The 3 Stooges of the future- ‘Ye’ and Alex Jones

John Kaminsky | Dec. 2, 2022

Americans forced to listen to three fools not making sense, scrambling all the issues

Perhaps they thought that since our mainstream politicians had become so farcical, corrupt and irrelevant, the public wouldn’t notice if they were replaced by lame entertainers spouting senseless mind control gibberish to see if people could tell the difference. They were right. They couldn’t.

It was a familiar formula.

Cartoon buffoons drooled religious recipes that revealed no clue to the underlying inescapable political reality that assails us all these days, which is that Jews control every aspect of our lives including religion, finance, education, media, medicine, entertainment, all calculated to direct us away from understanding both our condition and predicament and reduce us to obedient slaves, if we are allowed to live at all.

You’ve seen this trick before.

Conflating good old time religion with political propaganda is a combo that has always worked. Alex Jones, Kanye West and Nick Fuentes managed to bedazzle the spin universe with a disjoint collection of the well worn memes of fundamentalist Christianity and leave everyone with the sense that these three refugees from a dysfunctional high school that has lost its accreditation sounded exactly like the people running the world — incomprehensible and inexplicable.

Much ado about nothing, devoid of not only solutions but even of serious questions.


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  1. There was a lot more to Kanye’s performance than meets the eye.

    He wore a black head-sock which mimicks the experience of the common man who is in the dark. This is how so many people feel. They know something is wrong. They debate with voices they can’t identify. They are lost.

    But there is strength in blindness because you cannot be bedazzled or distracted from your inner certainty.

    Despite being ‘blind’, Kanye had tremendous certainty. It came from his unquestionable claim that he had been grievously wronged by the Jews, and belief that God loves him.

    He didn’t debate the finer logical points. Most people are lost the moment they go into the logical arena. They don’t have the intellectual capacity or background to debate the details. They avoid action out of fear of looking like a fool. But the way out is to trust their gut. That’s what Kanye demonstrated. Being blind, foolish or uneducated is irrelevant when you know that you have been wronged.

    Look at Jewish history. It’s the uneducated lower classes that call them out. The educated, logical, upper classes are sitting ducks for manipulation.

  2. I didn’t have the stomach to watch the video. My first thought when I found out he wore a ‘mask’ was that it was not KW. My assumption has been, that shortly after Harley P’s threatening Tweet, KW was ‘medicated’ and ‘hospitalized’ for his safety. Since most of today’s headlines are scripted….nah, maybe I’m just a cynic.

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