Glenn Greenwald ‘Mystified’ How Tony Podesta Has ‘Just Vanished’


By Daniel Chaitin | 10 March 2019

WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Media coverage of longtime Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta has disappeared completely an astonished Glenn Greenwald remarked last week.

“I’m still somewhat mystified about how Tony Podesta – intimately involved in many of Paul Manafort’s slimiest and most unscrupulous practices (because K Street sleaze is 100% bipartisan) – has just vanished from the news cycle and, apparently, legal jeopardy,” the Intercept journalist said along with the hashtag “MissingTonyPodesta.”

Greenwald, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who broke the story of U.S. mass surveillance aided by former Central Intelligence Agency analyst Edward Snowden, has been highly critical of Russia investigation coverage and the Democrats’ role in fueling it. […]

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