Daniel Pipes Posts Anti-Palestinian Genocidal Billboard Ads in Downtown Tel Aviv

Pipes’ genocidal billboard: 'You only make peace with enemies who have been utterly humiliated.' PHOTO: Richardsilverstein.com

16 February 2020

RICHARD SILVERSTEIN — One of Daniel Pipes‘ affiliate groups, the Israel Victory Projectpaid for skyscraper-size billboards in Tel Aviv featuring images of Mahmoud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh blindfolded, holding a white flag and begging for mercy on their knees, while Israeli helicopter gunships hover over a decimated Palestinian landscape.  The caption is: “You can only make peace with enemies who have been utterly humiliated.”  This may rightly be called a Judeo-fascist version of the Final Solution.

Pipes with fellow Islamophobe-fascist, Geert Wilders

Pipes’ main claim to fame is his founding of the Middle East Forum, a pseudo-academic think tank designed to promote Islamophobia and pro-Israel propaganda.  The IVP website lists Pipes as its founder. He has voiced similarly genocidal views in the past favoring exterminating Gaza unless it ceased terror attacks against Israel.  Pipes also founded Campus Watch, which served as a template for the far more successful Israeli fascist group, Im Tirzu.  That group monitors professors and course curricula that do not adhere to a strictly pro-Israel orientation.  It urges universities to fire professors who cross its red lines.

Tel Aviv’s mayor, Ron Huldai, demanded that the advertising company remove the ads and they were taken down in the middle of the night, to the dismay of Pipes’ group, which promised to bring the case before the Supreme Court. […]

1 Comment on Daniel Pipes Posts Anti-Palestinian Genocidal Billboard Ads in Downtown Tel Aviv

  1. Oh My …!

    Its the brave and daring Daniel Pipes!
    This brings up unpleasant memories!

    Heres the interview of Pipes by “danish” journalist Flemming Rose.

    The just as brave and daring Rose was instrumental in the publishing of Mohammad cartoons in the danish press.
    As that resulted in public mayhem by the neodanish moslems, like burning of cars and other things, it of course had to be repeated by the whole Lugenpresse, to show more braveness, and resulted in even more mayhem in the streets.

    The brave Rose, who happens to be an ukrainian born jew, continues his fight for free speech, which includes the right to “insult and blaspheme”, his exact own words.

    So he has to be guarded by PET agents (police agents), for the rest of his life, a price he is willing to pay, and the taxpayers are paying the bill, willing or not.

    The newest brave and valiant freedom fighter in Denmark is Rasmus Paludan.
    Paludan is a gay lawyer, who, probably because of an accidentally aquired brain damage, says out loud, what other danes might think, but not dare utter in public.

    His public actions of burning Qurans, often after first making them into symbolic baconburgers, have induced more public mayhem from enraged moslems.


    His brave actions required police protection, that cost the public around 25 million Kr, aprox. 4 million Dollars.
    Other sources say 100 million kr., and more, which sounds more likely.

    I recall his demo last year, in Nørrebro (“North Bronx” of Copenhagen, which looks more like Kebabistan nowadays, and includes Somalia Minor).
    I stayed away, but saw the massive police attendance lining up, the choppers, and the smoke.

    He tried to get elected to parliament, but failed.
    And went to Israel.
    They like this gutsy guy down there.
    In typical politician style, he denies ever having personally torched a Quran.

    The police and millitary in Denmark, have 24/7 surveillance of:
    The Synagogue of Copenhagen.
    The israeli embassy.
    A jewish school.
    The Chabad House.(not sure of that one)
    This has cost many hundreds of millions, so regular police work lags far behind.
    But Hey!
    You cant put a price on freedom of speech!

    All in the wake of a terror attack on february the 14th 2015.

    A false flag, deep state terror attack for sure.

    Ole Dammegård, My Hero!
    deconstructs this bullshit, in excellent Sherlock Holmes style.

    Other relevant critical links have disappeared, like Max Igan’s on youtube.

    Our current Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, went to Israel, to celebrate, sorry, to commemorate Auschwitz, and the Holocaust.
    Denmark is sorely lacking holocaust denial laws, and though there is no serious blaspheming or insults taking place here of those events, its better not to take any chances.
    They must be coming up, if current hate crime laws aint enuff to handle dat shit!

    Here she is, the Powdernose Prime:

    Heres the previous Punch and Judy Show Prime Minister, Lars Løkke “The Beergut” Rasmussen:

    We all know, what we cant blaspheme and insult against, for that would be anti …….


    Scroll down, for the offending image!
    Shame on us all!
    Say your sorry bastards!
    Never again!

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