MSG in Chinese food isn’t unhealthy — you’re just racist, activists say

Japanese company Ajinomoto produces MSG seasoning and spice mixes. Despite numerous documented studies indicating that high levels of MSG in food can cause heart palpitations and obesity, the food company's marketing campaign for its US launch of MSG seasoning is to have studies disregarded as a hoax and negative public perception labeled as racist. PHOTO: CNN

By Jessie Yeung | 19 January 2020

CNN — If you’ve heard of the term “MSG,” you might have also heard of its common — but inaccurate — connotations.

For years, monosodium glutamate, a food additive known as MSG, has been branded as an unhealthy processed ingredient mainly found in Chinese food, despite a lack of supporting scientific evidence.
This perception, which activists argue is outdated and racist, is so widespread that the Merriam-Webster dictionary has an entry for the term “Chinese restaurant syndrome” — a type of condition that allegedly affects people eating “Chinese food heavily seasoned with monosodium glutamate,” with symptoms like dizziness and palpitations.
Now, activists have launched a campaign called “Redefine CRS.” Headed by Japanese food and seasoning company Ajinomoto, the online campaign urges Merriam-Webster to change its entry to reflect the scientific consensus on MSG — and the impact of misinformation on the American public’s perception of Asian cuisine. […]

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  1. Look up Excitotoxins (e.g., a book with that title from years ago) if you believe this crap about
    how safe MSG is. (It has always given me and thousands more a headache when consumed in any significant amount.)

  2. My first job, I was employed as a waitress at a Cantonese chinese restaurant. Owned and operated by chinese. They had 5 gallon cans of msg that would be heaped into their food by the spoonful as each dish was prepared. I can remember the owner getting very angry at me for not yelling out “no msg” on orders for those who requested it withheld.

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