Will Zionist Trump Squelch Commie Uprising?

PHOTO: Reuters

2 June 2020

HENRY MAKOW (SNIPPITS AND SNAPPITS) — Clearly millions of Americans have a Communist death wish. CEO’s are thanking looters for emptying their stores. 

Unfortunately, America’s defence is in the hands of Zionist Jews like Donald Trump, who work in tandem with their fellow Masons on the Left. Americans are caught between a Communist rock and a Zionist hard place. Otherwise, Communist Jews like George Soros would have been tried for sedition years ago. And the Commie media would have been regulated or broken up.

“We are witnessing glimmers of the full insurrection the far-left has been working toward for decades. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis was merely a pre-text for radicals to push their ambitious insurgency.” …

In a matter of hours after the video of Floyd began circulating the internet, militant antifa cells across the country mobilized to Minnesota to aid Black Lives Matter rioters. Law enforcement and even the state National Guard have struggled to respond in Minnesota.

Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, Dallas and Atlanta are just some of the other cities waking up and finding smoldering ruins where businesses once operated. Nearly 30 other cities experienced some form of mass protest or violent rioting. At least three people have been killed so far.

Antifa, the extreme anarchist-communist movement, has rioting down to an art. The first broken window is the blood in the water for looters to move in. When the looting is done, those carrying flammable chemicals start fires to finish the job. […]

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