria drug used by India and several other countries as part of their front-line treatment of the novel coronavirus, yet which has shown mixed efficacy in studies.

The blacklisting began on Facebook following a complaint by New York Times columnist Kevin Roose[…]


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  1. Uhh, was is it really necessary for everyone in the video to wear a white lab coat? — whatever.

    The blacklisting began on Facebook following a complaint by New York Times columnist Kevin Roose.

    OK, I’d never heard of this guy — he’s on Wikipedia — via his own website he advertises himself as a “Technology Journalist”:

    If you’re looking for an official-sounding bio for conferences, etc., feel free to use this: … He lives in the Bay Area.

    Blah blah — interesting: he doesn’t mention he graduated from college (Brown apparently), or what his major was — as if he wants to hide his major because he knows it is not something that really recommended/qualified him as/to be a “Technology Journalist” — ?

    My first job in journalism was a weird one: as a sophomore in college, I took a semester off and went undercover at Liberty University, Jerry Falwell’s hyper-conservative Christian school. My goal was to figure out what life was like among people who were my polar opposites—pious right-wing evangelicals who believed the earth was 6,000 years old and that homosexuality is a sin.

    Seems like the kind of NPC the NYT likes to hire.

    Swearer Center — Brown University — Programs — Royce Fellowship — Kevin Roose — 2008 — Old Songs for a New World: The Future of Barbershop Harmony — Faculty Sponsor: Doug Brown


    About his ‘faculty sponsor’ (no PhD, never real Brown faculty): In addition to working with college students, he has worked with inmates in local prisons as well as officer candidates in the military as part of BOOST, a program designed to promote racial diversity among military officers.

    On the RISD/About: 33% domestic students of color (2019/2020) — and yearly fees are $53820.

    Many people remember/used the old Netscape browser — America is now an NPCscape — how are nondescript looking guys like this ‘made’/e.g. picked for the NYT?

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