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Austria Denies Social Programs to Non-Vaccinated

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By Martin Armstrong | 22 September 2021

ARMSTRONG ECONOMICS — Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen, who was inaugurated as the Federal President of the Republic of Austria on January 26, 2017, has taken another undemocratic, authoritarian position that anyone unemployed because of the state’s lockdowns who refuses the vaccine will lose ALL benefits. This is absolute tyranny and a disgrace to any country that pretends to be free. It has been reported:

“Unusual measure: Austria’s Minister of Labor Martin Kocher (ÖVP) has decided to block unemployment benefits for job seekers if they do not apply for a reasonable position because a vaccination is required there or simply not accepting an offered position.”

Something is seriously wrong. The vaccination was supposed to protect you, but now the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated. Does that then prove that the vaccinations do not work? If the death rate is less than 1%, then why are governments forcing such vaccines?

The object seems to be to justify tracking all people. If we cannot do anything without a COVID passport, then we are right back to the same type of control as Adolf Hitler. You cannot get on a train in France without a COVID passport. Canada is doing the same thing for travel. Australia is turning the country into a concentration camp where you cannot travel more than 5k from your residence even if vaccinated. […]

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  1. Yeah, I have to admit that this one surprised me. Still Amstrong Economics is a solid website, and I am sure it is accurate reporting. Ed, and I were just speaking about Austria on a thread last week, and I mentioned that I liked the young man leading the nation; however, I was unaware of his authoritarian decrees. This is disappointing in a major way.

    Yet in the balance, might i offer this one:

    Well Austria, a nation that I generally really like, is now three for three on the abbreviated scorecard. There are:

    The idiot actor from the early twentieth century that pretended to be first a failed artist and then a leader. A man who was more Tavistock than Vrill Society (not that either are anything to brag about); we always have to count him in any list pertaining to Austria,
    The complete mismanagement of the immigration situation that brought the (current) young man to prominence


    Now the reintroduction of Authoritarianism is a blatant manner (heck Austria has had it since the state’s founding, but it seemed to subside for a time).

    For the sake of brevity, I will leave off HRH Victoria’s daft husband, the inbreeding of the monarchy, WWI, and the folly that was the Austrian military since the late 1970s forward.


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