Jordan Peterson is a Slick, Promoted, Globalist Judas Goat

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Over a year ago, we ran an article on Dr. Jordan Peterson’s method in obliterating Social Justice Warrior (SJW) mentality. At the time, we took fawning lessons from Peterson’s personal skills in debate and rhetoric. There is no question that he has charisma and manly swagger, duly noted. He’s highly intelligent and masterful at defeating the shallow and hypocritical rhetoric of SJWs. This was his appeal early on and gained him a large following. He sold boatloads of self-help books and made a lot of money for himself on the speaking tours. We also began to notice afterwards that the system was heavily promoting him.

Jordan Peterson in Little League dominating SJWs

Although we have no quarrel with “sage advice,” such as encouraging young men to clean up their rooms and assume responsibility, such tomes really shouldn’t propel Peterson to guru status. Nor should teeing off on SJW soft tosses, which is a common tactic and distraction of the Kosher Alt-Right (aka Alt-Lite) and MAGA movement.

We wish such a talented persona was on the side of right, but sadly he’s not. Since our article, we’ve discovered just how problematic he really is.

On a personal level, he pushes a false message of “radical individualism” (aka personal liberation) as an atomized strategy to keep white men and women from connecting or bonding well with their natural community. He also takes cheap shots at Europeans for attempting to resist the Kalergi Plan.

Stagecraft prop: Jordan Peterson posing as a phony prophet with guru halo

When given a major platform by the Lugenpresse, he used it right away as an opportunity to condemn the “It’s O.K. to be White” flyer as racist identity politics. This scam is known as “psycho-pathologizing.” And it’s just got worse.

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Next up for Peterson during a busy 2018 was a trip to Slovenia to hang out with his cronies at the Trilateral Commission.

He constantly spouts globalist/anti-nationalist messages. In fact, he calls nationalism “reprehensible.” Mostly, he has played a role in moving the Overton Window in the wrong direction and shutting out voices defending ethnic or racial awareness or identity, calling them the code word “supremacists or tribal.” And at the same time, he takes aim at resurgent nationalist and pro-ethnic sentiment that has centuries of evolutionary, cultural and biological basis. He calls it “regressing.”

Yet, he gives a complete pass to the Judiacs — the No. 1 supremacist “chosen people” in the world, with real social, political and economic power. He even wrote a puff piece acknowledging Jewish power and influence but hypocritically attributes it solely to “superiority” and “how smart they are.”

Digging deeper, it appears Peterson also has ties to hardcore Zionist organizations. He was a keynote speaker with Kosher Alt-Right operative Ezra Levant at an event put on by “Canadians for Balfour 100,” during which he gave another fluff speech about how wonderful Jews are and how everyone is envious of Israel. This organization has direct ties to B’Nai Brith and a host of other Canadian and international Zionist organizations.

And what is this wall covering all about? Would any self-respecting person put that up? All of this strikes us as bad faith all the way around.

Lenin and Trotsky on stage.

While nationalism for Israel is great to Judas Goat Peterson as he rolls in the dough, he shows his hypocrisy by postulating that nationalism for western countries is about “superiority.” Wrong. For the folks at Winter Watch, nationalism is mostly about preservation, sovereignty, credible survival, defense and basic rights. We see the white race generally as under attack, and as being in increasingly bad shape. Therefore, we are not about running victory laps and doing high fives or calling ourselves “superior.” Hardly. It’s more about putting thumbs in the leaking dam and trying to get back onto a positive trajectory, a grave and serious threat.

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Peterson is not part of the solution. He’s anything but. Furthermore, we believe whites — especially in the U.S. — should form alliances with blacks around key issues, like neocon Zionist warmongering. Data and polls show blacks as the most anti-war group in the country. Has Peterson said one word about warmongering and weaponized migration from war-torn regions? To use one of Peterson’s favorite exclamations,- “No”!

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When things get really tough and the Crime Syndicate predators are on the loose, ethnicity gives a people a fallback bastion and support system. It’s the main reason the Scots fared better than the Irish in the 1845-1849 famine. The Scots had a blood-and-soil (and TRUST) based clan hierarchy. Chiefs would (and did) go bankrupt before letting their third, fourth and fifth cousins die of starvation. Conversely, the Irish were preyed upon and their food looted and shipped out by the internationalists and absentee bankster-backed land owners.

The same thing happened to the Chinese in the 19th century as a weakened national position opened them up to the opium Crime Syndicate. Without protective nationalism, any people might as well just bend over and spread ’em for the plutocrats- literally.

Read “Britain’s Genocidal Starvation of the Irish — or So-Called ‘Potato Famine’ — and Brave Resistance of Nationalist John Mitchel”

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More Ties to the Usual Suspects

In the following clip, the end game of Peterson and his friends is laid bare. At minute 00:29:32, he talks about how rich he has become running his shtick. This video (“Jordan Peterson Dismantled”) in it entirety, by the excellent new site Resurrection Europa, is a litany about what this decidedly nasty player is really all about.

If you go a little deeper into Peterson’s background, you’ll see his association with Jim Balsillie, former CEO of Blackberry’s Research in Motion. They worked on something called Resilient People, Resilient Planet. Balsillie awarded George Soros with the CIC Globalist of the Year award on Nov. 15, 2010, in Toronto, Canada. The CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation) globalism school in Kitchener/Waterloo, Canada, is run by Jim Balsillie.

Peterson was put in place by his spawn-producing think-tank mentors on a U.N. panel that produced a document that is essentially a NWO blueprint. This document was later built upon and referenced by a U.N. panel that John Podesta sat on called The United Nations High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Jewish psychologist Norman Doidge, who’s a colleague and personal friend of Peterson and with whom he sometimes gives talks, wrote the foreword to Peterson’s new book “12 Rules for Life.” Dodge also comes out of the CIGI network. In the book foreword, Doidge wrote that a Jewish TV producer named Wodek Szemberg, who was “always on the lookout for potential public intellectuals,” met Peterson in 2004. Szemberg worked at TV Ontario producing a show called “The Agenda,” and it was also involved with CIGI. Suffices to say, Peterson as a made man had help- lots of it.

He did his post-doctoral work under Maurice Dongier. Dongier obtained his degree in psychiatry in 1954 at McGill University, training at the Allan Memorial Institute. The Allan Memorial Institute was founded and directed by Donald Ewen Cameron, who was contracted by the CIA to conduct MKUltra mind control experiments at McGill between the years 1957 and 1964. After completing his post-doc, Peterson then went on to teach at Harvard for five years, taking up Timothy Leary’s old position. Quite a pedigree there, Ace.

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and “In Plain View: Jaw-Dropping Video of LSD Promoters Holding 1979 Meeting”

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  1. Wandering a little far of the subject but I have to describe one of the most surreal events that took place a few hours ago that I have ever seen. I refer to one of the most hyped sporting events that have taken place in recent years….the Duke vs North Carolina basketball game featuring the greatest college player the game has seen in many years, Zion Williamson. The buildup to this game was off the charts with tickets going for reportedly 10,000 dollars. In attendance was Barrack Obama and the TV audience was constantly shown numerous photo ops of the celebrity president. He sat directly behind the Duke bench. With all eyes on the celeb Williamson, 37 seconds into the game, with 19:23 to play in the first half, the young man made his first move and his shoe blew out. He fell on the floor clutching his knee and was finished for the night. A huge deflation settled in for the audience, the sportscasters and the favored Duke team. Pictures of the blown out shoe were shown over and over again as was the picture of Obama clearly saying, as he watched the event unfold, “the shoe blew out”, over and over again sportscasters and commentators kept referring to the weirdness of this event. “Never seen anything like this”. Again and again pictures of the shoe and Obama muttering the shoe blew out. Couldn’t help but think of your article on the crypto meaning of shoes. “The shoe”will now become a regularly referred to sporting event that will become legend and repeated over and over again. Just coincidence I guess.

  2. This is another new video that should be spread far and wide, it went into restricted state within 5 hours of being uploaded.

  3. It doesn’t take some special intelligence to “defeat” so-called SJWs, I think it only takes patience and basic understanding of the world and reality.

  4. About 4 years ago I thought I’d start watching JP videos. In one, as he was almost in tears over his great sympathy for the countless young men who told him how he had changed their lives for the better, he blurted out the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I guess to show how moved he was, or something. Egregious form, at best. A slap in the face to his Christian audience, and of course, blasphemy. He’s not a good man.

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