Tulsi Gabbard and the Democrat Overton Window

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In November 2017, a nationwide gaggle of deep-pocketed Democrat mucky mucks called the “Democracy Alliance” [#Resistance] met at La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Calif., to scheme the groundwork for the 2018 election and beyond. Here’s the brochure for their annual “investment conference” agenda.

There were strong clues at this meeting concerning who would be anointed the Democrat presidential nominee. A keynote event called “A Talk with George Soros” was introduced with a “special videotaped message” by Democrat senator from California Kamala Harris.

Harris is also the anointed one of Clinton mucky muck donors. She’s about as corrupt and nasty as they come.

Leftists and discordians have already demolished the Overton Window and destroyed any semblance of logic. They believe the mockingbird propaganda is telling the truth and that they’ve established a new set of far-left communist/Illuminist narratives along with anti-white racism, political correctness, safe spaces and echo chambers, along with using Marxist tactics whereby they disparage anyone who disagrees with them by using key negative connotations. It’s basically a wet dream of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

The Zionist capture is so pervasive that U.S. Speaker of the House Hoyer and 41 Democrats will visit Israel on an AIPAC-affiliated junket that violates the “spirit as well as the letter of the law.”

Tulsi Gabbard

It is pretty obvious that Gabbard has traction and has laid some blows. Yet she is struggling to qualify for the next narrowed down debate. One of the qualifiers was 130,000 donors. Yours truly contributed $19 to this effort last week, which she cleared. On Saturday, Aug. 3, this email arrived:

Aloha Russell —

My team just told me that our campaign has blown past the 130,000 unique donor threshold to qualify for the September debates and with your help, we can build on this momentum and pass 150,000 donors this weekend!

In just 24 hours we have:

  • Had our biggest fundraising day of the campaign
  • Crossed the 130,000 unique donor threshold, with more than 1000 donors from over 30 states
  • For the second time, become the most googled candidate of my debate

Then, on Tuesday, Aug. 6, another email arrived that has me scratching my head.

Now we need three more qualifying polls of 2% or more to land Tulsi on that debate stage. To ensure our voice and message is heard, please take the time to answer if you receive a call from a pollster or are presented with an online poll. As a reminder only YouGov and SurveyMonkey online polls are qualifying.

Here’s the full list of ways you can increase your chances of being selected for a debate-qualifying poll:

  1. Take our debate survey now and be sure to keep answering additional surveys if prompted afterwards
  2. Sign up for YouGov and take a few surveys with them
  3. If you are called from an unknown number, remember that it could be a pollster. If you are selected to participate in a poll, make sure to specify if you’re a registered Democrat or leaning Democrat and that you plan to vote for Tulsi in the primary election

So how does this work? She has well over 130,000 unique donors, and can’t register over 2% in polls among Democrat voters? Really? Something stinks in Denmark. Even in national polls, she’s at 1%.

And now we learn of more dirty tricks as Tulsi’s National Guard unit is being shipped to Indonesia for two weeks of training.

Unfortunately she has cornered herself at being truly effective in her Middle East peace message by voting the AIPAC line on the bill forbidding criticism of Israel.

Jimmy Dore does an excellent job of breaking down the treatment of Tulsi Gabbard by the Lugenpresse.

I predict Sanders and Biden will fade. It will be between Warren and Harris. But Warren doesn’t fit the bankster, Soros, Crime Syndicate agenda. She is too anti Federal Reserve and Wall Street watchdog.

I still have doubts that Trump will endure to run for reelection.

Winter Watch Takeaway

In 2012, I wasted emotional energy and some money working for the hapless campaign of Buddy Roemer for the GOP nomination. To my eyes, the two-term governor and six-term congressman from Louisiana was in a different and superior class than the others in the pool. His main issues were money in politics, fair trade and foreign interventions. He was a great old-school stump speaker.

Roemer actually scored 2% or 3% in national polls and was brought on to political talk shows. He received far more respectful media treatment than Gabbard gets now. Yet, he was never invited to a single debate, where I suspect he would have been quite disruptive. He tried unsuccessfully to tap into the Occupy Wall Street zeitgeist of that period, and his use of the term “Goldman Friggin Sachs” probably shut him out.

For those who don’t know who Buddy Roemer was or what he was about, here’s a video. The message still resonates.

That Roemer experience was my wake-up call. I will never treat American politics seriously again. I wasn’t a Trumptard in 2016, and it hurt my readership. Now, proven right- less so.

I’m interested in Tulsi Gabbard in only so much that she could positively influence the Overton Window. But it doesn’t look like even that will be permitted.

Accordingly if you follow partisan politics there will be little from Winter Watch beyond condemnation of the whole corrupt evil process.

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  1. Lots of comments likely being blocked by the WP system here … J word seems a trigger, also if one has several links

    Despite the appeal of Tulsi, some ‘controlled opposition’ indicators –

    In 2015 Tulsi spoke at Christians United for Isra

    In 2016 Tulsi received the Champion of Freedom Award from USA political Rab Shmuley Boteach at the J Values Gala

    Photo of Tulsi with Boteach & Sheldon Adelson’s wife Miriam

    On YT, there is the ‘2020 Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s Message to AJC Global Forum’, Tulsi speaking on how being discriminated against as a Hindu, increased her awareness of the need to ‘fight anti-semitism’,

    Tulsi Gabbard has been a member of the CFR – Council on Foreign Relations, tho her name is newly removed from the CFR member roster online, a large list in alphabetical order, after people called this out

    Internet ‘wayback machine’ at web archive org shows copies of recent older CFR web pages tho, where Tulsi Gabbard was definitely on the official CFR website list

    • Regarding comments being blocked, yours are NEVER blocked by us as the comment mods, you are whitelisted as a valued contributor. If they are being blocked we never even see them. In the old Disqus system good comments would end up in spam, but we aren’t seeing that with the WP moderation system. Of course if that is yet another dirty trick concern we would be interested in an example or two with time if this is going on.

    • I think it is impossible for any American candidate not to deal with Jewish influence groups or muck mucks. It is such a non starter that I don’t automatically dismissed those who make the obligatory appearances or spout the wizardry. I think she goes about as far as she can under the circumstances. Regardless they don’t like her.

    • Controlled opposition is possible but why would they let it sit around long enough to breed discontent against their central tenants? Maybe she is playing the ‘Rand’ game and going along to get along instead of being a thorn outright. Hoping to score some small victories. Who knows, will have to see how it plays out. Though her affiliation with all the wrong people goes back more than just to Trump’s election. Maybe someone tapped her shoulder early on to groom her. Grooming takes several years in DC, look at Castro for example.

  2. Anointed successor to Hillary, has imploded once Tulsi Gabbard reminded minorities that Kamala was a po-po prosecutor … sending 1500 to jail just on mary-jane charges locally whilst Kamala laughs about smoking it, and Kamala supervising the jailing of 120,000 blacks & Latinos all across California when she was AG

    Minorities well understanding that, despite minority crime, prosecutors are generally devious fraud-upon-the-court liars who jail random arrested people for sport and don’t care who is really guilty, part is why minority crime continues … For minorities, a presidential candidate needs to be a ‘community activist’ etc, not a ‘prosecutor’

    It’s notable that despite the fact the Democrats are a minorites-majority party, the 3 candidates having nearly all the poll numbers between them are all older white-ish people – Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders (J of course) & Elizabeth Warren

    It’s almost as if the minorities themselves are drawn to the instinct, that older blanco-ish people are the best, most reliable source of gibs

    Early prediction: The Dems will nominate the youngest of the above 3, Elizabeth Warren, still ‘only’ in her 60s, this also making up for the ‘woman should have won last time’ need, her auntie-grandma aspect a counter to Donald’s persona

    And her running mate will be person of colour, Latino ex San Antonio Texas mayor Julián Castro, married with two kids … VP needs to be minority if top pick is blanco, and Castro is a much smarter choice than the three african-looking guys … for one thing, Castro will help sweep Texas for the Dems and ensure victory against a failed Trump, and Hispanics are more important than for the Dems

    Re the other minority choices, Corey Booker is seen as possibly crypto preferring his own gender, a handicap w minorities, Wayne Messam is too minor & unknown, Yang is wrong group and too residually populist, Tulsi of course too anti-war

    • Cogent analysis. If the old rich white mans party doesn’t include a token minority then Trump will cake walk. If they do, he just needs to bash their economics or make them out as non-populist. We have had several districts flip in Texas in suburb areas that were lean GOP areas but are now lean DEM such as the Houston suburbs. TXGOP even telling some of the state and national reps to resign or not run to save funds in these districts they expect to lose. Enough people from California have migrated here to flip it so it is inevitable.

      As I understand it Yang hasn’t qualified in the polls either. He at least has some original thought (though it doesn’t help our situation) on the populist side and appears intelligent.

      It looks like the DNC is aware of the popular people who haven’t qualified yet and is giving them a small extension. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/07/politics/democratic-debate-october-rules/index.html

      Still much to consider, wait and watch.

  3. “That Roemer experience was my wake-up call. I will never treat American politics seriously again.”

    Been down that road many times in my life as well. Candidates like Tom Tancredo, Ross Perot, Chuck Baldwin, and Ron Paul.

    I have come to accept the fact that nothing will change until both parties are laid low and the whole stinking political system is trashed. The chances of a new political process based on individual rights and natural law coming to pass is nothing more than a pipe dream IMHO. Society is far to lazy and dumbed down to every get involved in the struggle that would be required to bring about such an event. I could be wrong, and I pray that I am.

  4. I have a really bad feeling as to where this is all headed. Trump and the REDpublians are doing nothing to stem this tide. We are truly alone in this fight.

  5. First off, I don’t see her anti war position as having to do with her military background. I see her military background (Which is disingenuous IMO) to stand as an appropriate credential required for a controlled response (Controlled Opposition)
    Most Military Officers, unlike the enlisted grades, and especially Rear Echelon types like her, are career driven. Were there a conscious inside of her, she likely would have never accepted the commission in the first place… She took the job and new very well what it entailed.
    Second, her body language . It reads like she is new to acting and is following a script. All of her movements seem controlled and anticipated. Her eyes are the Tell…they never quite confirm “thought”
    Third, I believe she came from the same Central Casting that brought us Barry and Michael Obama. But in her case, I suspect she will serve as ballast as a VP choice on a Democrat Ticket -Reminiscent of McCain/Palin…Biden/Gabbard….

  6. For me Gabbard is the best US politician we’ve had for generations, if you watch her ‘town hall’ meetings she is very sincere and genuine IMO, I don’t see the fake, insincere stage craft we typically see politicians deploy.
    This current political milieu is about as interesting as US/Democrat politics gets, but it will be over soon and the party machine will be steamrollering out messaging for the chosen one and their sidekick.
    Gabbard is getting a lot of airtime on Fox News and quite a supportive ear there, which is interesting as CNN, MSNBC etc are being spectacularly bitchy and catty about her. The Dems have to sneak their candidate in late and before the right wing press can destroy them, so we are at a very very early stage still, remember how both Clinton B & Obama were both suddenly thrust to the front. Remember how Mrs Clinton had already won the last election before votes were counted as far as the US media were concerned…?
    If the messaging steam roller is clumsy as it was for shoe-in HClinton, they will lose. Trump had lost the election well before any votes were cast so far as the media was concerned and won. Gabbard may be able to pull off a Trump style victory -I believe her support is far stronger than the corrupt media and ‘polls’ suggest.
    The great mystery is which polls are the qualifying criteria for the idiotic TV show ‘debates’ , who are polled, how many and how they are measured. This information is nowhere to be found. The target demographic group polled may be latino cleaners at truck stops on the second Tuesday of the month for all I know.
    This talent show format with political pundits as judges is a disaster for democracy and so are the qualifying criteria…I’m hoping Gabbard continues to rise above it…

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