Jewish Radicals Disrupt Greek Orthodox Pentecost Prayer in Jerusalem, Calling Worshipers ‘Evil’

Border Police officers at the King David Tomb compound, Jerusalem, June 1, 2015. PHOTO: Yair Ettinger/Haaretz

Police were on hand to prevent confrontations as Christian worshipers held an annual Pentecost observance at the presumed site of the Room of the Last Supper, and the presumed Tomb of King David.

By Eetta Prince-Gibson | 21 June 2016

HAARETZ — Religious tensions roiled anew on Mount Zion this week when police detained five of some dozens of enraged Jewish extremists who attempted to disrupt Pentecostal prayers held by hundreds of Greek Orthodox worshipers.

As the Greek Orthodox procession made its way on Monday to the compound that houses the Cenacle, the presumed site of the Room of the Last Supper, and the presumed Tomb of King David, the Jewish demonstrators with flowing ear locks and large knitted yarmulkes screamed, booed and blew shofars at the worshipers.

As the procession made its way up the narrow stairs to the Cenacle, Jewish demonstrators, held back by Border Police and riot control teams, could be heard shouting:  “We will tear down this abomination,” and, “you are evil.”

The procession was led by kuwwas, the traditional guardians of Christian holiness, wearing crimson fez-like hats. They pounded wooden staffs on the ancient stone walkways to make way for the bishop, the head of the local church. […]

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