Trump’s Secret New Watchlist Lets His Administration Track Americans Without Needing a Warrant

IMAGE: Entrepreneur Magazine

By E.D. Cauchi and William M. Arkin | 18 May 2020

NEWSWEEK — The Trump administration has created a new and expansive national security watchlist that, for the first time since 9/11, includes Americans who have no connection to terrorism. The new watchlist, authorized through a classified Attorney General order and launched in 2017, is expected to grow to well over one million names. It also allows the government to track and monitor Americans without a warrant, even when there is no evidence they’re breaking the law.

And while two separate laws require the government to announce new systems of data collection of Americans, there has been no acknowledgement of the expanded watchlist.

The criteria to be placed on the new watchlist demands that an individual be associated with “transnational” criminal organizations, including front organizations that are actually foreign government entities. Transnational criminal organizations include not just drug cartels, crime syndicates and gangs, but also political groups such as nationalist parties and information activists. Individuals can be watchlisted when they are suspected of corruption, money laundering, computer hacking, stock market manipulation, health care fraud, even wildlife trafficking. […]

2 Comments on Trump’s Secret New Watchlist Lets His Administration Track Americans Without Needing a Warrant

  1. My Name Is Cherise Cannon I’m Watchlisted with no Due process.The FBI fabricated a Terrorist Sting Operation to Entrap me. I’m an UNCG Alumna, they are Trying to hurt me and cover this Up. I have no other Choice but to Speak Up. My Youtube is Unfilteredcc My Twitter Unfilteredcc Instagram is the same my story is there. You can contact me if needed on one of those platforms

  2. @cherise cannon- I didn’t see any evidence in your videos that you are watch listed by the fbi or anyone else. Sorry. Same with your claims that someone is trying to hurt or entrap you. I watched most of your 16 YouTube videos, as I was bored and your claims of being targeted is a subject in which I’m greatly interested. Here’s my observations: Your 8 oldest videos ranging from 4 years old to 2 years old are videos where you’re trying to become a motivational speaker, you admit that in one of them. Your 8 newest ones ranging from 1 month to one week old are the ones where you claim to be watch listed with zero evidence. Perhaps you’re trying to rebrand your YouTube channel? You only mustered 48 views on your most watched motivational video. Your most watched targeted-claiming video has 349. The problem is that they contain zero evidence of your claims. Your most watched targeted video is 13 seconds and consists of you complaining to be targeted to a policeman, who says nothing, not one word, in the video. In your older motivational videos you seem to be hung up with being a black woman, and have an inflated ego function. You admitted in one of them that you were at points aiming to get D’s in college- I didn’t even think you could pass classes with D’s… How very far the education system has fallen! And you admit you have a job working with children in education? Those poor kids… I’m sorry but you don’t seem educated at all. You seem to be indoctrinated a whole bunch, though, having a healthy helping of victim mentality. I guess in a way you are one, as those indoctrination classes they told you were education sure did a doozy on your simple little head. I bet you go to black lives matter protests…

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