The Pseudo-Science and Economics of CronyVirus

Indian Hindu devotees cheer as colored powder and water is sprayed on them by a Hindu priest during celebrations marking Holi at the Swaminarayan temple in Ahmedabad, India, Tuesday, March 10, 2020. Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, also marks the advent of spring. PHOTO: Local10/AP/Ajit Solanki

Central to the CoViD-19 scamdemic are appeals to science. Here’s retired U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) playing this card on Twitter.

The problem here is that science in the real world focuses on trial groups and populations and offers comparison. In inverted cartoon world, only rare sources like Winter Watch asks such questions of science. In examining alleged data of CoViD-19 deaths, there are some obvious mind-blowing Sherlock Holmesian-type disparities. One is the claim that social distancing and hygiene is a make-or-break proposition.

Cronyvirus boogeyman terror is so pervasive that 80 percent of Americans are willing to wait to resume normal activities after CoViD-19 restrictions are lifted. Depending on region, that will be in May or June. Dr. Frauduci called discussions of reopening the economy by May “a bit overly optimistic.”

No social distancing for children in India, which has been barely impacted at all by the cronyvirus

We now see that India has 422 reported deaths or 0.3 of one person per million.

The U.S. with one-fourth the population of India and yet has 28,592 deaths. That works out to 86 deaths per million. The U.K. has a whopping 190 cronyvirus deaths per million.

India has for all practical purposes been running a policy of zero social distancing. Scenes from India’s Holi Week Festival show the non-cartoon world of what’s actually transpiring in different locales.

Meanwhile, from the U.S. comes absurd stories like this from The New York Slimes: “Doctors Believe 49ers Super Bowl Loss ‘Saved Lives’ As Party Of The Century Would’ve Followed.”

“Potentially millions of screaming, hugging and beer-sharing fans on crowded streets … ideal breeding grounds for respiratory illnesses … Super Bowl parade could’ve made it a super-spreading event.”

This next video shows the hygiene habits of Indians at urban beaches, which are treated like a toilet where a huge population can empty its bowels. Hand washing? What’s that? Nothing to see, here move along. Maybe a science wag can come onto the comments section and explain all this to scamdemic doubters.

Here’s how “scientists” determine cause of death in America. Again, we see the key shadow language deployed in this fraud published in The New York Slimes:

New York City, already a world epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, sharply increased its death toll by more than 3,700 victims on Tuesday, after officials said they were now including people who had never tested positive for the virus but were presumed to have died of it.

There was a comment made from the bankster sector that well explained just how corrupted the financial “market” is. It’s hard to believe this ends well.

BlackRock is the fund that runs Ponzi trades for the Fed. It also manages roughly $7 trillion in assets and is the world’s largest asset manager. It announced its plans to keep a “significant cash cushion” for now given the uncertainty about length and the depth of the economic downturn and “will follow the Fed and other DM central banks by purchasing what they’re purchasing, and assets that rhyme with those,” wrote Rick Rieder, head of the firm’s global allocation team, in a blog post.

This is an open admission of front running. Keep in mind that large so-called investors are known for misdirection statements (aka pump and dump) to the herd, especially when it comes to timing.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) issued a report that is sure to pour gasoline on the dumpster fire. It projected that U.S. budget deficits will total more than $3.8 trillion this year, and another $2.1 trillion in 2021.

These projections almost certainly underestimate deficits, since they assume no further legislation is enacted to address the crisis and that policymakers stick to current law when it comes to other tax and spending policies. The projections also assume the economy experiences a strong recovery in 2021.

The credit rating agencies are terminally corrupt without limit. Curiously, the agencies are quick to downgrade other countries for a fraction of the U.S. hari-kiri looting measures: “Mexico Downgraded To Just One Notch Above Junk On Imminent ‘Severe Recession.’

In the coming months, we will see many Parasite Guild transactions like the recent one in Norwegian Air. First, the airline received a government backstop from Norway. Then, once backed by sovereign largess the Guild does a debt-for-equity swap that severely dilutes existing shareholders. This will be used on other “less essential” companies to force captured government into a widespread bailout mode to privatize gains and socialize losses. State pensions will be pledged and then looted.

This tactic will be immense going forward. Entire generations under the sovereign state will be sunk in short order. It’s often difficult forensically to determine who the vulture/parasite guildist investors are, or for whom they may be fronting trades. In the U.S., it will be to large extent Wilbur Ross and Steve Mnuchin’s Rolodex (contact list). There is a whole posse of parasite guildists circling over European targets.

Extra $2 Trillion Looted from Public Coffer to Replenish US Treasury’s Murky Exchange Stabilization Fund

Trump’s Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Explains Parasite Guild Slash and Burn Operations

The problem is that there is no transparency of the terms or prices of the debt-for-equity conversion. There’s also additional landmine debt that is senior to the new equity. The parasite guild may now be larded on that in this type of restructure.

Norwegian Air’s proposal will dilute shareholders already counting their losses after Covid-19 ruined the company’s efforts to return to profitability. The plan calls for creditors, including aircraft lessors and suppliers, to convert as much as 44.5 billion kroner ($4.3 billion) in debt in order to meet government terms for the carrier to access a state aid package, and for a private placement.

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    • Haa….yes, fits perfectly! Thanks for the memory….thought I knew it by heart, but didn’t realise one of the last lines ‘til hearing it now, after a few decades. It was, appropriately – “The people gettin’ angry”…Oh, yes they are, and we need more of that – Let’s get out on wkends, and let it be known just how angry!!

  1. “it’s hard to believe this ends well”….

    Yup, nightmare scenario unfolding before our eyes. I’m totally screwed here in NJ–psychopathic Gov. Murphy (Goldman Sachs) apparently plans to keep us locked up until the state is completely destroyed–imposing maximum suffering and destruction on the state probably makes it easier to shift everyone over to the new digital system.

    I went on the other day to read comments from people here in this state and it was obvious everyone was brainwashed and brain-dead. I only saw one guy sounding the alarm bells. The only positive was that comments are not censored there and you can sign up with a fake name and bogus email, so I left a whole of truth there, but I’m sure those sheep will just think everything I posted was a “conspiracy theory.” I think the only hope in the US is going to come from the west and states where citizens are into their gun rights.

    Tucker had that psychopath Murphy on: (deliberate destruction and the sheep are too stupid to see that they are being taken out so they can be served up to the bankers and their digital totalitarian slave grid). Also, that site is otherwise useless, with totally brain-dead Trumptards who have no freaking clue what’s happening–my comments are completely blocked over there.

    Sorry for the negativity, but it looks like we are seriously screwed and they are quickly moving forward with their agenda. Looks like we are going to have our futures stolen from us b/c of psychopathic bankers, corrupt whore politicians, and brainwashed sheep.

        • Oh! this is depressing – and I thought we had some glimmer at the end of the tunnel here late yesterday in this comment:

          “Some say that white hat Trump and his Surgeon General are moving against Bill-Gates-stoked coronavirus hysteria, lockdowns, and global impoverishment”

          data driven vs models was the key concept – the SG seemed to imply that data driven may save us

          Again, I highly recommend Andrew Kaufman MD link above – highly credentialed, very sober guy – worth going thru a fairly technical but well paced presentation.

          Best part is early: he apologizes to his kids for ignoring them during this high-workload period but then goes on to say: “Well, at least they are playing outside and they know they won’t get sick”

          Also want to speak up for Brazil, Mexico (video posted here last week) and now also it seems India as well “not playing along” – the pandemic in this form seems a Anglo-Euro-(Zio) things almost exclusively. (China ran their own weird show).

          Finally for you rule-of-law types this discussion of the constitutionality of the lock down from the Ayn Rand institute:

          short answer: yes, but the apparently open ended nature of the orders may be legally problematic.

          I think in NJ the stay at home thing is not precisely an order – under penalty of arrest. These guys focus on CA, NY and PA where such sanctions are more in play.

          My fairly unusual circumstances and life style have allowed me to pretty much opt out of the lockdown (I understand few have that option); I am at work as I have been everyday (if not on the road); said hello the Luis the landscaper and headed to a great deli here which is almost business as usual (you can actually step inside!) – some of the staff wearing cotton kerchiefs over their noses … surely some people must be doing that as a goof – as a sort of subtle FU – I hope so. Dr Kaufman remarks on the utter absurdity of thinking those mostly dust-grade masks provide any protection whatsoever.

          • @regretLeft- Good to hear about Brazil, Mexico and India. I’m surprised to hear about Mexico, maybe that’s a change? I’m only saying that b/c I watched a video with DollarVigilante (guy named Jeff, totally gets the plot), who is down in Mexico, and he showed a video where he was driving w/someone and they get stopped by guys in hazmat gear taking their temperatures, etc.

            • My assertion about Mexico is based on just one video posted here – Apr 9 – Lugenpresse – down near the bottom of the comments LeadPipeDreams (embedded? – can’t get to a url).

              But now that you mention it – yes – the report in the video states that it is the Mexican President who is attempting to shutdown the hysteria and end the lockdown.He is shown pressing the flesh (no masks) meeting with admiring supporters. It goes on to say that players in some of the Mexican States are resisting those efforts. Your video may reflect that.

              I have observed and noted here the remarkable air of ease and lack of masks among local Mexicans (and Central Americans as well likely) often in the same space as anglos – very strange indeed.

              But just this week the Mexican construction worker guys all seem to wearing (probably just) dusk masks – they rarely did previously despite working in extremely dusty environments. Probably mandated by (the state?) and supervisors just to make the disconnect not look so TOTALLY obvious!

              Many of your links seem to pass over the same ground re: the nature of viruses and related microbiology – from sllghtly different standpoints. That’s a good way to bolster veracity and our non-specialist confidence levels in calling BS on this.

              Dr Kaufman is making pretty much the same case; perhaps in a more specific and technical way; I do think his medical mainstream credentials add greatly to those confidence levels.

              Way back at the start there was a video, linked here of course, in German from a respected German virologist calling BS. Why is this content (It’s not only here) not producing “hey-wait-a-moment” responses from more people… it makes me crazy.

              But do please all watch your anger levels! – That British guy in the video you posted is jumping out of his skin! … he is doing himself – his health – no favors!

              Whistle a happy tune or something … oh right, that’s something we don’t do any more … whistle, sing, play musical instruments (apologies to hold outs!) … I Hear America Singing … oh! if only.

              I have just heard of the death of a colleague’s 93 yr old mother in a long term care facility – not ambulatory – they had apparently let her languish prone for many days in bed – her daughter not allowed in to pester them – – that stresses failing organs … check! – another Covid19 victim.

      • Yup, that British guy ‘jumping out of his skin’…at least he saved his kids from the outburst…ha. Tho it probably would’ve been better if he didn’t go from being cooped up in the house to cooped up in the car. Seems like some fresh air, would have helped, in his case.
        Some here said they were getting depressed…To bring a smile, and the glimmer of hope some are after…just read as I did – and then was really shocked (but in the best way😊) when I had a look at Bill Gates’s Instagram page (I don’t have an account but I was still able to read a lot of the comments). At the time there were about 200,000 comments!!!…with accusations that they were deleting lots more of them. Just about every comment I read were of the “FU & F your Vaccine….I do not consent!!!!!” variety….haaaa!! They really didn’t hold back! Faith in humanity restored while reading them. Now it’s time to act, folks. I’m in CA (San Jose area)…time to get outside, and show how serious we are about being free!!! (Don’t tell me you haven’t had enough had enough time at home to make a sign…haa). I’m thinking around apr 25th?? Pls do it, in your respective towns!!!

  2. Here is another video Fauci sponsoring Chinese biolab in Wuham to develop virus with 3.7 millions dollars. It’s always cheeper in China in USA would cost 4 billion !

  3. This “scam-demic” has forced me to seek alternative sources for info regarding what a virus really is, and can it be as lethal and contagious as the propagandist and their lackey doctors/scientist tell us. What I found from doctors/scientist who are not part of “team propaganda” was amazing. A couple of good articles for those who are questioning the shut down of the entire global economy over a supposed cold bug.
    “The Deception of Virology & Vaccines | Why Coronavirus Is Not Contagious”

    The normies have swallowed this scam hook, line, and sinker. Fear rules the day, and shows how successful their propaganda campaign has been. Fools walking around in totally ineffective mask, scared to death when anyone gets within 6 feet of them. God help us all.


      “The Chinese in particular appear to have faked the virus, as they have neither isolated, photographed or biochemically and structurally characterized it, nor have they or world scientists subjected it to peer review.”–scientific fraud all over the place!!!

      And, yes, after I woke up to the HIV/AIDS scam, I’ve questioned what a virus really is too. I’ve come to the conclusion that everything they’ve told us about viruses is a lie (yes the medical establishment/medical mafia really is that corrupt).

      Some good info here:

      Book- Virus Mania. Avian Flu (H5N1), Cervical Cancer (HPV), SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio- How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits at Our Expense

      Medical researcher, Janine Roberts writes about scientific fraud in virology, polio and HIV in her book Fear of the Invisible:
      A good summary of her book is here:

      “We have been taught to greatly fear viruses, yet scientists have long known that these are fundamental parts of life, made by the millions by all healthy cells…Cells naturally produce viral-like particles without being invaded, both when healthy and sick…It now seems that we may have misconceived the virus; that most of them could well be simply inert messages in envelopes carried from cell to cell…We need to know if a poisoned cell may produce unhealthy messengers or viruses…Research indicates that cellular stress, illness or malnourishment often precedes the production of viruses rather than the reverse…. As we have seen, no virus has ever been isolated directly from a sick patient’s cells. Since ‘scientists have long known that the guaranteed way to make cells produce viruses in the laboratory, including flu and measles virus, is not primarily by getting them infected, but by exposing them to stress and toxins’

      The Viral (Infectious Disease and Epidemic) Fear Racket

    • Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains the scientific fraud going on here:

      With the first video posted on that thread, there is a video recommended by “Mamboni” (a medical doctor), who explains it for those who don’t have the time to watch the entire thing. It’s basically all about exosomes. Dr. Kaufman says what they found is not a virus, but an exosome, which is released by cells when cells are exposed to toxins. This information fits with the paragraph I highlighted from Janine Roberts’ book “Fear of the Invisible,” where in the last sentence it talks about how scientists have long known that they way to get cells to produce viruses in the lab is by exposing them to toxins.

      IMO, it sure looks like everything they’ve ever told us about viruses is a lie. And I’ve researched this quite extensively. Though I do believe TPTB have the capability of producing bioweapons (like they did with Lyme), I’m not sure they can to this with viruses at all.

      Many years ago, I read by book by Leonard Horowitz on viruses and for a while I was convinced that HIV and Ebola were bioweapons. I also recall Dr. Rebecca Carley warning about him and his info, since he’s a member of one of the secret societies. I’ve since done more research and completely woken up to the HIV scam, and I have serious doubts about everything about Ebola because they have been caught faking it in many locations. In Liberia, they caught men putting formaldehyde in the water, which made people sick and then it was declared they had Ebola (when they were actually sick from being poisoned). And a woman from Ghana wrote an article posted at globalresearch claiming that Ebola was fake and that it was being used to bring troops from the US into the country. At this point, I actually think that everything we’ve been told about Ebola and other “scary” viruses, is just fear porn and propaganda to get us to believe it when they fake it. (I think that if they had the technology to release a deadly virus on us they would have done it–they fake it b/c they don’t have the technology- just my take on this)

      Here’s more on how they were faking things:

      • Rockefeller medicine school in the end, good old Rockenfeld(the area in germany they came from) snakesoil salesmen, covering their snakeoil with endless causal chains to show proofs(on topic virus).

        Stefan Lanka got some good presentations too, and on his example you see how his reputation got destroyed in germany. Anyone daring to touch or deny germ theory in public wont have a happy life.

      • That would explain why they are trying so hard to keep this scam going. Has anyone else noted the rash of “we can get through this together” commercials that are now flooding the air waves, pushing the “shelter in place” and “social distancing” bullshit? Who are the people filming these commercials? I thought all filming was shut down due too the Cornyvirus. Is it a new Lookout Mountain type gov. run studio.

        Also, have you noticed the so called “medical professionals” are the new hero’s in America. War on Terror fighters(military personnel)to the back of the bus, there’s a new group of “hero’s” in town.

        If you can get through this commercial without losing your lunch, you’re a better person than me!! All hail propaganda!!

        • @Johnny- YES!!! I’ve noticed those sickening PSAs too–they are trotting out their hollywood whores to pacify the sheep as they set us up for slaughter. Absolutely DISGUSTING!! Also, I’ve noticed a new one: “One World, At Home Together”–apparently some sickening Disney thing they are going to put on all the networks. Looks like they are going for the whole one world govt.

  4. On a slightly positive note (though not really b/c it’s too late), Sean at SGT report (with his 500k+ subscribers) is finally waking up from his Q-cult trance, and realizing that Trump is not working to magically save us. Sean had John Titus of y/t BestEvidence (extremely rational and reality based guy) on his show, and at 14 min, Sean disputes the idea that Trump, who he still likes (?!?!?!), is allowing this (the destruction of the economy) to happen in order to make deep state arrests, and then he even flashes on the screen a couple of the Q-cult youtubers who have been promoting this nonsense.

    The REAL WAR Has ALWAYS Been The Bankers VS. Humanity — John Titus

    Titus, always the rational one, said he knew there would be no arrests years ago b/c the rule of law is dead (see his y/t “The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime”). Titus also calls out the Q-cult BS about Trump bankrupting/taking over the Fed. So far, haven’t heard any apology from Sean @ SGT for promoting this Q BS for years!!!

    Also, I’ve noticed the WHORES on the weaponized MSM (MSNBC) are already forecasting that there is going to be a second wave of the fake virus. Ziohedge has a story about second wave in China in the fall. I’m thinking that when they bring the fake virus back a second time then maybe that’s when they will tighten the noose even more.

    In the Dean Koontz book from 1981, it talked about a sickness coming in 2020 and then leaving and then coming back again…so maybe that’s the plan:

    The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz (1981)

    “In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe , attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later and then disappear completely.”
    “They call the stuff “Wuhan 400” because it was developed at their RNA labs outside the city of Wuhan and it was the 400th viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at that research center.”

    Rapper in 2013 released a song called Pandemic, which predicts the coronavirus pandemic with eerie precision. Lyrics at 1:08: “2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stackin'”. Video depicts a post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by a virus

    • I still feel this “virus” outbreak was used to mask the devastating effects 5G/sever air pollution is having on the human populations. My post on another site.

      American captains of industry have done no studies examining the effects of 5G radiation on the human body and are moving ahead full speed with 5G install and testing during the CV lock down. Although many health experts are screaming at the top of their lungs for such testing, it never was done nor will be done.
      I imagine the same can be said of Huawei and China.

      As you know, the CV “pandemic” started in China mere weeks after the complete roll-out of 5G in Wuhan. Was CV just a scapegoat to cover the devastation being caused by 5G as so many health experts have warned us about? Another factor to consider would be the extreme levels of air pollution in Wuhan. Personally I think the CV pandemic was rolled out to hide the devastation caused by those 2 factors alone.

      So is Huawei, like any other global corporation about too admit it has created a Frankenstein type monster for which it could be sued out of existence, OR, will it, along with its global partners do all they can to shift the blame on some mythical virus.

      If I am wrong, we will all live in a Brave New World fueled by 5G. If I am right, we will all suffer sever health problems and die in a Brave New World fueled by 5G.

      Only time will tell.

      P.S. – This would also explain why they claim this “virus” will be forever with us and reoccurring in mutated forms.

      • Have you seen this 10 minute vid about 5g Johnny? Anecdotally, I remember an article interviewing devin mccourty talking about how he’s never been on a team in his career that had more illness in one season. He’s a player on the New England Patriots, which was one of 12 “pilot” nfl locations that ran 5g last year. The lugenpress CBC, apparently the Canadian equivalent/ little brother of the disgusting British BBC, ran a hilarious “debunking” article about this video- their source for the debunking? ONE other doctor who disagrees with the premise of the video. Then after that, of course they go after the guy himself in classic character assassination mode. I’ll link both because the debunking article is prototypical crime syndicate mouthpiece behavior and then people can decide for themselves. Cheers

      • @Johnny- Yes, though I haven’t had time to do much research, I’ve heard all the warnings about health problems.

        Also, on toxic air pollution, yes, Jon Rappoport posted on the extremely toxic air in Wuhan, which was making people sick long before the alleged virus showed up:
        And I’ve also heard the same about Northern Italy, where they were allegedly hardest hit: And here more on air pollution and the alleged virus cases:

        Back to 5G, in addition to health problems, I’ve also seen some frightening info on 5G from Dean Henderson of lefthook blog, which has since been taken down. I’ve searched all over the internet for his articles, but it looks like nobody picked them up. Anyway, he had some frightening articles that I thought were really “out there” but now I’m not so sure and I’m thinking he might be right. His warnings were actually about TPTB planning to microchip us, so that the cryptoblockchain digital currency was in our hand and that it would INTERACT with 5G (!?!?). I’m pretty sure in James Corbett’s “Corona World Order” there was something called “BioChip” (?) that talked about interacting with the internet (I forget the phraseology)–I tried to go back and find the spot in the video, but couldn’t find it, and no time to listen to the whole thing again, but that’s where I recall seeing it.

        All of this reminds me of Alex Jones’ documentary “End Game,” which I thought was really good until the end, which seemed “out there” but now I’m not so sure. He talked about the ruling elite psychopaths wanting to merge man and machine (transhumanism), and I thought that sounded insane. But then I recently watched a video with a former FEMA woman (Celeste ?) and she seemed to be warning of the same thing, and there was a screen shot of a Time magazine cover with the back of a human head being plugged into something. At this point, I think the ruling elite are insane predatory psychopaths, so I think anything is possible.

        Also, it would be great if someone could find Dean Henderson’s posts on 5G–I’ve seen some youtubes with him are still out there, but I haven’t had time to listen. Dean also warned about a company called Serco, which Jason Goodman has also been talking about (very dirty, evil, behind the scenes company).

      • Totally agree–stopped listening to him as soon as he pushed that Q crap! Same for Dave @x22–I think he’s even worse than Sean, and he has the same amount of followers. These people were supposed to be on our side, but instead of that they’ve been pushing that Q psyop that lulled morons into complacency!!! (as far as I’m concerned these people are the enemy too)

  5. I’m starting to wonder if they are killing people are purpose to increase their numbers:
    (in the UK there were also stories of pressuring the elderly to sign DNRs)

    At the link below, I posted a video with a doctor in NY saying something about how they are bringing doctors from far away who don’t know what they are doing and that people are getting killed (!!!). Also,at the link are a couple of posts suggesting that some of these powerful antivirals could end up killing people like the elderly with other health issues. One of the posts if from Rappoport–he also did another one (that I couldn’t find) specifically on Ribavirin, suggesting that that particular drug might be killing people.

    • as to DNRs and “pressuring” … pretend it’s two months ago: there is nothing wrong per se with DNRs … they form the core of a “Living Will” … what is crazy and, in a sense, wrong is feeding tubes and respirators for 90 yr olds – that is, aggressive medical intervention to keep someone alive. But hospitals and MDs are required by law to do just that unless a DNR is in place (and is accessible to them at the critical time). Everyone over 50 should have a Living Will – it is, ultimately, a way of accepting one’s own mortality. But people are reluctant to do that; so yes, if you go into a hospital at 75 with a heart attack there probably is some pressuring … on the family at least.

      Of course, plenty of grey area: 60 yr old for an appendectomy vs 60 yr old for risky open heart surgery. The calculation runs something like this: what is the expected outcome of aggressive resuscitation in terms of post intervention quality and duration of life.

      I suspect you know this; and it’s not two months ago; and all sorts of abuses and violations of best-interests-of patients and informed decision are taking place. Particularly in that execrable British NHS.


      Meanwhile that Brabantian commentor who I thought gave us some shred of hope yesterday has not chimed in today; I wonder why.

      The terminology is not clear to me yet… was referring to Trump as a possible “white hat” a “Trumptard” thing to say?

      • You asked: “The terminology is not clear to me yet… was referring to Trump as a possible “white hat” a “Trumptard” thing to say?”

        Answer: Yes

  6. Billy Graham Bullshit Hospital Sunday April 12, 2020
    absolutely NOTHING going on (check out his channel, he also went to Javitz center–nothing)

    Thought this was interesting, investigative journalist Henry Vox talking about how the most powerful tool in the toolkit of the ruling elite is the ability to declare pandemics, because it allows them to enact curfews and quarantines, and to have total control over the population. He warns that if mass protests ever broke out in the US, the ruling elite would bring Ebola here, so they would have justification to crack down on the population. He takes out a Rockefeller document, which I’ve seen many reference, and reads some of it.

    Investigative journalist Harry Vox filmed 2014

  7. Yesterday I went to see the Mercy military ship hospital in Pier 90 NYC. The ship is there, but never saw patient as one soldier in locked entrance to the ship told me. Hospitals in NYC like Lenox Hill 77 street and 14 st.,Sinai hospital, Billy Graham tent hospital, Emergency in Javits center empty, I did not see any patient coming in. Ambulances on the streets empty on parking lots. The whole thing is kosher hoax.

    • I just tried to post the information above on Ron Once a Jew Always a Jew Unz’s article “American Pravda: Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowarfare Blowback?” and he wouldn’t allow it!!! Ron Unz only allows comments that support the “scary virus” BS narrative!! Ron is working to support the BS narrative that is being used as justification for economic warfare on the working people of the world!! Ron Unz is working to help the jew central bankers enslave humanity.

  8. I’ve been dropping links to this book all over the internet, and now it’s gone:

    Book- Virus Mania. Avian Flu (H5N1), Cervical Cancer (HPV), SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio- How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits at Our Expense

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