Widespread Destruction of Police Cruisers Appears Orchestrated

A Los Angeles police officer watches a police car burn Saturday during a protest over the death of George Floyd. PHOTO: Daily Mail/AP

In viewing dozens of videos of the riots and looting, I’m taken aback by two observations in particular.

First, I’ve seen few attempts by police to interdict mobs in their wilding and looting of retail stores. In video footage from many cities, it looks like police have been given total stand-down orders.

Second, there’s the deployment of assets, and especially of vehicles. As you may recall, cities were given armored vehicles by the federal government that are well suited for mob control and to thwart vandals and looting. For instance, I haven’t seen any sign of non-lethal water cannons being employed. One that’s owned by New York City Police Department is illustrated here.


Little wonder the criminal community believes it can vandalize and loot with immunity. They know the fix is in. In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I might assume city and police officials were bribed by gangsters and fencing operators.

Indeed Torchy has a plausible theory that massive insurance fraud is a factor. The big box clothing retailers have lots of stale merchandise from the scamdemic on hand that needs to be sent packing out the door. And smaller competitors are being sunk by the double blows of scamdemic lockdown and now store destruction.

Where it gets especially sketchy is the widespread wrecking of police cruisers. Day after day, we see lines of unattended taxpayer-funded police cruisers and SUVs being completely destroyed in cities across the nation. Is a modern day George Custer in command of these police units?

Why are we seeing a trend of police cruisers being abandoned in the path of angry mobs? Burning and flipping police cars is a common scene in riots, so why do police continue to bring their squad cars to riots and then leave them unattended and in plain sight? Almost every city had abandoned police cars torched.

Is this some kind of sacrifice (aka taking a knee to eat shit) to the Gawds of St. Floyd instituted by the 5th Columnists who now run these cities and their police departments?

Then pallets of bricks are conveniently placed. Seems like this is a set-up. Something’s really off, very synthetic.

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This scene in Philadelphia actually looks like a set up and not just incompetence. Abandoned and staged police vehicles are politely lined up for the mob to vandalize. The well oiled dindu destroyers in the hood even bring hand cutters and accelerants for the vandalization and burnings.

Philly, like many of the riot-stricken cities, is already in deep financial trouble. Yet, there’s zero attempt to protect and defend hundreds of thousands of dollars in police vehicles. Instead, they’re parked and left right out in open. I am supposed to accept this as legitimate? Do they think I have “stupid” written all over my face?

Next, we have Fairfax, Calif. Same pattern. Twelve police cars politely parked and abandoned in the open. No armed sentries to stand guard while the other police are deployed. That’s not real policing. That’s cartoon world.

New York City is really something. Looks like the game here is to abandon vehicles in more isolated spots to be burned one by one. When you watch the videos, notice that it also appears the fires are ignited by incendiaries planted inside the vehicles. Even before the riots, New York City was requesting a massive multi-billion-dollar bailout.

In Beverly Hills, three unguarded SUVs are burned right out in the open. What’s being deployed overhead to run intel and communication on potential threats? Anything? No.

Here’s a photo-op performance in Grand Rapids, Mich., as a whole row of police cars and other vehicles are torched right on the street.

In Atlanta — or Hot’lanta, as they call it — police just drove in and parked their cruisers in midst of a mob. Nine were damaged.

In Pittsburgh, witnesses accused police of purposely abandoning cars in the road for destruction.

Who abandons two patrol vehicles full of weapons in the middle of a riot zone? It’s as though the police in Seattle wanted this to happen.

And here in little Providence, Rhode Island, police literally stand aside and watch while rioters trash a cruiser. They seem irritated by what their witnessing. Very obvious sign that they’ve been ordered to stand down.

Are you noticing a pattern?

Breakdown of Antifa Squad Police Cruiser Burn

47 Comments on Widespread Destruction of Police Cruisers Appears Orchestrated

  1. I know I often saw in the past how a police car contained an additional weapon, e.g. a shotgun — in that sense, and if true, police should never allow their cars to be commandeered, just like they should never allow themselves to engage in a physical struggle with a suspect, because their weapon could be taken, and used against them or someone else.

  2. Yesterday just of curiosity I went to look how the apes and libtards behave in downtown Brooklyn. I must say those libtards and blacks are not humans and the average IQ among those shitheads is no more than IQ66. Those people are NOT humans and two minutes from distance was enough for me for rest of my life.

  3. This is just the beginning…prediction, cops found not guilty on absurd technicality or legislative incompetence and let go…

    • How else you gonna keep this orchestrated event alive if the police “actors” are not handed a “not guilty” verdict for their part in the make believe murder of George Floyd. Wake up sleepy head, this all another big psyop as Russ and company have been trying to tell you!!

      • Since there is rarely any original material just links to other web sources, i may have missed their prediction…i usually only read the link highlights lazy eye. Opps my fault.

          • In the last 2 days I have fallen in love with Mag! Even though he is a Jamaican n*****. People call me racist, but I love a n***** because he makes all the “highly educated” white braniacs like Ron Unz look like the fools that they are.

            In this episode he deconstructs the SpaceX dragon. It is hilarious. He is right, it is a flying Iphone….


            PS: Unlike Mag, I do believe in Space and Dinosaurs, but he is 100% correct, these “astronauts” do look like complete imbeciles with their idiotic masonic hoax.

            • Nigger means ignorant person. Mag isn’t in any way ignorant, judging by the video of his I just saw. It’s high time that everyone realizes this. People of all colors have been psyop’d into oblivion by a race baiting propaganda complex regarding this term, which has been caricatured into a racial pejorative. It isn’t. It should be used liberally against stupid people of all colors. If this country could come to this realization and use this term correctly, the country would be transformed and this racial b/s would stop. Think about it- if this term begun to be understood correctly, and people started using it correctly, the false racial connotation of it would fall away, and people would be free to call each other this term, regardless of race. Then, since the term is derogatory towards intelligence level, obviously people wouldn’t want to be called it, so they get subjected to society wide pressure to SMARTEN THE FUCK UP ALREADY.

              • I beg to differ. N***** refers to Negro, or black. In Europe they are commonly called Neger. Whether that refers to Negro, or black, or to someone coming from the Niger river area is not really the point. That jews have decided that N***** is a taboo word like kike or yid does not really have any bearing on the origin of the word, or what it means to the person speaking it at the point in time that they say it.

                In any case, if n***** merely meant stupid then all the blacks in the US would not be calling themselves n***ers.

                As far as Mag goes, he could call me cracker, whitey, racist or even nazi and I could laugh with him. I would bet that if he and I were discussing SpaceX and George Floyd over a fine Pilsner Urquell I could call him n***** and he would laugh too.

                The problem here is people like you who try to impose your personal morality and political correctness on other people. Pure Frankfurt School Social Marxism. Sorry, I am not buying it.

                • Please. Social Marxism accusations from someone too afraid to spell the word they’re referring to… Somewhat of a red flag. I’m not trying to impose political correctness nor morality. I’m pretty sure political correctness is an activity in which perceived racial epithets are shouted down emotionally, not logically debated on etymological levels, but hey… There’s a first time for everything, and you’re the first person to accuse me of using political correctness by promoting the word nigger. That’s some inverted logic if I ever saw any. You apparently are also imposing enlightened morality from your comment though, and that’s great. I’m glad you’re not bothered by weaponized terms used against you.. Neither am I. But if you think that meanings of words haven’t been greatly changed through time to obfuscate the true meanings of them, well then, you’re not paying attention to what’s going on. They’ve been changing history, science, and language for centuries now. The important words get changed, or weaponized into being taboo to lessen their usage. It’d serve anyone well to wonder why this happens. Most people choose to ignore this fact.

          • Bamily/Magnation is doing some good work in his vids, but if I have to listen to him go, “Uh hum, uh hum, uh hum!” after every clip he shows, I’m gonna quit watching. It’s like he has some nervous tic!

  4. Tying it all together … George Floyd died with coronavirus


    Of course with, in addition to covid 19, George Floyd had “arteriosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease, fentanyl intoxication, and recent use of methamphetamine and cannabis”

    Lawyers say that police charged with murdering George Floyd, have strong legal grounds for being acquitted, if the courts are not biased, because:

    Minneapolis Police written rules of conduct specifically authorise and approve knee-on-neck tactics to subdue persons resisting arrest, and speak of training to use such techniques

    Minneapolis police have apparently taken their police policy manual offline, but an archive of the web page can be viewed:

    Minneapolis Police Department Use of Force Policy:
    5-311, Use of Neck Restraints

    Non-deadly force option. Defined as compressing one or both sides of a person’s neck with an arm or leg, without applying direct pressure to the trachea or airway (front of the neck).

    This technique is used by police in multiple nations, as media photos make clear

    • If George Floyd had coronavirus where was his mask? A week ago, not wearing a mask in public, especially if you had the virus, was tantamount to being Hitler. And the lack of social distancing by the “protestors” is going to cause coronavirus deaths to spike.

  5. From the web, more possibilities:

    The El Neuvo Rodeo night club where Chauvin and Floyd worked as bouncers, is said to be tied to the Sinaloa Cartel drug trafficking organisation, which is in turn is said to use Latino advocacy movements such as La Raza as a cover

    As noted earlier, Maya Santamaria who used to own the nightclub, and knew Chauvin and Floyd as quoted in media, owns a Spanish radio station, ‘La Raza’

    The police precinct involving the officers and with evidence there, the nightclub, and the radio station, are all burned down now by ‘rioters’

    Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar – a Democratic Presidential candidate earlier this year – had been helpful in getting earlier charges dropped against Derek Chauvin

    “Minnesota is a known hub for human, drug and money trafficking, a Sinaloa cartel stronghold”

    Sinaloa Cartel leader, Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, was a few cells away from Jeffrey Epstein in the same jail when Epstein was allegedly ‘suicided’

    Is there a cover-up because big politicians are involved, of what may have been a mob hit caught on video?

    screenshot of 4chan thread on this

    • “The police precinct involving the officers and with evidence there, the nightclub, and the radio station, are all burned down now by ‘rioters’.”

      Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah; “At the time of its destruction, Building 7 housed documents relating to numerous SEC investigations. The files for approximately three to four thousand cases were destroyed, according to the Los Angeles Times. Among the destroyed documents were ones that may have demonstrated the relationship between Citigroup and the WorldCom bankruptcy.”

      And, the Alfred P. Murray Federal Building in OKC; “Criminal cases involving everything from food stamp fraud to drug dealing might be a casualty of the bombing of the Federal building, which obliterated offices where the Drug Enforcement Agency and several other Federal investigative units stored evidence and case files.”
      Also destroyed were the huge number of case files of vets who were suffering from symptoms known as “gulf war syndrome”.

      • They always remove the evidence immediately after the crime. You might recall that the remains of the World Trade Center towers were expeditiously quarantined, cordoned off, and ultimately shipped off the continent before any meaningful forensic analysis took place. Same with the Sandy Hook and Parkland schools – both were immediately demolished and removed.

  6. As I had stated earlier, I believe this to be part of the “Greenzoning” of metropolitan areas. I grew up not far from Fairfax and Beverly, That location made no sense as far as an outlet for rage, its a predominantly jewish, metro sexual, neck beard local.

    Now if you told me Crenshaw and Adams I’d say the riot had some organic roots along with community leader involvement.And if you wanted to have a riot on ‘Whitey’s ” home turf, then Westwood Village , or just down on Wilshire and La Cienega works ., or the Mayors hood off 6th Street and Lorraine

    Further, I note that many of the old established merchants in the region will be run out once they realize the new property tax bill , post insurance claim. This will contrast greatly with their Pre Proposition 13 tax basis..This is happening to Malibu currently…No problem rebuilding but massive problems paying 1000% property tax increases.

    So yes Thomas, it looks staged for a particular end.

  7. Perhaps the burning police cruiser is some kind of masonic symbol. As I wrote earlier on another thread, supposedly the kneeler is a Masonic pose. There is also the “Grand Hailing Sign of Distress” raised hands that we see all the libtards making as they beg for redemption for all their “white guilt”.

    “if a Mason ever finds himself in a court law and wishes to appeal to the Masons on the Jury or the Judge, he can perform the Grand Hailing Sign of Distress, and get a chance at getting off. Any mason hearing those words are seeing that sign is oath bound to help by any means possible.

    The sign consists of raising your hand up precisely like someone getting held-up. It might look a suspicious if a mason attempted to use this sign in Court according to some legends… According to Duncan’s Monitor, not only does the sign consist of raising your arms up, which itself would probably arouse suspicion, it also involves dropping your hands down straight down and back up three times!”


    Here you can see the libtard zombies in aping freemasons in Brooklyn:


    again in Raleigh


    Another Masonic symbol often seen at false flag “incidents” are random shoes left behind. Every time someone gets hit by a fake jihadi terrorist truck or car you can be certain that the satanic MSM wlll film random single shoes lying around.

  8. Good point Russ on the police not deploying drones overhead en mass to observe threats and communicate this intel down to the officers on the ground… Every one of these large cities has a (probably pretty large) drone program. I know that because even my town’s department has one, and this town is a small suburb of a city that’s ~500k… If police were really trying to combat the destruction of the rioters we would see drones flying nonstop. The drones for the small local department cost 10k each- 3k for the drone and 7k for the camera. I reckon big city places like NY and LA have whole squadrons of these things. Literally millions of dollars of these large municipalities’ taxpayer money, spent on the perfect riot interdiction devices, which would tip off police in real time to rioting activity and save untold millions in damages… Not being used much that I can see.

  9. Tomorrow is 6.6.2020. It is significant astrologically and numerilogically. BLM is planning protests in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, etc. Also it is:

    “The last time Saturn was in Aquarius, was during the Rodney King Riots.

    The last time Pluto was in Capricorn, was during the American Revolution.

    The last time Neptune was in Pisces, Rome fell.”


    @Russ Winter: I sure wish we could post jpg’s, or at least links to them…

    • Nigga please… Stop with your constant defeatist narrative, because I’ve been observing it for months.. whites in America will last centuries past you and your like minded sissy bitch asses. We may be the same color, but certainly not the same ignorance level, and that means more than color at this point. We’ve already instituted a plan to take care of us and ours. Meanwhile you lament the demise of your own “race”, as if you ever gave two shits about it. I’d clue you into the plan, but you would torpedo it before you could figure out the score. You’re useless, as evidenced by your idiotic comments, so go haunt some other site, you fucking bitch.

  10. When we had our riots here in Salt Lake City last Saturday, the triggering event that escalated the situation from having hundreds of people standing around peacefully with their lame signs and moronic colored hair chanting their usual, “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA,” was a police cruiser that was suddenly and conveniently abandoned right at the intersection where the large crowd of thousands were gathered. After about 10-15 minutes the crowd, recognizing that the police officer was no where to be found, turned the car over and set it on fire.

    The statement released by the mayor and police chief did not even address as to why the officer left his cruiser and, of course, the local media only recognized that the car was torched and did not ask any questions as to why the cruiser was left abandoned in the first place. I live one block from where these events took place and had a front row seat if you will.

    I’m sure a FOIA request, if recognized, asking to see the police cruiser video footage as well as the body-cam footage of the officer in question would yield the obvious- the officer left his cruiser intentionally for the mob to have its way! We here at WW know why the cruiser was left abandoned and we also know why all of these others addressed in the article above were also allowed to be destroyed. Sadly, the general public will not even entertain such ‘conspiracy theories.

    On a side note, the recent live televised phony Space-X production in combination with all of the Covid-19 hysteria and these mass riots tells me there is no sign of hope whatsoever that humanity is going to turn things around. Whether one sees it through the lens of a Biblical Apocalypse, the Vedic Kali Yuga, or Dante’s Inferno, we are now rapidly becoming mired into an Age of Darkness!

  11. Here is the club owner that both Floyd and Chauvin supposedly worked for gaslighting the TV viewers on how racist Chauvin was and how angelic Floyd was. I’m starting to believe that neither worked at this club, or maybe one did(Floyd)because it is all too convenient for her to be spewing this contrived ‘race-war’ narrative after-the-fact.

      • That’s what makes what’s been taking place all the more blatantly disgusting. They are not even trying to make this look like anything other then what it truly is, a massive, pre-planned, orchestrated PsyOp in order to justify what they are going to push full steam ahead with over the American people.
        Though I’ve made a point of not watching much footage due to my low bullshit tolerance, I’ve seen enough in live streams to know I’ve not seen many out of the huge throngs of participants that appear to even be old enough to drink…or even vote in some cases. This makes sense.

        • Something is definitely going on — it simply isn’t normal or really normally imaginable that officials would allow public property to be wantonly destroyed like that — it probably costs around $40k to replace a cop car (if not more).

          And now some cities are talking about reducing police budgets to redirect the money to the “black community”:

          SF mayor announces effort to redirect police funds to black community

          Which will be a complete waste, as it always is.

  12. Why push this narrative that the protests are somehow false or inorganic? What does it accomplish to depict these brave courageous individuals as “paid alien insurgents?” This is the same rhetoric the media used about people who were trying to defend the soil they were born on from US invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan. They called the sovereign defenders “insurgents” Discredit and dehumanize members of legit uprisings by depicting them as foreign somehow. NOTHING in ANY of the footage you provided supports your bizarre interpretation that these events are somehow staged. Police officers ALWAYS park their cars in formation in crowd control situations. They are expecting people to MARCH and pass through, like a parade. So they are simply there to direct the flow of the marchers. To do this THEY MUST STEP OUT of their parked vehicles and in the process they can get a good distance from their cruiser. They werent expecting people to destroy the cruisers, and once the crowd has established firm control of the immediate area surrounding your cruiser, their is really nothing the police can do, unless they want to escalate the level of force they are using, and in the process become a headline or get fired and charged criminally like the 6 officers in Atlanta. And when you see cop cars burned, yes it requires a level of cooperation by the crowd, but it also requires a hell of a lot of courage. I wish more people would organize and centralize and burn a cop car on every public square in America. This is good thing. This is victory. I dont care what these people call themselves, antifa, kkk, it doesnt matter. If you have the stones to torch a cop car right now it sends a very powerful and important symbolic message. These are the type of courageous action oriented people we need right now. You shouldnt be decrying them, you should be praising and thanking them. Not trying to depict them as illegitimate or somehow being orchestrated by some government entity or the police themselves. Police officers, by the nature of their egos and their profession would NEVER willingly sacrifice cruisers. I personally want to thank BLM Antifa and who ever else had the stones to burn cop cars and substations. It was LOOOOONG overdue and much needed. They are national heroes. Every one of them. And we wont allow you take that away from them by insinuating they are funded by soros or whatever. When the sweeping law enforcement reforms reshape our country permanently for the better you wont be able to take any credit whatsoever. You’ll have to thank the very people you are trying to demonize and de-legitimize right now. But here I am trying to argue reasonably and rationally with a person who publicly uses words like “dindu” and quotes “Torchy” as an information source.

    • Your first sentences were fabricated straw men fallacies about points I never made. Not many protesters are insurgents, although they are often useful idiots. Police have long had intel and history that bad actors will trash police cruisers in these events. But if you are only 18 or 19, you might not know that.

      The rest of your long rant I didn’t bother to read once you started traitorously virtue signaling antifa and vandals as heroes. And the cheap ad hominem against Torchy, well that’s fighting words, and a ban hammer.

    • LOL — thanks for the hot take on this; I guess I don’t have to watch MSNBC now — yeah, it take a lot of courage to cover your face (as many do) and join an unruly mob to smash windows and loot stores or burn cars when you already know the cops aren’t doing anything to stop it, and basically the entire Establishment is looking the other way, calling you “protesters”.

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