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Five Archetypes of a Society in Collapse – Coronavirus Edition

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What better time than Day 27 of California’s f’ing COVID-19 lock down to revisit a timeless trope. Way back in June of 2012, Mike Adams of Natural News wrote a classic post describing the five dominant personalities you’ll encounter in a world gone mad. Does it get much crazier than this?

“What the heck is going on with our world?” Adams wrote. “Why are people such lying betrayers? Why do the most evil people rise to the top. Why are homeless zombies eating human flesh?”

All are still good questions. We would add: If people are being threatened with arrest for being outside, then why are prisoners being released onto the streets?

The County of Los Angeles, for example, released 25 percent of its prison population during the last couple of weeks in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among inmates. However, there are now concerns about a potential crime wave. Gosh, yah think?

Meanwhile, a man at Los Angeles’ famed Malibu Beach was arrested last week for paddle boarding all alone about 50 yards offshore. An L.A. County Lifeguard boat, an L.A. Sheriff’s patrol boat, at least three L.A. Sheriff deputies and at two Malibu Police patrolmen were on the scene to round up this dangerous rebel. Really. Sh*t you not. Be sure to watch with sound.

Adams wrote that in answering such mad-world questions, he had assembled the five archetypes of a society in collapse.

These are the five dominant personalities he saw around us back then. I still see them around us right now — perhaps even more so.

• Zombies
• Deniers
• Schemers
• Sociopaths
• Protectors


Zombies are the brain dead masses, the TV-watching fluoride heads who believe the mainstream media and dutifully vote for the next globalist puppet president. They live their lives without consciousness or awareness, sleepwalking through day after day, job after job, drinking diet soda and eating GMO.

Most zombies are incapable of holding down paying jobs, although a few have managed to find employment at the local DMV. The lower strata of zombies tend to be unemployed and even homeless, wandering the streets and snorting “bath salts” designer drugs that make them want to snack on each other’s flesh.

When not snarling at police and barbecuing their best friends, these zombies are frequently panhandling at street intersection, holding signs that read, “Out of work. God bless” or whatever text best works to get them more money for booze and drugs. Years ago, their signs read, “Hope and Change.” Change did come, of course, but not the kind of change they had hoped for.

An ‘anti-fascist’ protestor (C) confronts a man said to be antagonizing them after multiple people were stabbed during a clash between ‘neo-Nazis’ holding a permitted rally and ‘counter-protestors’ on Sunday at the state capitol in Sacramento, Calif., June 26, 2016. PHOTO: Max Whittaker/REUTERS

The Zombie population is rapidly growing in America, thanks to the economic implosion and the continued assault on cognitive sanity via chemicals found in food, water, air and medicine. Many gun owners are locking and loading with Hornady’s “ZombieMax Ammo” in preparation for the coming Zombie apocalypse. Remember: If it’s eating the face off another person, it’s okay to shoot it.

Summary of the Zombie Archetype
Cognitive capabilities: Insane.
Moral compass: Non-existent.
Desired agenda: Self-entertainment.
Worships: Nothing.
Typical dress: Rags.
When you’re not looking, they will: Eat your face.


With slightly more cognitive capability than Zombies, Deniers are the functional but ignorant masses who live out their meaningless lives in total denial of reality. They can still manage to hold down jobs and even dress themselves, so most Deniers are middle-class working people you might find employed at the local Wal-Mart, insurance company or TSA hub. Unlike Zombies, Deniers can speak in partial sentences and order from fast food menus. (“Idiocracy” speak.)

Astonishingly, Deniers watch network news and literally believe what they are watching. To the Deniers, there are no “conspiracies.” All governments are good. Drug companies are trying to help people, not exploit them for profit. U.S. Senators are “honorable” and the War on Drugs is a huge success!

Millennial Vote 2016

Deniers believe there is no such thing as black market organ trafficking, child sex slave trafficking in the USA, child kidnapping by CPS workers, or government-run false flag attacks on civilian populations. Deniers are completely unaware that U.S. troops literally help grow the opium crops in Afghanistan, that vaccines are laced with cancer-causing stealth viruses, or that the so-called “fluoride” dumped into the municipal water supply is actually a deadly cocktail of industrial chemicals and neurotoxic heavy metals.

Deniers like to think of themselves as “trendy” and they worship trendy pop culture figures like Steve Jobs. Deniers are driven primarily by the desire to be assimilated into the group think by speaking, behaving and even dressing exactly like everyone else around them. Their need for social acceptance outweighs their need for critical thinking. To them, individuation is horrifying.

As a result, Deniers have become surprisingly competent at burying their heads in the sand and pretending no problems exist, even while they are being soft-killed by the governments and corporations all around them. What, me worry? What global debt Ponzi scheme? What national debt? What Fukushima fallout? Look, another football game is on! Another TV show is on! My girlfriend is texting me! Who has time for reality when living in a delusional world is so entertaining and trendy?

Summary of the Denier Archetype
Cognitive capabilities: Medium-Low.
Moral compass: Malleable. Does whatever the group tells them.
Desired agenda: Get along and fit in. Be popular.
Worships: Material wealth. Fashion. Cars.
Typical dress: Business casual.
When you’re not looking, they will: Spread false gossip about you.


Fox News chyron labels Michael Avenatti 'creepy porn lawyer ...
‘Creepy porn lawyer’ Michael Avenatti

Sociopaths are the heavy-metals-poisoned, brain-fried human monsters who rage through society, threatening others, running scams and committing fraud. They are the quacks, the hucksters, and the killers. In the medical industry, they’re the doctors who enjoy delivering electroshock therapy to children. In the dental industry, they’re the dentists who put patients under with anesthesia and then rape them in their chairs. In the natural health industry, they’re the hollow-eyed monsters selling toxic “miracle” products that poison your brain with aluminum or mercury.

Do not confuse Sociopaths with Zombies. Sociopaths are usually brilliant wordsmiths and often acquire powerful skills of social influence. Many are even able to attract a kind of cult following, which they often exploit for their own mass death agendas (Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Marshall Applewhite, etc).

Sociopaths are completely incapable of feeling remorse, compassion, guilt or shame. This allows them a surprising tactical advantage for gaining power in both the corporate and government worlds, where being a backstabbing psychopath is the fastest way to get ahead. This is why Sociopaths often rise to the top of government agencies and globalist corporations.

Here’s House Speaker and U.S. Senator Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco, Calif.) on Feb. 24 encouraging people to visit San Francisco’s China Town district. We later learned that at the time of this press event, there were two known cases of community spread of coronavirus in the South Bay Area.

Sociopaths are fantastic liars. They lie just as easily as putting on a pair of socks in the morning. They lie so well that they often fool themselves into thinking they are telling the truth. Their lies are skillfully woven around a tiny shred of proof to make them believable. Sociopaths believe that whatever they say becomes reality merely because they say it. Weak-willed people are easily fooled into thinking that sociopaths are “gurus” or prophets.

Jeffrey Epstein with Bill Clinton

Roughly 4% of the U.S. population are sociopaths. There’s even a book written about this: The Sociopath Next Door.  It says:

In The Sociopath Next Door, Harvard psychologist Martha Stout reveals that a shocking 4 percent of ordinary people — one in twenty-five — has an often undetected mental disorder, the chief symptom of which is that that person possesses no conscience. He or she has no ability whatsoever to feel shame, guilt, or remorse. One in twenty-five everyday Americans, therefore, is secretly a sociopath. They could be your colleague, your neighbor, even family. And they can do literally anything at all and feel absolutely no guilt.

How do we recognize the remorseless? One of their chief characteristics is a kind of glow or charisma that makes sociopaths more charming or interesting than the other people around them. They’re more spontaneous, more intense, more complex, or even sexier than everyone else, making them tricky to identify and leaving us easily seduced. Fundamentally, sociopaths are different because they cannot love. Sociopaths learn early on to show sham emotion, but underneath they are indifferent to others’ suffering. They live to dominate and thrill to win.

Sociopaths are found everywhere. Bad cops are Sociopaths with a badge. Many regulations agencies are staffed with power-tripping Sociopaths who get off on the misuse of their power (TSA being the classic example).

Sociopaths almost always have a history of child abuse, and/or mutilating small animals.

Summary of the Sociopath Archetype
Cognitive capabilities: High.
Moral compass: Chaotic. Varies wildly from saintly to demonic.
Desired agenda: Mass death.
Worships: Himself.
Typical dress: “New Agey” or ragged clothing.
When you’re not looking, they will: Molest your daughter.


New York Sen. Chuck Schumer

Schemers are plotting mid-level minions (and sometimes high-level achievers) who make up the bulk of government, finance and war industries. These are the people who scam you out of your pensions, steal trillions through the criminally-run banking system, bribe their way into positions of influence and often end up running the world’s most powerful organizations right alongside Sociopaths. You’ll find them at the top of drug companies, weapons manufacturers, spy grid technology giants and of course governments.

Schemers are different from Sociopaths in that Schemers are not insane… they’re just evil. They tend to be very intelligent, very well educated (Harvard, Yale, etc.) and extremely well-connected into the corporate and government elitist circles. Their code of ethics only applies to their own family members, but anyone outside their immediate family is fair game for scams, threats and even murders. Organized mobs and Chicago-style gangs are all led by high-level Schemers.

Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn, left, and his longtime friend and boss, CEO Lloyd Blankfein. PHOTO: Natalie Behring/Reuters

Today, Schemers run the worlds of banking and finance. Bilderbergers are Schemers. The Fed is run by Schemers. They will introduce new products that kill your babies if it earns them an extra nickel on their share price. Schemers routinely conduct insider trading scams to steal money from honest investors. Enron was run entirely by Schemers.

Schemers will exploit loopholes, flaunt the law, conspire with others and then stab them in the back after their usefulness is spent. Virtually all politicians are schemers. Eric Holder is a classic Schemer, as was Clinton. All high-level members of secret societies are schemers. The Rockefellers, Gates and the so-called “global elite” are all schemers. The world is dominated by schemers because they plan ahead, they conspire, they work in darkness, and they relentlessly seek power and control. Schemers are experts at manipulating Deniers and encouraging Sociopaths.

Summary of the Schemer Archetype
Cognitive capabilities: High.
Moral compass: Loyal to blood and family, cares nothing about everyone else.
Desired agenda: Total domination by any and all means.
Worships: Power and control, weird rituals, occult symbolism, money.
Typical dress: $2,000 business suit.
When you’re not looking, they will: Steal your pension.


Protectors are the honest citizens in society; the people who actually give a damn about others. They are the truth seekers and truth-tellers. They know the difference between wrong and right, and when they see something wrong, they actively seek to expose it.

Protectors are the modern-day info-warriors; the defenders of the village. They are the liberty movement advocates, the whistleblowers and the independent thinkers.

Protectors are also preparedness strategists. They enjoy being safe and well prepared for an unknown future. They help protect their children, their families, and sometimes their entire communities from uncertainty. They are survivors.

The Forrestal Diaries by James ForrestalProtectors are long-term thinkers who want to leave behind a better world for their children. They advocate total transparency in government and fight for honest labeling of GMO foods. They’re strong advocates for true environmental protection, and they fight against criminal corporations. They demand accountability from others just as they do from themselves.

Protectors are loyal friends, capable defenders of life and property, and often surprisingly well versed in realms of spirituality, ethics and practical life skills. Many Protectors are members of churches or spiritual organizations, but they may also be journalists, self defense instructors, truck drivers or open-source technology advocates.

Beware of false Protectors who are actually Sociopaths pretending to be Protectors. Many Schemers also attempt to act like Protectors by running non-profits and foundations that are actually designed to further dominate humanity.

Only about 2% of the population are true Protectors. You can’t normally identify them until they are tested in a real crisis.

Summary of the Protector Archetype
Cognitive capabilities: Varies widely.
Moral compass: Follows the Golden Rule. Often has a religious background. Strong moral compass, strong sense of identity, purpose and self esteem.
Desired agenda: Ending suffering. Restoring liberty, justice, peace.
Worships: A universal force of good: God, karma or other spiritual force.
Typical dress: Varies widely.
When you’re not looking, they will: Secretly donate food to the local food bank

20 Comments on Five Archetypes of a Society in Collapse – Coronavirus Edition

  1. Good stuff, although I’m skeptical that JFK was a protector – I think in reality he was actually more of a schemer.

    I also think there should be some sort of separate category for the Rothschild-type of ZioFascist tribal members – certainly they fit the schemer archetype, but they really span the sociopath/psychopath/schemer continuum.

    Look at the core beliefs of the Chabad-Lubavitchers – religious-based world domination is their end goal.

    I mean, c’mon, these people dominate the most important institutions that impact us all every day of our lives – government, the justice systems, finance, the MIC, etc. etc.

    • I have never figured out the worship of JFK, as it turns out he was the ultimate UN promoter and believer in a socialist new world order. For people who doubt me, please study PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act /State Department Publication No.7277.
      The subversion of our constitution started by George Washington himself, before said constitution was even ratified.

      • The criminal bootlegger’s son only won the presidency because 2 million dead Illinoisans voted for him. And then he has a crisis of conscience and joins the good guys? Please, tell me another story, uncle samuel… In your face propaganda, if you can take off your pajamas long enough to think critically. Otherwise, he’s a legendary freedom fighter.

  2. I’m thinking “Divergent” here….Zombies being the outcast factionless types, Sociopaths being Erudite, Protectors being Dauntless mixed with Amity, Schemers being Dauntless, Deniers being Amity, and then there is Candor (truth-tellers)…me I am candor mixed with dauntless (fearless of their nonsense) and amity. Politically, I am factionless, not choosing a side as both sides are just tools of the psychos. Anyway, I don’t exactly trust Mike Adams either…his ZioShillery and all.

    • So I guess Candor mixed with dauntless and amity are the Protectors. forgot to mention that. As for sociopaths, they are actually psychopaths intermixed in society and a step down (or up as some would say) from narcissists.

    • > I don’t exactly trust Mike Adams either…his ZioShillery and all.

      Yeah – Natural News is likely a limited hangout. But the truths they occasionally reveal are useful nonetheless, as long as one keeps things in context.

      • He’s certainly captured, maybe he doesn’t know it, although that’s a hard sell, but MAYBE he’s unknowingly serving the syndicate as a controlled opposition. I personally don’t think so. He’s sharp enough that he’d eventually stumble onto the subject of the 800 pound gorilla if he was actually a well-intentioned useful idiot. His last name is Adams, after all. It doesn’t matter though, either way. Try to discern the truth and disregard the lies. Regardless of the media source, ‘revelation of the method’ has to happen. It’s a rule even the evil side must obey, although they obviously try to obfuscate their message using symbols, legalese, nlp, etc and the plausible deniability that hollywood uses under the aegis of making ‘art’. But truth abounds and it’s our responsibility to seek it, just absorb it all with a grain of salt. If you took Mr. Adams’ reporting as gospel, you’d have been geared up for Armageddon 5 years ago thinking Chinese invasion was imminent.

  3. Jesus narrowed it down to 2 groups: the wheat & the tares (those who are with Him & those who are against Him).

    • Yes, I would say Mike Adams is now working for the other side, pushing the fear porn just like the MSM. And I think he even came out and attacked David Icke and Dr. Andrew Kaufman (he goes over the scientific fraud in what we’ve been told: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=4sHqJaSZvHs&feature=emb_logo

      I’ve been suspicious of Mike Adams for a while and haven’t paid him much attention. Back during the Epstein drama, he did not let me post my comment about the possible fakery in the staged death (my comment included links to Rappoport suggesting a fictional scenario with a double being arrested and links to this site), which told me all I needed to know about him.

      • I am sure most everyone is familiar with fallacy of origin? It holds that legitimate commentary is not necessarily invalid because it comes from a dicey source. Fallacious argument is a hallmark at Reddit, usually prefaced by So and so, don’t need to read further. We were trolled incessantly by a posse employing this ruse there.

        We remind readers that the article is not about Michael Adams or an endorsement of the man. His terms and language were spot on, and we weren’t inclined to just steal them without attribution.

  4. Some say that white hat Trump and his Surgeon General are moving against Bill-Gates-stoked coronavirus hysteria, lockdowns, and global impoverishment

    Bill Gates is spending hundreds of millions of his Foundation dollars to develop vaccines, which he wants the whole world to receive

    Bill Gates wants the world under lockdown, economies destroyed, until his vaccines are ‘ready’

    He wants people to then have a Microsoft-enabled identity passport certifying they have received a Gates vaccine, before they work or travel

    Bill Gates takes credit for pushing US President Trump to cancel a proposed 2017 project under Robert F Kennedy Jr, which would have looked into vaccine safety … Kennedy denouncing Gates as a murderer via vaccines

    World Health Organisation head Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, “worked for years on HIV with the Gates Foundation when Tedros was a government minister in Ethiopia”, and is an agent of Bill Gates in recommending lockdowns and vaccine development

    US coronavirus policy, has been led by two people, both also associated with hundreds of millions of funds from Bill Gates

    Dr Anthony Fauci, a personal holder of vaccine-related patents raising conflict of interest questions, has been involved for many years with Bill Gates and his money, and has recently been Gates’ agent in pushing for vaccines and lockdowns, and trying to denounce virus therapies that do not involve Bill Gates’ vaccines

    “Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) whose ties to all the worst people you can imagine run very, very deep … In 2010, Fauci was named to the Leadership Council of the ‘Decade of Vaccines” Collaboration’, which the World Health Organisation, Fauci’s agency NIAID, UNICEF, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation convened …” and so on in numerous projects down to the present

    The other key US figure on covid-19 policy, is US top health diplomat Dr Deborah Birx, closely advising US Vice President Mike Pence.

    “Deborah Birx Sits on the Board of The Global Fund, which is heavily funded by Bill Gates … The Gates Foundation has contributed US$2.24 billion to the Global Fund to date, and pledged US$760 million for the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment, covering 2020-2022.”

    However, just now:

    “Surgeon General Jerome Adams has effectively announced the U.S. has dumped the models created by the CDC and the WHO — models backed by Bill Gates and forced on the scene by his gatekeepers Fauci [and Birx].

    Given the new data, businesses will begin to re-open as early as May, others in June … This runs contrary to the out-and-out fear-mongering of Dr Fauci and Bill Gates who have made a media tour, threatening the public that businesses may not re-open for six months to a year, or until and unless governments purchase their conveniently patented, big-pharma vaccination.”



    ‘The Dark Truth About Fauci and Birx, Bill Gates And Globalist Elites’

    • This is all excellent – thanks!

      Adhanom is a despicable human being. Why exactly is the sovereign nation of the United States destroying its economy based on this unelected criminal’s recommendations?

  5. “released 25 percent of its prison population” – This has been an agenda that has been lurking quietly from the start. This outcome, sadly, necessarily alludes to African American communities. A group that votes 90% Democratic can be expected to show very little resilience to the current onslaught.

    Since I have previously offered anecdotal observations about the response of Hispanic groups and individuals, perhaps readers may find this report of interest.

    I had my first extended drive today in 3 weeks though local African American communities. Sadly, yes, at least one firm hint of low resilience. Masks – 90% + in use – up from maybe less than 20% 3 weeks ago. People in vehicles; people walking the streets (on this brilliant, brisk spring day). Saw some previously unseen elaborate ones with plastic eye hoods. Curiously, a dozen hispanic men at the casual labor pick up corner – NO masks (African Amer males never join them). 40 Vehicle line up at a Bank ATM Drive-up (very few banks in Af American communities) – an air of tension there and outside a shabby grocery store (tho white males can bring that with them). Has news of impending food shortages hit?

    And here again, a good illustration of competing agendas among the ruling class. African Americans long a client group of the ruling class; an effort to address, if that’s the term, the very high rate of black male incarceration gets added on top of that in this now brute force way. Surely the mass release of often violent (or brutalized-by-prison) offenders is not in the interest of black communities in general. If I were a resident watching a sudden influx of convicted criminals many with “debts” to collect, I’d be pretty tense. But the agenda gets advanced so, we win.

    More sociopathic elements of the ruling glass probably view it as a real windfall opportunity to enhance the chaos quotient that serves their interests.

  6. The whole virus crap is jewish conspiracy, as was 911/2001. Nobody lock the kosher kabal for 9112001,so they continue to work on their plan to wipe us out. Jews from the Bible are Canaanites. The word Canaanite means merchant. Revelation of John states that the God race will be in captivity for the 8th time by 8th beast of merchants. Jews are the merchants of the Earth.
    The kosher Kabal telling the whole world that they are the CHOSEN one. Let me make it clear. Jews never build anything, because they are not capable to build. Jews are not builders, but destroyers,even by their own writing. Wherever they showed up in Europe and elsewhere they have been chased out more than thousand times, or massacred for last 2000 years. So we supost to believe that Egyptians didn’t want to let the jews go from Egypt ???? That would be the only time in history, that someone want to keep the jews. You have 11 books of Old Testament and not one word mention JEW. In 12 book II King 16:6 there is first word jew, but before the word was translated from Judean Hebrew to English always JUDEAN and after II kings 16:6 Jew. So this is FRAUD not mistranslation to deceive us.
    We European Whites are the 12 Tribe of Jacob ISRAEL. IS-means MEN, Ra-rule , El-Elohim – GOD in ancient Hebrew. Our ancestors have benn in Egyptian captivity not the Canaanite jews. Before PASSOVER our ancestors have been lock up in Egypt as is todayin Europe,USA and Australia. We are the sacrificial Lamb. Today is PASSOVER and we are the Lamb, jews are the execution force.
    As GOD said to ISAAC :’You descendants will be called by your name “SAXON” Isaac SONS”.

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