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Celebrities Starkly Demonstrate Twisted Materialistic Luciferian Belief System

Are the following celebrities the type of people who should have any influence on the public psyche, especially that of children? Beyond being egotistical prima donnas, do they have anything to bring to the table at all?

Hat’s off to an organization called PETA, which has pursued animal-cruelty skulduggery. Rapper Kanye West slammed PETA’s president for calling him a “pathetic idiot” for wearing a full-length lynx pelt coat in Paris during Men’s Fashion Week. Kanye posted a response to PETA’s attack on his blog (which has now been removed): 

“I’m briefly saddened by negative comments, but I have to remember those people are scared, incapable or just plain idiots. We are the f**king rock stars baby. It’s funny to me when fashion bloggers down our outfits and then super jock outlandish s**t on the runway but they dress mad prude and don’t live fashion.”

Next, watch as he plays the standard hate card and portrays himself as the victim. Very juvenile.  

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Kim Kardashian-West

“Very few human beings are strong enough to take constant hate. If we don’t do what you feel is the s**t, you beat us up verbally and mentally. At the end of the day, who are we hurting? Since Barack is president blacks don’t like fur coats, red leather and fried chicken anymore? Remember clothing is a choice. We were born naked! Fresh is an opinion, love is objective, taste is selective and expression is my favorite elective.”

Well, it’s also our prerogative to boycott your music, Kanye.

As Bruce Lee once said, “Addiction to things, outside of our self is the best distraction from looking within ourselves, the doorway to spirituality, the master intelligence, also needed to see the matrix.”

According to furriers, 70% of fashion catwalk shows featured fur. Twenty-five years ago, it would have been unheard of. To wear fur in Britain would have been to risk public censure and perhaps even have paint thrown all over you.

Lady Gaga
Linsay Lohan, snakeskin handbag from Dolce & Gabbana.

The fur industry re-branded itself with a stealthy, sustained and, some might say, deeply cynical campaign aimed at young women. If the radical pro-fur swing in attitudes among the new generation is anything go by, the industry’s campaign is working. A 2013 YouGov poll found just 58% of 18 to 24 year olds believed it wrong to use fur in fashion compared to 77% of those over age 55. It’s a triumph of marketing over heart and substance.

The fashion industry does this by giving celebrities the goods to wear gratis. So it is money not real choice driving these fashion decisions. Snake souls–snake skins, mystery solved.

Jennifer Lopez – Zagliani Crocodile Puffy bag ($12,000-$14,500)

Each year, an estimated 50 million animals are killed on fur farms, which account for 85% of all pelts.

“The animals — who are housed in unbearably small cages — live with fear, stress, disease, parasites and other physical and psychological hardships…” PETA reports.

The group adds that the animals are killed in very inhumane ways, such as by electrocution, gassing or poisoning in order to preserve the quality of the pelts above all else.

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  1. Bravo! Totally agree. I bring up this celeb hypocrisy toward nature in my novel The Prodigal Band Trilogy ( “…Protection of nature really meant protection of the right of the rich to plunder nature while denying access to the masses like those hapless people being loaded on that windowless bus….”

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