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Researcher Says Criminal Clans Created No-Go Zones in Berlin

German researcher Ralph Ghadban says the rise of Arab criminal clans has resulted in several no-go zones in Berlin.

11 March 2019

FREE WEST MEDIA — Ghadban listed the “no-go areas” in the German capital as Cottbusser Tor, the Tiergarten, and Neukölln, explaining that they were “dangerous areas, so-called no-go areas, in which Arab clans have the upper hand,” Augsburger Allgemeine reported.

“No-go areas are law-free areas. Policemen are persecuted, besieged, and harassed. Policewomen are groped. They receive threats from gang members such as ‘we know where you live’ or ‘we know where your children go to school’”, Ghadban said.

Arab clans have been around in Germany for decades, according to the researcher, but it has been the multicultural ideology that has allowed them to expand. […]

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