Buffalo Officials Duped By Professional Antifa Provocateur – Arrest and Charge Two Police Officers – Righteous Police Team Stand Together and Walk Out

6 June 2020

THE CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE — Martin Gugino is a 75-year-old professional agitator and Antifa provocateur who brags on his blog about the number of times he can get arrested and escape prosecution. Gugino’s Twitter Account is also filled with anti-cop sentiment [SEE HERE].  Last Thursday Gugino traveled from his home in Amherst, New York, to Buffalo to agitate a protest crowd.

During his effort Gugino was attempting to capture the radio communications signature of Buffalo police officers. CTH noted what he was attempting on Thursday night as soon as the now viral video was being used by media to sell a police brutality narrative. [Thread Here] Today, a more clear video has emerged that shows exactly what he was attempting.

In this slow motion video, you will see Gugino using a phone as a capture scanner.  You might have heard the term “skimming”; it’s essentially the same.  Watch him use his right hand to first scan the mic of officer one (top left of chest).  Then Gugino moves his hand to the communications belt of the second officer. […]

8 Comments on Buffalo Officials Duped By Professional Antifa Provocateur – Arrest and Charge Two Police Officers – Righteous Police Team Stand Together and Walk Out

  1. Good catch. Now, if you can figure out how this guy ended up with a pool of blood running out of his ear…..

  2. If I’m not mistaken, this old guy’s cover was trying to return a police helmet which he can be seen holding in the video below. The youngsters who surrounded him were on to him from the begining. When asked why he was there, he responded, “For fun!”

    As far as the blood; Hollywood has developed many techniques over the years on how to fool the public and he could be doing the same In the same video, just as the camera pans back to the old geezer, look at the right side of his neck. It appears as if he has ‘the blood’ is emanating from about where his clavicle is on his right side. Can’t prove it, but one rarely bleeds out immediately like that after some blunt force trauma. And this guy has probably perfected the ‘art of falling’ as well.

      • Amazing. Here’s another slow motion video of him on the ground, showing how his left hand seems to be pumping a ?tube of fake blood? while he keeps his neck arched, legs crossed, even though pretending to be unconscious. Other news photos show him chatting away on his cell phone a few minutes later, while being wheeled to an ambulance after they bandaged his head.

        “Faked “75 year-old man falls and cracks his head” ”

  3. So he’s a 75 y/o “activist” with a now-deleted Twitter account — not sure how much ‘duping’ it takes right now for city authorities to come down on cops — but the black mayor of Buffalo seems to have at least a modicum of decency and common sense (as opposed to Andrew Cuomo):


    Buffalo’s mayor, Byron Brown, called Gugino an “agitator” who was “trying to spark up the crowd of people,” adding, “He was in the area after the curfew. One of the things that happened before was conflict among protesters and there was a danger of fights breaking out, and police felt it was important to clear that scene for the safety of protesters.” There had been violence, looting and fires, and Brown alleged that Gugino was “a key and major instigator of people engaging in those activities.”

    Of course there was zero outrage and almost no notice when “teenagers™” killed several people (not of the ‘teenage’ ethnicity of course) via the ‘knockout game’:

    So far, at least four of these attacks have ended in a fatality.

  4. I had seen the video of this event. Why wouldn’t these cops use common sense and walk around this fool to get to where they were going?

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