Google Has a Record of Everywhere You’ve Been [and How to Delete It]

Did you know that Google has a record of everywhere you’ve checked into! Here’s how to check the data they on on you and how to delete it.

30 January 2018

FREE AND FEARLESS — Over 65% of internet searches are carried out on Google when it comes to search engines, it’s clear that Google is king.

Even if you use an alternative search engine chances are, if you don’t own an iPhone, you’ll be forced into using Google’s services somewhere down the line.

What many of us take for granted is just how much information and data search engines have about us, stored on some computer at Google HQ is a profile on everything you’ve ever searched or liked, every website you have ever visited and every purchase you’ve ever made. For many of us our personal search history is a private thing that we wouldn’t willingly share, every embarrassing question we’ve ever asked and every strange curiosity ever searched is kept and stored away by Google and at times is sold to the highest bidder for advertising purposes.

While this may of us have the attitude of ‘I have nothing to hide so it doesn’t matter’, those attitudes are often changed when we see just how much information Google have on us. […]

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