IDF Uses Fakery, Psyops to Confuse THE WORLD About What’s Really Going on with Lebanon

IDF staged evacuation of ‘wounded’ troops from APC hit by Hezbollah

Psychological warfare tactic was apparently designed to convince terror group it had retaliated sufficiently for recent Israeli strikes, when in fact it had not caused casualties

By Jacob Magid and Judah Gross | 1 September 2019

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL — The IDF conducted a staged evacuation of “wounded” soldiers from a military vehicle struck Sunday by a Hezbollah anti-tank missile just inside Israel’s border with Lebanon, sources confirmed.

After the armored vehicle was struck Sunday afternoon, the army dispatched a helicopter to the scene and two apparently bleeding and bandaged soldiers were filmed being evacuated.

Lebanese media subsequently began reporting of a successful operation by the terror group, which struck several military targets.

The Iran-backed terror group quickly took responsibility for the missile strikes, saying in a statement that its fighters “destroyed an ‘Israeli’ military vehicle on the Avivim barracks road [in northern Israel] and killed and injured those in it.” Hezbollah even made a point of saying it did not interfere with the medical evacuation operation. […]

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