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Bombs in the Mail: Another Stupid Hoax and Deception (Updated)

The Lugenpresse on Wednesday reported that six “bombs” were discovered among the mail of the worst of the worst Democrat mucky mucks.

But real bombs don’t have giant, stupid, beeping clocks on them. Instead, a cell-phone call and receiver activates them, or there’s a real timer or some other type of motion-activated fuse. Real bombs often go off from rough handling, but none of these did.

There’s a 13-ounce weight limit for stamped mail. Lawmakers created this policy after the Unabomber, and it’s designed specifically to prevent things like this (bombs). These packages have six 50-cent stamps on them though the cost to mail a 13-ounce package — even if it was that light , which I doubt — is $6.55. And it appears none of the stamps were canceled, meaning there are no postal facility markings on the packages that would indicate they ever went through a sorting or processing facility, where every mail package is X-ray-scanned and recorded.

If these packages on Wednesday were hand-delivered, how could they all reach their intended multi-state destinations on the same day? And opened around the same time?

Update October 26:  New York Times  “Though investigators initially believed that some of the packages were delivered by hand or courier, they have now concluded that all 10 were likely sent through the mail, a person briefed on the matter said.”

One package was returned to Debbie Wasserman Schultz within a day – not possible.

Who stands unprotected next to a bomb and takes photos?
Monday night, an explosive device was found at the suburban New York home of George Soros. The pipe bomb, affixed with a detonator, was reportedly hand-delivered, not sent through the mail, and discovered by a caretaker, who then called the police. PHOTO: Wired/FBI

A bomb disposal expert has called it a hoax.

  • Bomber intentionally misspelled words in attempt to pass themselves off as the left-wing’s stereotype of a low-IQ right-wing crazy.
  • Bomber knew that narrative would immediately become “crazy right-wing bomber.”
  • As turned the perp had lived in Florida for years, but didn’t even know how to spell that state correctly.

Standard neuro-linguistic programming: fake ISIS-like sticker on the bomb.

Tip: Never make your bomb packaging look like a postal bomb.

Somehow the “experts” at CBS “News” make it about Russians and Russian bots.

Update October 26: Van of bombing suspect”- oh pleasseee! You can’t make this nonsense up.

Seriously, they don’t have experts to make this call after three days? – “Wray said investigators had yet to determine whether the bombs were actually “functional,”


17 Comments on Bombs in the Mail: Another Stupid Hoax and Deception (Updated)

  1. Some CIA/Mossad asshole has apparently been given an assignment to demonize recreational explosives such as black powder and Tannerite. Why they would even bother to do this is a mystery- golf clubs kill far more people every year than do recreational explosives.

  2. Sound’s like our boyz should have at least researched Ted Kaczynski and his methods. I can’t believe they think people are this stupid, but then again we have all but converted from a Republic to a Democracy to an Idiocracy. God bless the U.S.S.A.

  3. Just in time for an election, turrrrrrrrror.
    Strife! Blame!

    I voted on Monday and every face in the crowd was grimacing and leery as if they were guessing if the person next to them was their enemy or not. I voted no on my school bond and left the rest blank because no human is truly deserving of my ‘slaves’ suggestion’

  4. I am a French reader, so sorry for my accent.

    That’s my opinion: this hoax is made in such a way that all people know that it’s a fake.

    The goal here is to strengthen Donald Trump as an enemy of the system.

    Like those rape stories about Judge Kavanaugh. If the deep state really wanted to harm him, he would not have hired women who were unable to give more details about the rapes in question.

    It’s cinema like “look, they’re doing everything they can to bring down Trump” .

    But I suppose you already knew that.

    • Bonjour – It could be that this and many other incidents have both aspects

      For the aware & woke, the false flag dodgy nature of these events, is right out in front, in part to inflame, in part to just taunt those of us aware, with how we cannot do much about it

      But at the same, most people are not ‘woke’ … it’s estimated that less than 10% of people are able to think critically against the herd, tho with some issues, e.g., JFK or 9-11, half of Americans eventually have come to doubt the ‘official story’

      On the other hand, we’re less than 60 days away from the 50th anniversary of the first of the alleged 9 ‘trips to the moon’ – 3 ‘fly-arounds’ plus ‘6 landings’ – of 1968-72, maybe the biggest hoax ever … along with ‘nuclear weapons’ –

      Don’t be shy about your English, it’s pretty good, and better than many native Anglos in these days

    • “this hoax is made in such a way that all people know that it’s a fake.

      The goal here is to strengthen Donald Trump as an enemy of the system.”

      Thank you for stating one very valid interpretation no one but you have yet stated.

      Remember I read a book back in the seventies about the “real Watergate scandal” and seem to recall Judge Scirica commented that Richard Nixon had hired a bunch of hippies to march in the streets of California FOR his then political opponent. That’s when I learned how twisted the tricks are.

      And one trick is definitely to make it so blatantly, in your face, sloppy and stupid that everyone takes the bait, including those with good critical thinking perspectives as that is quite usable too.

      THEY are pulling out all the stops now one after another with this morning’s Pittsburgh synagogue “shooting.”

      All of these events have been created a long time ago and have been ready and waiting for off-the-shelf usage. So also are MKultra’d entities ready to be triggered.

    • Van is way too clean. Usually people with that many decals of politics on their vehicles drive beater/pedo vans

    • Witnesses posting photos with meta-data history, document how Sayoc’s van was regularly parked overnight outside a Jewish kosher market for a year … where the mind-controlled mentally-disturbed patsy was being groomed?

      Recalls the 7 Jan 2015 Charlie Hebdo ‘massacre’, where cars were switched and a passport found in car in front of Paris Jewish deli where Mossad people like to meet

      This is also in the same area where a US Attorney federal prosecutor in Miami, Beranton J. Whisenant Jr, age 37 was found dead on the beach, alleged ‘suicide’, in May 2017 … after he perhaps found something to prosecute that the Deep State didn’t want exposed … maybe something involving Debbie Wasserman Schultz, deep-state Jewish Congresswoman, who oversaw the stealing from Bernie Sanders, of the 2016 Democratic party nomination for President?

  5. Being in the auto/truck industry I know these wraps(what the lugenpresse calls bumper sticker’s)cost, and it ain’t cheap. Businesses(and government agencies)are the only ones I have ever known who are able to afford such things. Check out the price on having this van done.
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