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Former Center City Starbucks Manager Suing Company for Alleged Discrimination Against White People

Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrate against Starbucks from inside a Center City Starbucks in Philadelphia in April 2018. PHOTO: Mark Makela/Reuters

31 October 2019

CBS3 — The former regional manager of a Center City Starbucks where two black men were arrested last year for sitting inside the store is suing the company for allegedly discriminating against white people. In a lawsuit obtained by CBS3, Shannon Phillips claims she was fired less than a month after the high-profile incident because she is white.

She alleges the company discriminated in an effort to convince the community it properly responded to the incident.

Phillips’ lawyer, who refused to comment, is asking for a jury trial.

During the 2018 incident, Rashon Nelson and his business partner Donte Robinson were taken away from the Starbucks in handcuffs after a manager called police because the two had not made a purchase. Instead, the men told the manager they were waiting for a third person to arrive for a business meeting. […]

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