PBS Cartoon ‘Arthur’ Features Gay, Inter-Species Wedding

Taxpayer-funded network promoting gay marriage to children

By Dan Lyman | 14 May 2019

NEWS WARS — The season premiere of children’s cartoon Arthur featured a wedding between a male rat and a male aardvark.

The animated show, which airs on PBS in the United States, as well as other taxpayer-funded broadcast networks worldwide, kicked off its 22nd season with a gay inter-species union between Mr. Ratburn, a regular character, and his partner, Patrick.

“Arthur, along with his friends Muffy, Francine and Buster, like most elementary school students, are intrigued that their teacher has a life outside of school,” Variety explains in a description of the episode. “The students know their rodent teacher enjoys puppetry, playing in a rock band and bird watching — but getting married?” […]

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